10+ Best Biometric Gun Safes [2021] – Let’s settle this now.

In modern times, everything has changed due to the latest technology and so the safety issues as well. Now, you should not leave your house without a great biometric gun safe if you own guns and other valuable things.

A biometric gun safe is the one that will be the best choice for anyone to keep your stuff safe. Any one of the best biometric gun safes is well-developed and can provide the ultimate security.

This is the reason people hugely buy a biometric gun safe. Now, it’s your turn.

Wait! Do you really think that you are going to get the best one with zero knowledge? Definitely not. You should know about every detail regarding fingerprint gun safes as there are lots of issues you have to search out in a biometric gun safe.

You may find it very tough to gather knowledge roaming on the internet. We already have organized everything here. You will find the information about the best biometric gun safes here and proper guidelines as well. Hopefully, you will find the best one.

Best Biometric Gun Safes 2020 – Detailed Reviews!

These are the list of our top picks from the huge collection of the best biometric gun safes. Check these out:

1. GunVault Microvault Biometric Gun Safe

biometric gun safes reviews

If you are expecting a safe with ultimate security and smaller size, GunVault Microvault Biometric gun safe is the best thing you will get in the market. Well, Microvault gun safe is a potential model having numerous mesmerizing qualities and probably that’s the reason why it is dear to all the gun safe lovers.

This is basically a single gun safe with the space for some ammo. So, you can assume it as the best option for handy use in your bedroom, office or even in your car.

Let’s see how strong this model is physical. This safe has a strong structure of 20 gauge steel exterior construction which is definitely praiseworthy. It will take a long time to break and even to be drilled. Its weight is also perfect for giving a stable performance, having 4 lbs weight.

Besides, the interior is impressively lined with foam just to make sure that your gun remains scratch-free. Isn’t it amazing?

The security system of this model is always impressive. It has a biometric locking system along with the room for 120 fingerprints. Besides, its no-eyes keypad is merely visible to people who don’t know about it. Things get even better with the override key when you lock yourself out for any reason.

So, from all corners, this safe is extremely secure. Yet, if someone tries to open the safe, the in-body alarm will let you know that invalid attempts.


  • High strength locking mechanism
  • Easy to program
  • Conveniently no-eyes keypad for backup
  • Reasonable price
  • Very compact and easily carryable


  • Room for only one gun.


2. GunVault Speedvault SVB500 Biometric Safe

GunVault Speedvault SVB500 Best Biometric Safes

Speedvault SVB500 safe is genuinely crafted for speed in mind. There are very few gun safes that are handy and easy-to-use like this one, actually. Just unlock the safe and the gun shelf will drop out so that you can get the gun with a tight and comfortable grip instantly.

This tiny safe is specially designed to be installed in a nearby place like the bedside, desk of your office or even inside your car.

This alloy steel gun safe is pretty good with a reliable structure and also the pry-resistant capacity. If an intruder tries to open the safe, you will be notified with the automatic alarm. The security system is well enough like most of the GunVault production.

You can use the biometric scanning system just by touching the sensor. It will read your fingerprints instantly and get you in. But you might need to press the activation key first.

Well, the interior of this safe is also very effective for secure storage. It has foam lining inside and the gun is going to be safe there.

You will find this compact but fruitful safe online at $170. But the downside you will definitely feel is its limited space inside. If you need to keep magazines inside, this model isn’t for you.


  • Quick accessibility
  • Secure storage
  • High strength locking mechanism
  • Easy to program
  • Internal protective foam liner


  • One-gun gun safe
  • Complexity to change the battery


3. SentrySafe QAP1BE Biometric Lock

gunvault biometric gun safe

If you are looking for a smaller size biometric safe, QAP1BE will be the ideal SentrySafe. This model is unbelievably tiny in size, with the capacity of holding only one handgun. You can also store two mags with the handgun.

So, that will be a complete package in a small area in your drawer or car self. Well, don’t underestimate for its size. It is more secure than many models around you.

First of all, it allows the user to access in three different ways. You can open the safe using the fingerprint scanner. There is also a 4-number keypad that allows the user to choose a passcode among a vast. Last but not the least, the override keys act as a life-saver in case you locked yourself out.

Whenever you unlock it, the top lid will be opened automatically due to the gas strut it has. Overall, the security system is satisfying with a 90% success rate.

This SentrySafe model is pretty good in long-term performance. The steel construction and premium structure make the safe even better than many expensive safes out the market.

It is pry-resistant and also can resist drill attacks for a long time. So, you will get the time to manage yourself in a good way.

