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biometric gun safe

The biometric gun safe is very popular and safe as compared with electronic gun safe. In today’s market, you can explore a variety of safe case but you have to choose the right one who arrives with innovative and incredible features. In case you opt for any safe case then in this case you have to face some issues such as limited lifetime, can also occur issues of finger mismatch and power failure. So it is better that you only opt for the best one. It is very obvious that no one wants to create a barrier between the tool protections and yourself so in this case, it is safe to have the right kind of safe case. This can happen when you choose a local gun safe instead of best biometric gun safe with a special feature of the lock system.

Top 10 Best Biometric Gun Safe

#1 – Sentry Safe QAP1E Gun Safe

Sentry Safe Pistol biometric safe

This is the single top biometric gun safe which has a weight of about 11.9 pounds and the safe is great for both home and for the road. This gun safe has a smaller size but at the same time, it can easily store standard pistol without cramping and jammed it from the inside. This gun safe is very strong and has a compact safe which can be used for keeping your revolver or pistol safely. The design and feature of the safety case are very simple so that the user can easily access it. It is good for long term storage as it is equipped with bolt down hardware so that users can easily remove their gun from it.

This biometric gun safe has a pry-proof feature which provides lots of protection to your pistol. It also includes a scanner which keeps your family safe from any kind of accident. The safe case is built-in a strong way that it can’t be broken by any unauthorized people and it is designed by heavy-duty 12 gauge of solid steel.

This safe case is designed with compression of the gas strut which helps in opening it with single-handed. The product also produces with accuracy and rapidness so that it can easily recognize the fingerprint of users. At the time of emergency, you can also easily operate the box within a few seconds as it is included with lid for opening the case. The safe case also well-known for its cheap cost and makes it reliable for all users. Thisis the best biometric gun safe also arrives with the feature of two pre-programmed fingerprints which makes it safer and simple accessing.

  • This case is equipped with bolt hardware to secure in the place.
  • The safe case also has silent access as it is included with intruder with complete silence. The sentry safe pistol safe has whisper quiet.
  • The case also has a faster response at the time of an emergency opening.
  • The gun safe has equipped with multiple entry options in case battery dies then you can easily use the key. In this situation, you can also provide access to someone else. You can also provide them with the code for the keypad.
  • The profile of the case is so simple so that it can easily hide anywhere.
  • The case also has self-opening compression strut which opens quietly.
  • The case provides complicated keypad and a button is needed to be pressed before registering. This slows the process of accessing.
  • The battery life of the case is inconsistent.
  • As the case has multiple prints which make it slower.

#2 – Gun Vault SVB 500

Gun Vault SVB 500 biometric gun safe


The design of gun safe is ideal for users who want to save their handgun secure next to the bed. The safe case is created with peace of mind which holds the gun in a ready position so that in emergency time with a single swipe of a finger you can open it. It also provides the gun in a protective manner and also has incredibly convenient. The gun safe is also compatible with lots of space with strong features. The safe case also has equipped with 18 gauge steel which provides the sturdy construction through which you can easily rest that your gun is safe.

The safe case also keeps everything secure with the sensitive and reliable fingerprint scanner which makes safe capable of holding 20 individual fingerprints. The security of the gun safe also equipped with high strength for lock mechanism which makes the safe to open impossible by the other person using any kind of hand tools. The case also comes with two override keys through which you can access it easily at the time of forgetting the password.

You can also scan your family member fingerprint so that they can easily use it at the time of your absences. The interior of the safety case is included with courtesy light so that it can be easily visible in the low light. The safe guns also included with multiple mounting options so that you can keep it any location and hide them easily. Even the interior of the safety case has soft foam which helps to keep your gun or pistol safe without any damage. This safe case is high used by the people and they are also satisfied with the cost of according to its features.

  • The safe case provides quick draw storage for an immediate opening.
  • The design of the gun safe is very unique and can be easily accessed.
  • It is the case which has 18 Gauge pry proof steel to protect your gun or pistol. The safe also has solid construction for storing at different locations.
  • It can also easily install on the most surface.
  • The case only has 7-pound weight.
  • The gun safe arrives with limited space.
  • The quality of the screws provided for mounting is very low.
  • This safe case is expensive for some users, especially when considering its size.
  • The opening of the safety case is not silent which makes a bad impact on the users.

#3 – Barska AX11556 Top-Opening

Barska Top-Opening gun safes


Barska Top-Opening biometric gun safe is the topmost priority to keep the gun safe. This safe case has included integration fingerprint which makes your gun safe and can be only accessed with the owner. The case has a solid steel frame which has been protected with the use of two solid locking bolts and also has a motorized deadbolt. It is a very simple safe case and top-opening makes it greater. This is a low-cost safety solution without any compromising design. The product is one of the best biometric scanners. It has the facility of using 30 different fingerprints for unlocking or locking the case.

