Best Trigger Locks 2021 [Tested] – Ultimate Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

You might be one of those people who want to ensure the gun’s safety but couldn’t find a satisfying way for doing this and probably that’s why you are here. Well, being a responsible gun owner is very crucial. When you are using a gun, you don’t need to do anything else performing well. But when you are not using the gun, it’s time when you should ensure that your gun is completely secure.

A gun safe can keep your gun secure. But when it’s about curious kids, impulsive teens in your house or an intruder, the best choice is a trigger lock. Well, having the best trigger locks for someone who doesn’t do anything about this stuff is not impossible but tough. You will be able to find a reliable trigger lock. But it will take enough time and effort. But if you have the opportunity to get all the facilities on a single platform, what can be better than this?

This article has the best trigger locks available in the market along with a proper guideline. It will help you to judge the models. Overall you will get all kinds of help in this article.

8 Best Trigger Locks  – Detailed Reviews!

The following are the trigger locks that are performing better nowadays.

1. CENXIGO Biometric Trigger Lock

best trigger lock biometric

This biometric trigger lock is the first trigger lock in the editor’s pick from the renowned brand CENXIGO. This trigger gun is undoubtedly a high-quality product from this brand, having lots of qualities that every gun owner desires to have.

The major purpose of having the best trigger locks is the safety of your guns and this particular model is very good for this purpose. Well, this trigger lock is very durable and reliable for performing in any harsh situation. This gun trigger lock is manufactured with a steel and zinc combination that makes the stuff full of strength.

The locking system of this lock is very trustable as it has a biometric security system that ensures maximum security and also fast access to your gun. You can get your gun in less than 0.5 seconds after touching the sensor and this makes the fingerprint trigger lock this much popular.

This CENXIGO biometric lock is run by rechargeable batteries. So, you don’t need to buy batteries frequently. A fully charged battery will allow 800 to 1000 actions of locking and unlocking this device. This device will allow one administrator and nine users to use the lock.

You will get both paper manual and video instructions with the package. So, setting this gun trigger lock is not a big deal. This lock allows it to be used in almost all the handguns in the market.


  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Override keys to open in an emergency
  • Universal biometric trigger lock


  • Expensive trigger lock
  • Batteries are not included


2. 94DSPT Gun Trigger Lock

best trigger lock for pistol

The second member on our list is 94DSPT Gun Trigger Lock. This one is also a well-rated product that is good for long term use. This trigger lock will last as long as your gun will perform. The main strength of this lock is its physical durability. If a lock is not well-built, you can’t use it with comfortability. The 94DSPT trigger lock is good enough in this case.

Its housing is constructed with a combination of alloy steel, rubber and zinc. These materials make the lock robust and sturdy in nature. Well, this gun trigger lock is better than many models that are operated with keys. But this one doesn’t have any keys. You have to open the lock using a three-digit combination.

This electronic locking system is far better than a manual keys locking system. You can recharge the lock at any time as it can be charged with a USB cable. So, travelling with the trigger lock is also possible now.

The drawback we found of this lock is that it doesn’t fit all handguns, rifles and shotguns. So, you have to be careful about the model for which you are buying the trigger lock.


  • The security system is reliable enough
  • Strongly built with sturdy materials
  • Easily rechargeable
  • Reasonable price tag


  • It doesn’t offer any warranty
  • It doesn’t fit all the guns


3. Etronic Gun Lock G7K Trigger Lock

best trigger lock reviews and pros and cons

Etronic is one of the most famous manufacturers of security stuff. With lots of amazing gun safes, gun cases, gun lock, trigger lock, etc., this brand is doing well to keep guns safe. G7K Trigger Lock is such a product of this brand that takes the security level higher beyond expectations.

This model is known for its ultra-high performance that makes it maximum pick resistant. This trigger lock has positive locking along with two keys. This locking mechanism makes the security system truly amazing that actually, every gun owner desires to have.

It also has cushioned rubber pads that are very much effective in keeping the finish of the gun trigger lock. This frequently happens when the finish gets damaged by the pressure of the trigger lock. But this one is good for keeping your gun unscratched.

You may think that it will be very difficult to attach the lock to the trigger. But this is pretty easy, unlike many other models. Well, this trigger lock is available with two keys and user instruction. So maintaining the lock is very easy.

The most interesting thing is that this model can fit almost all shotguns, rifles, and handguns. It makes it almost impossible to pull the trigger by an intruder that discourages theft from getting into your house.


  • Durable and long-lasting performance
  • Easy to attach and maintain
  • Cushioned rubber pads for scratch-free locking
  • Fits all types of guns


  • The price tag is a bit expensive
  • It doesn’t provide fast access


4. IDENTILOCK Fingerprint Trigger Gun Lock

best trigger lock for handgun reviews

We always admire biometric trigger locks and IDENTILOCK is the brand that has lots of biometric trigger locks. Well, this particular model of fingerprint trigger lock is quite good for keeping your guns secured. This is extremely good in protecting your guns from unauthorized access.