The interior of this safe is quite good like the other quality safes in the editor’s list. The foaming line inside keeps the handgun safe and secure no matter how shaky the situation is.

Many people complain about this model because it doesn’t come with a locking cable. But spending a few more dollars for the cable of this fruitful gun safe is nothing too bad, actually.


  • Strong steel construction
  • Strong advanced protection
  • Perfect for bedside use
  • Easily accessible
  • Maximum security to your gun
  • Accessible with a single hand


  • No locking cable is found
  • Limited space


4. Awesafe Gun Safe

Awesafe Gun Safe reviews

Awesafe Gun Safe is a solidly built and hugely protective safe available in the gun shop right now. When it’s about advanced protection, you aren’t going to find a fruitful model like Awesafe.

It impressed us the most due to its valued price because you’re going to get this safe at around $129 online.

Let’s see what you will actually get at this price. If we talk about its physics, we must say that it is an ultra-strong structure that makes it extremely robust and long-lasting as well.

The 13-gauge solid steel construction along with the internal foaming coat is secure enough to protect your gun against any kind of attack.

It can especially protect the gun against any pry attack. But, you should know that this safe isn’t unbreakable stuff. If the intruder has enough time and proper tools, he definitely can break it down. But, you and your family will get enough time for leaving your house. So, you can relax.

Another eye-soothing character is its interior blue light. It looks awesome when you open the lid in the dark and have a blue visual for seeing everything clear inside.

This gun safe can hold two handguns or a long revolver along with some ammo. That’s enough for your personal use.

Now, let’s see how much security this safe provides. Well, you can get access in three ways. You can use the fingerprints scanner, keypad and also override keys. So, you have no chance to get locked out.

Overall, the Awesafe gun safe is surprisingly a high-quality and productive biometric model.


  • Suitable for bedside safe or car safe
  • Completely secured and concealed storage
  • Interior with foam lining and light
  • Effective emergency override keys
  • Customizable keypad
  • Strong and sturdy


  • No satisfying fire rating is found


5. Viking Security VS-50BLX Biometric Safe

Viking VS-50BLX Biometric Safe

Viking VS-50BLX Biometric Safe is another appealing gun safe model to us in recent times. We found this model very useful for those people who have a very small collection of handguns.

It isn’t the tiniest version of biometric gun safe at all. It is comparatively bigger than other small safes and it has a valid reason for that. The interior is divided into four different sections so that you can arrange your guns evenly and nicely.

The robust structure of this Viking Security safe is the reason why it is a bit heavy. But, that’s necessary to make the safe stably installed in a place.

Not only guns, but you are also most welcome to keep your other valuables as well in this safe.

Well, this safe provides three ways to get access– biometric scanning, keypad and also the override keys. So, If you forget one, another two options are available for you.

The fingerprint technology is so damn upgraded in this version. The setting process is very simple and you can do this on your own seeing the manual. The safe allows 32 fingerprints. So, you can also share the access with your spouse or parents, if you want.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the finger position as well. The sensor can read your finger from every angle. So, getting access in a rush is also easy now.

The door has two motorized 20mm lock bolts in its door and also 2 pry-resistant insertion slots. So, breaking the door in a few minutes is simply impossible. You will get light as well inside to get a better visual.

This is truly an excellent thing to keep your house safe from unexpected rodents.


  • Highly responsive fingerprint scanner
  • Reliable and long-lasting performance
  • Enough interior space
  • Tightly sealed body
  • Easy to install
  • Pry-resistant insertion slots


  • Lacks proper quality control


6. Vaultek VT20i Biometric Gun Safes

biometric gun safes made in usa

If you are looking for a safe for travelling or discreet storage, you just hit the perfect one. Vaultek VT20i is pretty famous for its compact size. But does it provide the qualities that are worth such a slightly higher price? Let’s see.

Gun owners trust this stuff for the smartphone compatibility of this safe that makes the operating system simply incredible.

It might be a tiny one in size. But you will be surprised by its advanced anti-theft features. You will find the anti-pry bars, anti-impact latches and also bolstered interior hinges.

The structure is so perfect that you won’t even get space for inserting cardstock between the gaps. The construction is of 16-gauge carbon steel construction polished with powder coat finish. So, there is no chance of getting scratched and corrosion.

Besides, the rugged unibody design ensures that the safe will perform at its best whether it is on the nightstand or desk or your vehicles.

The accessing processes are the most attractive things in this device. It allows the user to get access in four ways– Biometric scanner, Digital keypad, Smartphone app and Manual key. Can you believe it? It leaves no chance of getting locked outside.

Besides, the high-resolution fingerprint scanning mechanism provides a quick and instant entry into your safe.