It is the gun safe which is durable and compact with the sturdy steel material which makes accessing easy and simple. The cost of the safety case is low but it does not mean that it has low quality. The gun safe also includes the ability of silent mode so that at the time of opening and closing it can’t make any noise. The weight of the gun is 31 pounds and also has a dimension of 16.5 x 7.75 x 14.5inches. This is the best biometric gun safe also equipped with AA batteries in case your battery gets slow down and safe does not have a mechanical lock.

Even you can also explore inside of the safe with extra space so that you can store more valuable things. It also has a protective floor for making your product scratch-free. With the safe case, you can also explore two backup keys at the time of emergency and it also increases the duration of the case.  The case also included with the indication of red light flashing at the time low battery after closing the door and also provided three beeps for indication.

  • The best feature of the case that it is store with 30 fingerprints so that your family member can also access it safely.
  • The case can also easily hold many multiple handguns and other valuable objects.
  • It is the case which comes with silent mode to keep things in a quiet manner.
  • The battery life of the gun case is very good.
  • The door of the safety case is made of hydraulic.
  • The reliability of fingerprint is not 100 % sure.
  • The case also produces an unnecessary alarm if the unit is open for 30 seconds.
  • The powder coating of chips is easily removable.
  • The keyhole which can be used at the emergency time is hidden behind nameplate which is inconvenient for users.

#4 – Verify Smart Safe S5000

Verify Smart Safe S5000 fingerprints

This safe case which has a weight up to 23.4 pounds and it is heavy but provides peace of mind to the user. It is the safety case which is well known for its robust and its highly durable design makes it more secure. It is the case which comes with 40 fingerprints in which you can use multiple fingerprints of your family members so that in an emergency they can easily access the safe.

The case also equipped with 14 gauge for walls and 8 gauge for doors which makes it strong so that it can’t be easily broken by the strange people. It also comes with an LCD screen so that you can easily manage. This safe is also known as smart safe. It follows rules of conventional and traditional for a gun safe with the high security for your family members. In the case, you can also protect your ammunition, different types of handguns, and other personal items such as passport, spare keys, and many other items will perfectly fit in the safe case.

This safe case has extended battery life with the use of technology Boasting pico and boost which makes the work of safe at high-level performance with the use of low power. The opening process of the safety case is very simple as in single swipe user can open it and it also has the facility of the fingerprint scanner. The additional feature of this safe case that it has stealth mode and self-check which helps in checking the battery automatically and kinds of default. While the cost of the product is a little bit expensive but at the same time, it has valued according to the features.

  • The safe case has equipped with auto-lock which means it gets automatically locks and no need for manual locking.
  • This safe case is certified with FBI fingerprint technology for ease use.
  • Sensitive fingerprint sensor and it is one of the fastest systems.
  • It also provides access to a firearm within a few seconds.
  • The space of the case has large enough so that the user can also keep valuable items.
  • The case also has temper alert in the case your child intrude their hands-on safe case.
  • This safe case is heavier than other safes.
  • This safe can cost you costly.
  • In the case, the program of backlight lights up for only 5 seconds.

#5 – Viking Security VS-50BLX


Viking Security VS 50BLX gun safe biometric

The Viking VS 50BLX also has the same features as the other Viking safe but this safe case has the double size and weight even the price of the safety case is twice than other ones. This safe case is short and stubby and one of the most secure safes in the market providing high-quality service. The case has also a 500 DPI optical fingerprint sensor. It does not create any kind of problem while reading the fingerprint. The safe has a weight of 43 pounds and it is perfectly safe for those users who want to save with more space so that they can secure more other valuable products.

The safe has 20mm deadbolts lock tight in the interior with the three fully adjustable shelves. This makes the safe perfect for storing valuable items, ammunition, and a variety of handguns. It is the perfect feature that safe included with large space and excellent for use at home and you can also customize the needs of every family member. The additional feature of this safe case it comes with in-built LED light through which users can see that what they are grabbing.

The safe case also comes with solid steel construction to make it pry-resistant and military-grade with seamless welding. The safe with resistant exterior makes it more attractive and heavyweight. It also equipped with an audible alarm which beeps at the time of door left unlocked. The safe also equipped with 4 anchor bolts added for security reason so that the user can ensure that no-one is taking your safe with them. The cost of safe is expensive due to its double weight and size but is money worth for users for perfect safety.

