12 Best Tactical Vests [2021] – Reviews, Features & Other Details

Among all the handy gears, a tactical vest is one of the best things a shooter may desire to get. This is not for aiming your target correctly. This is actually safety stuff that keeps you safe from getting hurt. A tactical vest is not only self-defence stuff.

People love to get the best tactical vests as this stuff allows you to carry lots of gears that you may need for a perfect shooting adventure.

A tactical vest is common stuff that is used in defence to get the forces protected against the attack of the enemies. Besides, they need to carry lots of stuff with them and a tactical vest is extremely good in helping out in this matter.

Well, a tactical vest can be a potion of your dress up. But it has huge importance in your shooting performance and this is why you need to get a tactical vest that is very much good at doing its duty.

There are tactical vests of several brands and quality. It is tough to choose one until you get our article. This article is full of information that helps you to find quality stuff. The products in the following portion are the market-winning best tactical vests. You will get to know about these products very precisely and also get a guideline that will help you to determine what you want in your tactical vest.

12 Best Tactical Vests – Detailed Reviews!

Check out the following best tactical vests that are trending on the market in recent times:

1. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

12 best tacticla vests reviews

UTG is one of the renowned brands of security equipment all over the world and already has brought so many life-saving products to the market. Among all these high-quality gears, UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest is the one member that has great popularity in the market.

There are lots of reasons behind it. First, the housing material of this vest is supreme quality and waterproof. You need not worry about wearing it even though it’s raining. This vest is extremely comfortable to wear as it has a padded structure in the areas where the vest puts pressure due to the heavy stuff.

This tactical vest is good enough in terms of having enough pouches and pockets. It has a wide variety of tactical pouches, including four integral rifle magazine pouches and also with hook-and-loop closure.

Sometimes, wearing a tactical vest is so painful due to the uneven back structure. But you won’t feel anything like this wearing this vest. It has MOLLE webbing in the back and also an adjustable duty belt.

It also offers a one-year limited lifetime warranty.


  • Breathable Materials and Construction
  • Entry-level tactical vest
  • Sufficient back support
  • One-year limited lifetime warranty


  • It is not suitable for tall people


2. OneTigris Multicam Tactical Vest

best values tactical vests

OneTigris is one of the well-known gear companies in the country that makes shooting easier and safer nowadays. This brand already has lots of reliable tactical gear and this Multicam tactical vest is one of those quality products.

Well, this tactical vest is literally for games. You can play airsoft, milsim, cs games, and other outdoor activities. You can also wear this for shooting training. There are very few tactical vests in the market that are durable like this model.

Its construction makes this stuff extremely durable and also reliable for long-term performance. It is made of 500D Cordura Nylon stuff. This vest is especially for men. So, if you want a unisex model, you should go for others. This vest has an adjustable waistband, it can fit people of waist size from 36″ to 46″.

This is quite good as you can use this vest for years, even your waist size enhances. It also has adjustable shoulder straps to wear it comfortably. Like many other best tactical vests, this one doesn’t have lots of pockets or pouches. But it has front magazine pockets to carry extra magazines.


  • Extremely versatile and reliable
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Breathable webbing
  • Easily adjustable


  • It is not a unisex model
  • Limited pouches and pockets


3. UTG Tactical Scenario Vest

best tactical vests for the money

UTG Tactical Scenario Vest is the next best tactical vest in this list that has lots of customizable options and people love this stuff for that. As we always said, a vest should be extremely comfortable if you want the best output.

Fortunately, this particular model will give the comfortability that you will get from a very few vests nowadays. That’s the reason why many people prefer this model for wearing in the shooting session. Its building is premium quality and the materials are very sturdy in nature.

Due to the robustness, it won’t create problems breathing at all, which is a very good thing. Moreover, the stitching quality is also very satisfying. Now let’s see how good this vest is in terms of storage. Well, this vest has a one-size-fits-most design and you can adjust the fittings very easily.