But sometimes it requires a couple of tries which isn’t the thing that we want in emergency access. So, that’s the downside, we found.

Thanks to its built-in proximity sensor that makes the light on whenever you open the safe. Overall, it is a safe with incredible features and also without any programming errors.


  • Strong material quality
  • Sturdy exterior construction
  • Two emergency override keys
  • Carpeted floor
  • 0.5-cubic-foot security


  • Fingerprint scanner isn’t 100% reliable.


7. BARSKA Biometric Gun Safes

best biometric gun safe review

Finally, a quality biometric gun safe without a gun-shaped interior is found. Well, there are so many people who buy a gun safe for storing jewellery, essential documents and also so many things that need to be secured. This Biometric Safe is such a safe.

This model comes with a fingerprint scanner on its side and a wide structure. You will get the white one of this model, actually.

Let’s see how effective this safe is in real-time.

BARSKA Biometric Safe is highly loaded with plenty of qualities. Its construction quality is good against any kind of threats. It’s true that it isn’t 100% theft-proof. But it can give back a tough fight against any kind of pry attack.

Its solid steel structure makes it capable of fighting against the drill. If you want to test it, just throw it, hit it with something strong and do whatever you want.

This BARSKA biometric model is not just good physically. We are impressed by the security it provides.

This is a high-quality biometric safe with a very sensitive sensor. It can read your fingerprint at every angle and position within a second. So, the safe will be opened instantly whenever you want.

The interior of this safe is also very satisfying. It is finely padded with foam lining and also has the perfect humidity inside. So, it won’t require a simply amazing dehumidifier.

But, we were surprised to know that it has no mentionable capacity to protect against fire.


  • Strong and robust quality
  • Secure enough
  • Enough internal space
  • Very responsive
  • It takes minimum time to open


  • Lack of fire protection.


8. Verifi Smart.Safe. Biometric Gun Safes

biometric gun safe for pistol

While talking about a biometric gun safe, a gun safe with a poor fingerprint sensor is nothing but wasting your money. Verifi Smart Gun Safe is completely on your side with the fast-accessing device.

Well, we don’t want you to lose your valuable time and money and that’s why we are talking about this specific model. Verifi Smart biometric safe is probably the only FBI certified safe around you.

With the super-quick and capacitive fingerprint sensor, this device is all about love to any gun-lover. Well, you won’t get any keypad here. The touch sensor is so responsive and long-lasting that you may not need the keypad.

Yet, if the battery is dead, you have the override key. Just insert the key and get in. You will get a notification when the battery is low and can change very easily.

The construction of this gun safe is incredibly nice. This is safe and it has to fight against any kind of attack. So, this safe is well-prepared with the 20-gauge steel construction and also all the strength it needs to perform at its best. The door is also pry-resistant and capable of protecting your valuables from intruders.

This matt-black nice-looking safe has an impressive interior as well. The inside is fully carpeted and the foam lining won’t give a single scratch to your gun or jewellery.

Besides, it has LED LIGHT with NITE-LITE that allows the user to see inside even in the dark. Isn’t it amazing? We think so. Overall, this safe is the perfect one for your home security.


  • No remarkable downsides
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Perfect one for security
  • Highly responsive sensor
  • Incredible housing structure
  • Excellent choice for home security


  • Nothing, actually


9. GunVault Minivault Standard GV1000C-STD 

reviews of best biometric gun safes

Minivault Standard GV1000C-STD Biometric Safe is truly a balanced safe for maintaining your home appearance. We wanted to get a safe that is affordable but mesmerizing in its duty and finally, we got this model from GunVault.

This is genuinely a pistol safe where you can store your handguns or pistols safely. So, what makes it so popular in the market? We guess it’s the fast-accessing capacity.

The fingerprint scanner takes only two seconds to open the safe. Isn’t it fast? Indeed! It also has the ability to scan 20 fingerprints in every setup. You can erase the memory if you want to remove all the authorities except yours and it won’t take much time.

Anyway, regardless of how good it is, it matters how well it can treat you. If it fails to recognize the fingerprints somehow, you still have the old-fashioned but fruitful way of opening the safe.

This gun safe is basically customized for mid-sized semi-automatic handguns to provide the best security so far. Not only the technical side, but it also has a strong and appealing body structure along with the tamper-proof spring-loaded door.

With all the reliable functions and convenient ready-to-use position, this GunVault Minivault is definitely one of our favourites to keep your home and other belongings safe even when you are not at home.