  • This safe case is rich with many features.
  • It has multiple entry methods.
  • The product has an LCD screen which helps in displaying battery status and daily operations. This provides a different experience of safe.
  • The safe case can also store up to 32 fingerprints useful at the time of emergency.
  • The interior of the safety case is fully carpeted so users can keep their personal items and handguns prevent any type of scratch.
  • The setup of the safety case is very simple and fast.
  • The case has anti-pry slots to makes it perfect for storing valuable items.
  • The safe has an audible alarm when the user will forget to lock the safe.
  • It has a low battery cover.

#6 – Liberty 9G HDX-150

Liberty HDX 150 safe


This safety case offers the ability to the users. They can program up to 15 fingerprints. This safe is also another excellent option for users who wants portable safe which they can carry with them while traveling and can easily fit in the drawer. It is safe which have quick accessed as it contains a biometric fingerprint scanner for making it more secure.

Most of the time manufacturers think that people keeping safe in their homes does not face any emergency accident and in that case, they make the safe opening little bit complex. But this safe case has an easy and simple opening feature. In this safe users can also explore 14 gauge steel with the design of tamper to make it more resistant. Even the safe case also has large enough space so that you can fit all types of handguns.

The safe has also included with a digital scanner which you can easily plug into the electric outlet through which users can access the safe within a few seconds. This best biometric gun safe is a great option for those who want to save their pocket and they can easily open the safe without wasting single seconds.

The case has a face which opens at 180 degrees and it is an excellent way through which you can easily grab your items at the time of firearm. The weight of a safety case is light so that you can easily hide it under the bed or vehicles with a total weight of 9.5 pounds. Even you can also keep it stationary as the safe also have security cable option.

  • This safe case has a reliable fingerprint reader so that it can easily access.
  • It comes with a security cable.
  • The safe case also comes with 15 fingerprint program.
  • This safe case can also work with an AC adapter and a 9v battery.
  • Users can easily hide it.
  • Sturdy.
  • The setup system of the safety case is very easy.
  • The fingerprint of the safety case is faster and accurate so that the user could not felt hassle while opening it.
  • The safe case has equipped with an exposed bolt which can provide scratch to your gun or pistol.
  • The life of the battery is very short.

#7 – Vaultek VT 10i Smart Safe

Vaultek VT 10i gun safe


It is the best option for securing your gun or pistol as it arrives in a lightweight and you can also secure your other valuable items. The product is the perfect safe case. You can easily hide under any place and can also carry at the time of traveling by hiding. This is the safe has the ability to store 20 fingerprints so that other family member can also access it at the time of emergency.

The safe also comes with the mobile application so that you can watch your safe from any place and also has ability such as tamper detection, access history, and also shows power level of the safe case. The battery of safe is rechargeable and this makes you feel better which makes battery long run. The safe case also included with USB charger needed for charging the battery. It has 18 gauge steel and the pry-resistant design which make the safe ideal for users, especially for travelers. This product also has included with TSA airline firearm at the time of emergency.

The weight of the case is up to 5.2 pounds which is easy while carrying. The best thing about the case is that has a lock for simple key entry. This feature is not available in the safest case. The safe also included a very cool feature. You can easily turn off audio of safe so that stranger could not listen to the beeping sound. It also has an impact sensor. At the time of accessing the case, the user could not feel any hassle.

  • You will see keyhole of the safety case hidden so the stranger is not able to open it easily.
  • Also, help in meeting all the guidelines of the TSA.
  • The response timing of safe case is very quick at the time of emergency you can unlock it in a quick manner.
  • The program of safe is easy to access.
  • The best thing that the battery of safe is rechargeable which lasts for a long time.
  • The safe also has a mobile connection to trace it from anywhere.
  • The limitation of the safe that its doors open after applying force.
  • For scanning option your finger should be clean and dry otherwise it will not open.

#8 – Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

 Stealth Handgun Hanger biometric safe

Do you want that safe in which you can store different types of weapons and numerous guns?  The stealth handgun hanger is the perfect option. This safe case included with spring-loaded at the door. So when user will open it then it will give silent and fast access. The safe case is made of solid steel. It has a pick-proof lock which helps in providing full security to your guns and other valuable items. Even the interior of the safety case has foam feature which helps to make your pistol scratched free.

It can hold 5 firearms and this is due to the rods built in the safe. This has a coating of heat shrink tubing. The case also equipped with red light for seeing products at dark also. The case is designed with lock housing( welded steel). This design makes the case stronger so that no-one can open it. With lots of security, it also provides enough space for keeping five guns. The case has also the facility of illuminating blue light so it can be visible at the darkness.