This sporty look vest has a loop in the back to adjust the chest fitting. It has four deluxe adjustable rifle mag pouches. Three are on the right side and one on the left. So, people who are left-handed will get more advantages with this vest.


  • Well-Ventilated Mesh Material
  • Heavy-duty back loop system
  • Breathable housing materials
  • Long-lasting performance


  • Quite an expensive tactical vest
  • It doesn’t offer any warranty


4. Condor Cross Draw Tactical Belt

best tactical vests for sale

Condor has been serving almost all the states of the USA for the last 20 years with so many quality tactical/outdoor gears. There are very few products of this brand that disappoint us. Well, Cross Draw Tactical Belt is one of those products that make Condon familiar to people.

This vest is an imported quality vest and also featured several qualities that you won’t find in other ordinary models. This vest is very much reliable for continuous performance. Due to the comfortable structure and padding facilities in the shoulder and back area.

The rubberized shoulders make this vest very much comfortable to wear and also allows the user to hang lots of gears in it. There are lots of pouches and pockets in it where you can keep compact gears that you need to keep in a handy place.

It has one utility pouch, three pistol mag pouches, three M4 mag pouches and two internal zipper pockets. Due to the back belt, you can adjust the size and people can wear it till the 44″ chest size. Due to the highly robust materials, you may feel this vest is a bit less breathable.


  • Adjustable shoulder and girth
  • Great brand value in the gear industry
  • High-quality stitching
  • Reliable and long-term performance


  • Less breathable
  • It is not a good investment for summer


5. Modern Warrior Tactical Vest

reviews of best tactical vests

Modern Warrior Tactical Vest is one of the best tactical vests in recent time if you want to keep lots of tactical stuff without carrying a huge weight. This is perfect for a sustained mission where you can keep yourself cool even in hot weather.

The material of this vest is very breathable and you won’t feel uncomfortable even in a day-long session. This vest has lots of storage options.

It has one utility pouch where you can keep tactical gear like a small knife, flashlight, etc. It also has three pistol mag pouches. You can keep your handguns in a concealed way in this pouch. The M4 mag pouches and internal zipper pockets ensure that the stuff you are keeping inside won’t drop by any chance.

This vest is highly adjustable. This particular one can be customized between M to XL sizes. People who have a 44″ chest size can wear this vest. So you can relax about the fitting of this vest.

Carrying huge weight with this vest is quite comfortable as it has padded rubberized shoulders and also adjustable shoulder and girth. Though this vest has so many pouches and pockets, it is not very heavy. You will also get a separate compartment to keep a flashlight and pepper spray for a quick attack on the opponent. 


  • Perfect vest for full-size firearms
  • Magazine pouches for extra pistol mags
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Breathable construction materials


  • Small room in the pouches
  • Materials quality is not satisfying


6. Northstar Tactical Assault Vest

best tactical vests buying guide

Northstar is one of the best hunting stuff selling companies and currently serving almost all the 50 states of the country. Northstar Tactical Assault Vest is a renowned product from this brand that is highly suitable for hunting or for police or military forces.

Using AR15 air rifles is super easy wearing this vest as it has rifle butt stabilizing ribs that are especially for AR15 air rifles. Most of the vests are of different sizes. But you don’t need to worry about the size of this vest.

Everything of this vest, including position belt, chest & side girth, shoulder straps, etc., are adjustable. So you don’t need to spend time getting the one that fits you most. It also has a pistol holster that keeps the pistol completely concealed.

The heavy-duty military zippers of this vest ensure that you won’t lose anything from your pocket. It also has three 30-round mag pouches and also a first aid pouch so that you can keep everything in an organized way.

This is true that this vest has lots of pockets and pouches to keep stuff. But it is lightweight and very effective in load-bearing with several tactical pieces of equipment.