  • Spring-loaded tamper-proof door
  • Heavy gauge steel housing
  • Convenient ready-to-grip storage position
  • Reliable functions
  • Perfect for mid-sized handguns


  • Need to be mounted fast


10. Viking Security VS-20BLX Biometric Safe


biometric pistol wall safe

Having a gun safe with an inbuilt shelf is always a bonus point. Many people make the ‘Aww’ sound when they hear about a safe with a shelf. But it’s actually incredible. We will know ‘why’.

If the safe doesn’t have a shelf, you might pull all the things out with your gun in a hurry. But VS-20BLX Biometric Safe has a reliable shelf where you can arrange your guns, ammo, EDC knife, wallet, passport, etc. But, if you genuinely don’t want the shelf, you can remove it very easily.

This model has a sensitive fingerprint scanner that allows the user to open the safe within a couple of seconds. You can set around 32 fingerprints in this safe.

If you need to change fingerprints more, you can erase the memory and set new fingerprints. You can also use the keypad and override key to open the safe, if needed. It has a 500 DPI Optical Sensor.

There is a light inside and you can see the things inside clearly with this low light.

The design of this safe is very impressive though. The alloy steel structure is very tough just like you want in your safe. It is simply pry-resistant, tightly sealed and strong against any kind of attack.

Its 20 mm Solid Steel locking bars make the frame even more reliable. If the door is unlocked, there will be a beep sound. But you can keep this sound off in case the intruder hears you open the safe.

Well, the pricing is undoubtedly attractive. Having such a productive safe at only $130 is more than enough for us.


  • Adjustable shelf
  • Maximum security
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Easy to access
  • Responsive keypad


  • Not a carriable model at all.


11. Ivation Biometric Personal Drawer Safe

great reviews of best biometric gun safes

Looking forward to your personal biometric gun safe? This one might be of your type. Ivation Biometric gun safe isn’t only a gun safe.

This is a safe where you can arrange your stuff nicely and safely. There are no alternatives of robustness in the case of a gun safe and this one wisely justified its structure.

Well, we found the physics of it very reliable. Any gun lover will love a safe made of 18-gauge strong steel and we’re not any different.

We call it a personal closet safe because this is actually the ideal one for personal use. You can keep your gun, cash, magazines, jewellery, tactical gloves, papers, etc. in this safe. But we badly miss the shelf inside that might make it more organized to keep everything inside.

However, the door is almost impossible to break. You know, why? It had a motorized deadbolt locking system with a 5mm door. So, it can protect against any kind of attack for a long time. This isn’t 100% drill proof. But you will get enough time to get prepared to catch the intruder.

Let’s see how secure this safe is technical. Well, definitely it is a biometric safe. The fingerprint scanner does its job as soon as possible and the error record of this device is very few. So, you can rely on biometric technology freely.

Besides, there is also a keypad having a 4-8 digit passcode. You just enter the code and you are in. Simple! If the battery is dead, you have the override keys to enter. So, nothing to worry about.


  • Strong steel construction
  • Strong advanced protection
  • High strength locking mechanism
  • Conveniently located keypad
  • Best for personal use


  • No internal shelf is found


12. BARSKA AX11556 Biometric Safe

biometric gun safe buyers guide

Here is one of the most stylish and top-opening gun safes you will find in the shop. It is a crazy version of Barska with such a small dimension but full of life. But, is this low-priced safe capable of protecting your guns finely? Let’s find out.

The housing of solid 16-gauge steel is evident of its strength and the robustness that drives it for long-lasting performance.

So, it might look small. But it can give a tough fight in critical situations even better than many hyped gun safes in the market. Not only the physics, but this particular Barska model is also genuinely good in providing security.

First, it is definitely one with biometric technology. Secondly, it has two backup keys for manual access in case the batteries are dead or you lock yourself out for some reason.

The biometric scanner is unbelievably sensitive. It will take only 2.5 seconds to get you into the safe. You just need to push the activation button and push on the scanner. The safe will be opened instantly and you are on with your gun.

You can apparently set around 120 fingerprints. So, our suggestion is for you to set multiple fingerprints.

Let’s have a look at its interior. With the .23 cubic ft storage space, this safe is capable of holding only two handguns. So, if you have a long gun, this one isn’t for you.

We didn’t find any light inside. So, you might need to spend some more bucks to get one installed for better visualization in the dark.

This safe is available online at $260 and you will get mounting hardware and a one-year limited warranty at this price.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Impressive strength
  • 120 fingerprints memory
  • Fast access
  • Pry resistant door
  • Waterproof and fireproof


  • No interior light is found


13 – AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe

AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe


AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe is another best biometric gun safe with lots of amazing qualities. This is from the renowned brand amazon basics. This gun safe is electronic and has strongly secure safety protection. The fingerprint system is very responsive and takes minimum time.