As it has a biometric recognition system, no one can open it if you don’t want to. This is a big question for every biometric best trigger locks is if the device will be responsive enough or not. Well, you need not worry at all.

This trigger lock is highly responsive and takes less than 0.5 seconds to open the lock. In fact, the fingerprint sensor is so reliable that it will recognize the fingerprint in a 360° direction. So, the accessibility will amaze you for sure.

This trigger lock is made of metal and so capable of performing for a long time. You can recharge the device using a USB charge cable. So, travelling is also very easy with this device. It allows three people to use this device. But you will also override keys to open the lock if you get cut in your hands.

A product instruction book is also included in the package. This trigger lock is suitable for many handgun models, including Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory, etc.


  • Highly secure with biometric locking
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Rechargeable by USB cable
  • Superb accessibility from all directions


  • Expensive trigger lock
  • Quite heavy in weight


5. Bison Finger Trigger Lock

best trigger lock fingerprint

This is another fingerprint device that is certified by the California Firearms Agency. This trigger lock is pretty famous in the market and there are enough reasons for it. This lock is highly secure with biometric authentication. So, it keeps people out of access to your handgun. Sometimes, opening the trigger lock with keys in emergency situations creates complexity.

Keeping this in mind, this gun trigger lock is highly responsive itself. It will allow you to open the safe just by touching the sensor and it will take less than 0.3 seconds. Isn’t it amazing? You can touch the sensor from any direction as it has a 360-degree fingerprint recognition facility. So, getting the gun in an emergency situation is easier now.

This device will allow a total of ten people to use this device, including two administrators and eight general users. So, if you have multiple adults in your house, you can share the access. You can also set up multiple fingerprints of yours. This is a weather and dust protected device that fits almost all the guns in the market.


  • Extremely secure trigger lock
  • Maximum durability
  • Easily accessible and fast response
  • A warranty of limited to one year


  • It requires maintenance
  • Recharging can take time


6. FJM Security SX-105 Trigger Lock

best trigger lock for guns

FJM Security SX-105 Trigger Lock is another top-rated best trigger lock in the market nowadays. This model is quite different from the regular models. Well, this is basically a mechanical trigger lock that is secured with three-digit combinations.

This trigger lock is very much reliable for locking the trigger so that people around you won’t get the gun in their hands. This model is a bit heavy and you may feel uncomfortable carrying it with the gun. But this is the core reason why this device is extremely protected.

As we know, a robust best trigger lock is more durable and so this model is. Anyway, the material quality is good enough for providing long term services. This lock has a three-digit combination and you can select the code on your own. If you don’t share the code with anyone, no one can open the lock pressing number randomly.

You can recharge the lock at any time as it can be charged with a USB cable. If you have a charging cable, you can recharge it using any device. This model is also enriched with a lifetime warranty that means a lot to us.


  • Easily rechargeable
  • Reliable security system
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Amazing physical strength


  • Quite a heavy model
  • No override keys are available


7. RioRand Keyed Alike Trigger Gun Lock

the best trigger lock for the money

RioRand Keyed Alike Trigger Gun Lock is the last one on our list that makes the security system reliable at an affordable budget. This trigger lock from RioRand is highly suitable for people who want secure storage of guns without spending much.

This trigger lock is highly durable as it is made of a combination of steel and zinc. These materials are the reason why this gun trigger lock is this much strong and capable of performing for the long term. This trigger lock has two keys so that you can keep one safe so that it will help you when you lost the first one.

This is true that the locking system is not highly responsive like a biometric system. But its adjustable ratchet mechanism makes the lock very much easy to operate. You can set the lock very quickly and also unlock it using the keys.

It also has a cushioned rubber pads that will save your guns from getting scratched and protect the gun’s finish. This gun lock is very affordable. You won’t get such a quality model at this affordable price range. Moreover, it fits many handguns, rifles and shotguns, etc. and this is a great advantage for you to have that trigger lock.


  • Easy to attach and lock
  • Reliable pads to keep the gun scratch-free
  • Affordable price range
  • It has backup keys


  • It is not quick-responding
  • Unattractive to look at


8. Master Lock 90TRISPT Gun Trigger Lock

best trigger lock buying guide


Master Lock is another top-rated brand of security products that almost all gun users know about. There are more than 50 products of this brand that are available for being used for safety purposes. Luckily, we got a 90TRISPT gun trigger lock from this brand that is extremely good in securing the trigger from being pulled out.

If you have curious children or impulsive teenagers in your house, you must have this best trigger lock. This model will run for a long time as its construction is amazing. It is built with steel and zinc. This deadly combination makes the stuff extremely strong and it is impossible to break the lock.