  • The safe case has straw and picks proof.
  • It can easily hold up to five guns with full safety.
  • The case has three steel rods so you can easily hold your guns in a secure manner.
  • It is safe which has welded steel lock house which makes it strongest.
  • The case also has a facility of extra strength security cable.
  • You can access it with only a single code.
  • It makes a very loud beeping sound while opening.
  • The light present inside the safe points towards the down.

#9 – First Alert 5200 DF Handgun Safe

First Alert 5200 DF biometric gun safe

It builds with 18 gauge powder-coated steel for making it more secure. This single weapon best biometric gun safe is a great option for providing security to your guns or pistol. The safe case has the inclusion of electronic keypad. You can use three to eight passcode not seen to anyone. The case inside also included with foam so that your guns could remain safe without any scratches.

It is the perfect feature to keep your pistol safe from any types of nicks. The case also has a spring-loaded locking door. It helps the user to open door at fast speed in an emergency. This is advantage benefit when you feel some strange noise at home. You can also secure your case with a steel cable. People can mount it on the floor or shelf for security.  The person can also explore the safe case in two different size and styles. Its price depends on the case you have chosen. By choosing such a gun safe you can secure your family member for unwanted accidents.

  • In this, you can produce code according to your choice.
  • The safe case has easy and compact mountable.
  • The door of the case is loaded with spring for easily accessing.
  • The interior of the case is foam lining for scratch-free.
  • The case does not show any kind of indication at the time of the low battery.
  • The safe case has drains battery.

#10 – VS-25BL Fingerprint Safe

VS-25BL Fingerprint Safe

It has numerous biometric gun safe in different sizes and weight. The VS- 25 BL is the best biometric gun safe with enough storage capacity and available at affordable price. It is safe which you can easily open within seconds just by using the code and fingerprint or can also use a key when you forget the code. This safe case also includes adjustable shelf means you can shift the shelf according to gun size. The safe is also user-friendly and provides an LCD, optical sensor, and multiple stores of the fingerprint which is up to 32.

The inner space of the safety case is coated with powder which resists your gun from scratching. The design of the gun safe is sleek which makes it pry-resistant and also include two solid steel locking bars. The safe case also has smooth edges so that users can easily install it even in tight space. The case also has a feature of beep sound in case you forget to close the safe and you can also silent its sound by turning off the loud mode.

The locking system of the safe is the digital keypad. Inside the safe LED light is in-built so that you can put things with knowing. You can also use safe for protecting a large number of items without any confinement. The locking bars have been protected with 20mm steel bars so that it can be broken by the thief.

  • The case has equipped with scratch-resistant steel black military coating.
  • The optional expert installation for ease.
  • In the case, you can also explore motorized deadbolt with two pry-resistant insertion slots for more security.
  • Shelves of the gun safe are adjustable for more space.
  • The LED which is in-built with 2 AA batteries.
  • You can protect your guns or pistol with 32 fingerprints and one pin code.
  • The response time of opening is irregular.
  • The keypad does not come with a backlight.
  • For securing door you have to click * or #.

Things Should Consider While Buying a Fingerprint Safe?

While buying a best biometric gun safe you should consider some important points so that you can’t face any issue in the future.

  • It should be work at quick speed without any hassle.
  • You can also add fingerprint of another family member so that they can also operate at the emergency.
  • It can also easily open when you forget the code or keypad.
  • The fingerprint system also made with highly advanced technology for the long run.
  • Accessing the fingerprint safe case should be easy and simple as it is necessary at the time of emergency.
  • The scanner should be convenient with incredible technology.

Final Verdict

We have provided the whole information about best biometric gun safe so that you can purchase the right one according to your needs. The gun safe is very necessary if you owing a pistol or gun. This will protect your loved ones from risk and unwanted happenings. Most company gun safe also comes with a warranty as if you feel any issue then you can easily change it. Before buying gun safe you should also explore what it is compatible according to your choices such as with enough space, the best locking system, and many more things to see. Today in the market you can find lots of variety but you have to careful while buying as it is about your family security.

Best Biometric Gun Safes for the year 2019-20 - The Winner is here...
  • Sentry Safe Pistol Safe
  • Gun Vault SVB 500
  • Barska Top-Opening
  • Verify Smart Safe S5000
  • Viking Security VS 50BLX
  • Liberty HDX 150
  • Vaultek VT 10i
  • Stealth Handgun Hanger
  • First Alert 5200 DF
  • VS-25BL Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe

Summary for the Best Biometric Gun Safes 2019

Our experts have managed to review the best out of 25 safes. These Safes are the Best Top 10 Biometric Gun Safes for small guns.

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