This is black in color and quite cool to look at. You can also use a backup key that will let you open it if any error occurs. The dimension of these best biometric gun safes is 13.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches.

This is very strong due to its metal construction. This gun safe is perfectly heavy. Its weight is around 16.5 Pounds.

This 0.5-cubic-foot security safe is very effective to keep your guns safe. This fingerprint gun safe has two emergency override keys that are really good.

This gun safe has a carpeted floor that protects your stuff from dust and moisture. But, this gun safe is not fireproof and water-resistant at all.

It has two live-door bolts with pry-resistant concealed hinges. There is an adjustable interior shelf in this gun safe. You can use the AA batteries in it. The door is pretty strong. Its thickness is approximately two inches. You can customize the keypad beep if you want.

But, the problem with this biometric gun safe is this it has limited space to store stuff. Besides, you won’t find any LED light inside. This gun safe is $65.99.


  • Minimum accessing time
  • Well-designed carpeted floor
  • Effective emergency override keys
  • Customizable keypad
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Adjustable interior shelf


  • It is not fire and water-protective
  • No LED light in the interior


14. AmazonBasics Quick-Access Safety Device

biometric gun safe under 100

AmazonBasics Quick-Access Safety Device is another member of AmazonBasics. This gun safe is extremely strong and its sturdy construction is responsible for that. The fingerprint system is very responsive and takes minimum time.

This is black in color and quite cool to look at. You can also use a backup key that will let you open it if any error occurs. The dimension of these best biometric gun safes is 11.8 x 3 x 9.8 inches.

This gun safe has an electric biometric system to open. You can also use the key to open it. The door of this gun safe automatically opens. The weight of this gun safe is almost 8.5 pounds.

This gun safe has a carpeted floor that protects your stuff from dust and moisture. But, this gun safe is not fireproof and water-resistant at all. It has two live-door bolts with pry-resistant concealed hinges. There is an adjustable interior shelf in this gun safe.

You can use the AA batteries in it and there is a tamper indicator, as well. This biometric gun safe is enriched with computer block access after repeated invalid entry. This is very effective.

This gun safe is California DOJ approved. This high-profile gun safe is available at a reasonable price.


  • Reasonable price
  • Pry-resistant concealed hinges
  • Extremely strong and sturdy
  • Free from dust and moisture
  • Tamper indicator


  • It requires only an AA battery
  • It is not fire protected


Buyer’s Guide

A biometric gun safe is always a complex thing to choose from as it has different features that affect a lot of its performances. You should check out all these things before packing up a biometric gun safe. You have a little chance of getting the best biometric gun safes without judging these.

The following features must have to be checked in any biometric gun safes:

  • Size

The size of the biometric gun safes actually matters as you want to store your gun in it. If you have more guns or other valuables to keep safe, you may not want to purchase several gun safe.

It will cost the most. So, try to get a biometric gun safe that is quite big in size and has enough space to hold more weapons and valuable things. A small one won’t allow you to use it with versatility.

  • Easy to Access

The biometric gun safe is the latest gun safe that opens with the fingerprint. People buy this type of gun safe to enhance their security and to get quick access. But, it is not sure that all biometric gun safes will provide you with accessibility.

You have to find out a gun safe that is easy to access and provides great security as well. Without the fast accessing system, you can be in great trouble.

  • Security

When you are buying a gun safe, this is only for security purposes, we bet. So, getting the ultimate security is very important. So, you should check out that the safe you are going to get is secure enough or not.

You should check the touching pad quality, its responsive time, the keypad quality, exterior materials, etc. You can get a gun safe that has the perfect blend of the following things.

  • Materials

The quality of any product depends on its building materials. The more quality the materials are, the biometric gun safe is so. The fingerprint gun safes you are going to purchase should have quality materials.

The materials should be strong and sturdy so that the gun safe can be well enough. You can’t spend your money on a rotten one that has poor quality materials.

  • Warranty

The warranty for any product always a good thing. When you are getting a warranty for a product, you don’t need extra money to get that fixed. A biometric gun safe is very well-developed.

There is a little chance of getting damaged. But, unfortunately, if anything like this occurs, you will get the chance to fix the product without making any cost. So, try to get one with a warranty.


A good quality fingerprint gun safes are part and parcel of your life if you own a gun and maybe some other valuable things. You should get one of the best biometric gun safes to get the ultimate result.

A poor quality gun safe will make your day worse. So, get all the information regarding the biometric gun safe and pack up the best one.

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