  • Great brand value
  • Fully customizable layout
  • Amazing breathability
  • Heavy-duty military zippers


  • The price tag is a bit expensive
  • It is not suitable for left-handed people


7. VISM by NcStar Tactical Vest

top rated best tactical vests

VISM by NcStar Tactical Vest is a wise choice for people who want to buy the best tactical vests with a very tight budget. Well, among all the vest models, this one is quite affordable and also features lots of life-saving features.

This tactical vest is manufactured by mesh webbing of PVC. This housing condition is very durable and comfortable to wear. This is very much important for the vest to be breathable. Otherwise, you won’t be wearing it for a long time, especially in the summer season.

This model is quite big in size. So, take care of the size issue. It has a fully adjustable shoulder that allows the user to adjust the vest using the straps.

It also has a front zipper to open the vest, along with two buckles and three adjustment straps. This kind of combination ensures that you will get enough room for keeping several accessories that you need to shoot.

It also has 4 Pistol magazine Pouches and you can keep pistols here securely and also in a concealed way. The only drawback of this vest is its weight. We found this model a bit over-weighed.  


  • Maximum durability
  • Mesh material will help keep you cool
  • Fully-adjustable Cross Draw Pistol Holster
  • Breathable housing constructions


  • It is not suitable for winter
  • Quite heavy


8. VooDoo Tactical MSP-06 Entry Assault Vest

buy best tactical vests

VooDoo is a well-known brand of tactical gear that is pretty famous for providing all the quality products for a long period. MSP-06 Tactical Vest is an entry-level vest from this brand.

This vest is specially designed for use with the latest rifles and also different tactical stuff with proper concealment. Well, this tactical vest is quite good in providing the comfortability that every shooter wants when they are already bearing lots of weight.

This model has fully adjustable shoulder straps and you can adjust according to your comfortability. This vest has three mag pouches where you can keep pistols and also an extra pouch for keeping ammo or any other compact stuff.

It also has a fully adjustable holster that you can use in hanging your firearms and can get the rifle back when you need it. This vest also has 3 30-round mag holders. So, you will get the chance of continuous shooting.

You will also get a first aid/ammo pouch and also two inside zippered map pockets. So, you can be sure that things you will keep in your pockets won’t fall down accidentally at all. 


  • Lightweight and comfortable wear
  • Fully adjustable holster
  • Multiple pouches and pockets
  • Best choice for your police or military missions


  • Quite an expensive tactical vest
  •  It is not very attractive to look at


9. Condor Elite Tactical Vest

best tactical vest buyers guide

This is the second tactical vest we are picking from the famous Condor. Condor Elite Tactical Vest is a perfect solution for the serious shooter who goes hunting or regular in shooting games.

Having a tactical vest is always a great advantage if you have long-term performance and also enough space in the vest to keep more gears. This vest has a perfect combination of these two qualities.

This vest is a very attractive and good-looking best tactical vests that anyone will choose very easily. It has lots of pouches to keep magazines, pistols, gloves etc. You will get several built-in pouches, including two utility pouches, six M4 mag pouches where you can keep 12 AR 15 magazines and two internal pockets, as well.

So, organizing all the things you need in the shooting ground is not a big issue at all. It has back support with ventilation and webbing that makes this vest very much reliable and comfortable for day-long use.

The most interesting part is the zipper system on the front side. It allows the user to take on and off the vest in a very short time that we won’t find in any other good quality vest.

The size is also adjustable. People can wear this vest which is sized between M to XL.


  • Multiple quick-release buckles
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Enough back support for day-long use
  • Attractive to look at


  • Expensive price tag
  • Less customization option


10. BLACKHAWK Omega Elite Tactical Vest

cheap best tactical vests

BLACKHAWK has been serving the gun users of the USA for the last few years with great efficiency. We all know how good they are in hunting gear and tactical stuff. Fortunately, we found Omega Elite Tactical Vest from this brand that is quite popular in the market.

If you want the best tactical vests for hunting, you don’t need to roam anymore. While hunting, you need to keep lots of stuff around your hands and this vest is the perfect solution with lots of pouches and pockets.