This is a set of three gun locks and you will get two keys for individual locks. So, if you have multiple handguns, this is the best solution for you. Well, the thing you need to keep in mind is that it allows some specific handgun and rifle models. So, be careful before buying this.

This model also provides a limited lifetime warranty that is nothing but peace of mind. It also has protective rubber pads to protect the gun’s finish and keep the guns scratch-free.


  • Durable construction and reliable performance
  • Protective pads for the scratch-free finish
  • Two keys for each lock
  • Proper security


  • It allows only a few handgun models
  • It has no override keys


Buyer’s Guide

A trigger lock is physically very small in size. But its effectiveness is beyond expectations. If you want the best trigger locks of the best quality, you should consider some features that will help you to judge which one is best. You will get some such factors in this article in this portion.

What to look for in the Best Trigger Locks?

Types of locks

This is a lock and the only purpose of getting this device is to secure your gun. So, the first thing that you should look forward to is the locking system. The trigger lock should be extremely reliable. There are different kinds of lock, including mechanical lock, biometric lock, electronic lock, etc.

You should choose a device that is more secure for your gun. The most secure trigger lock will charge more. But you should prepare for that.


Durability is another factor that is very crucial for the performance of a trigger lock. The security level depends a lot on the durability of the lock. If the locking system is very good, but the lock can be broken very easily, the trigger lock is good for nothing.

So make sure that the trigger lock you are going to buy should be strong and constructed with robust quality materials.

Rubber Pad

Well, when you set up the best trigger locks in the trigger of your gun, there is a high possibility that the finish of the gun will be damaged due to the pressure. This will definitely happen if the trigger doesn’t have any pad in the portion that pushes the gun’s trigger. So, try to get the trigger lock that has a rubber pad so that the finish of the trigger lock won’t be damaged.


We think a warranty is not any physical facility that you get with the product. But it is the most crucial criteria that every trigger lock should have. If you get a trigger lock with warranty promises, you can get the lock fixed without spending money at all. A warranty acts as a safeguard and it gives mental peace, thinking that you don’t need to spend money if something bad occurs.


The price of the trigger lock and your budget affects the purchasing ability a lot. If you want a good quality trigger lock, you should know your budget and know the market.

There are different types of locks, including high-quality trigger lock, mid-range trigger lock and low-priced trigger lock. You can make your budget freely. But the price range will definitely change the quality of trigger locks.

Advantages of Trigger Locks

A trigger lock is a must-have item for the gun’s safety in recent times. You will find so many security products in the market, including gun safes, gun cases, cabinets, etc. But trigger lock is one of the most affordable options for securing your gun.

In fact, trigger locks are given by Project ChildSafe in some states to ensure the safety of children. It is compact in size and lightweight. So, you can carry it very easily in your backpacks and even in your pockets. So, why will you spend more money and time on other security products?

Disadvantages of Trigger Locks

A trigger lock is undoubtedly beneficial. But you will find some drawbacks of this stuff as well. A trigger lock is less secure than a gun case. If you keep your gun secured with a trigger lock but in an open space, a thief can easily steal it and spend time breaking the lock in his leisure time. So, trigger lock is not all for the security of your gun.

You can’t lock the gun while being loaded with the trigger lock. The bars that connect with each other to secure the trigger can push the trigger and it can cause an accidental discharge. So, having a trigger lock is not everything you may have for securing your gun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: If I’ve got a trigger lock, do I still need a gun safe?

A trigger lock is good for preventing theft or an intruder or children from using the gun. It can’t stop them from stealing the gun. But, trigger locks can’t be the replacement of a gun safe.

You can carry a trigger lock for your gun’s safety when you are travelling. But you must need a gun safe for the ultimate security. A thief can steal a gun with the trigger lock and break the lock in his leisure time. So, you still need a gun safe.

Q: Can I change the combination of a trigger lock?

Yes, you definitely can change the combination. The procedure is just like the first time you have changed the combination. You just put the previous combination to set up the new one as you used 000 to set the code for the first time. But if you forget the code and want to set it up anew, you should call a locksmith.

Q: How do I use a biometric trigger lock if the battery goes flat?

You can recharge the battery. Almost all the biometric trigger locks have rechargeable batteries with USB charging cable. You can use the cable to recharge the battery. If you are in a hurry to get the gun, just plug in the USB port for a few seconds. The battery will allow you to open the lock.


A trigger lock is a compact and very reasonable solution for ensuring the gun’s security. In fact, this allows the owner to keep rifles and guns inside and outside of the house. So, you can definitely buy the best trigger locks that make the gun storage more secure. In that case, this article will be helpful the most. So, make sure that you read the article again if necessary and follow the instructions to get a fruitful one.

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