It has M16/M4 magazine pouches to hold around 12 magazines that is enough for a successful hunting session. This tactical vest is also reliable for performing for years. Its housing is constructed with heavy-duty nylon mesh. It makes the webbing robust in nature and strength.

You can wear the vest on and off very easily as it has a front and side zipper. As the webbing on the back is breathable, you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it for a long time.

This high-quality vest can charge a high price. If you don’t have any budget issues, you can freely take this one.


  • Heavy-duty webbing on the back
  • Enough magazine pouches
  • Maximum breathability
  • Long-term performance


  • Expensive tactical vest
  • It is not completely element proof


11. VISM by NcStar Molle Pals Vest

buy a best tactica vests

There are some people who only need proper protection of the chest area and they buy a tactical vest for getting this protection against any kind of attack. VISM by NcStar Molle Pals Vest is also this kind of vest that won’t offer you lots of storage options. But it will help you tremendously to do your operations in tough conditions.

Well, this tactical vest is very much durable and trustable for long-lasting performance. It has reinforced nylon PALs webbing in the front area and this makes the vest suitable for performance for years. You will get several buckles for the perfect fitting.

It has three front buckles and also six side adjustment straps. This will allow a strong grip of the vest with your body. Besides, it has adjustable shoulders that make the wearing comfortable.

This vest has the facility to attach the pistol securely with the belt and also includes two single magazine pouches to keep extra magazines or other compact gears. The quality of this vest is beyond expectations. But you won’t get any warranty with this vest.


  • Fully customizable vest
  • Reliable and sturdy construction
  • Breathable and comfortable wearing
  • Reasonable price tag


  • No warranty is promised
  • Limited space for extra gears


12. UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest

best tactical swat vests

This tactical vest in the editor’s list and we decided to pick it from UTG again. UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest is a practical vest that is perfect for law enforcement entry teams and also for firearm enthusiasts.

If you need a tactical vest with strong holsters and magazine pouches, you can take this model. This is one of the best tactical vests for gear-carrying solutions you will have in the market.

It has numerous front pockets and also an oversized back pocket that allows you to organize everything orderly and can get anything you want very easily. This vest has three large rifle magazine pouches and two small pistol pouches.

This vest is enriched with reliable and strong quality materials that last longer and also makes the wearing comfortable. You just need to be careful about the size. You should get the exact size as you won’t get enough chances of adjusting it.

Anyways, it has a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty if you experience any error due to faulty materials and workmanship. This is undoubtedly a great safeguard of your stuff.


  • The best option for law enforcement entry teams
  • Amazing breathability
  • Reliable performance
  • A limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • It is not very adjustable
  • It could be a bit heavy


Buyer’s Guide

Now you have a list of all the best tactical vests. But which one should you pick? Well, a tactical vest is available in a wide variety of layouts and designs. You may think of getting the vest that is in the top position in this article. That vest is undoubtedly good but may not be suitable for you. You should choose the best tactical vest considering your physics and also the vest’s quality.

What To Look For In The Best Tactical Vest?


Tactical vest is multi-purpose stuff. This is not only for protection but also for carrying different compact accessories that you need to keep around yourself for getting easily.

In fact, there are some people who buy a vest only for carrying ammunition, knives, handguns, etc. So, this is very much important to consider the capacity of holding things on the vest.

Try to get the vest that has more pouches and space to keep stuff. Check the space inside the pouch as well as whether it is sufficient or not for your things.


Size is a major criterion to consider while choosing the best tactical vest. A tactical vest is stuff to wear and you can’t feel comfortable wearing a vest that doesn’t fit you.

Vests are available of different sizes and designs, considering different body shapes. You should find out the best one that is suitable for your physics. If you get an adjustable tactical vest, this is far better. 


Like the size, this is also important for the vest to look good. A vest is a part of your dress up. In fact, there are so many people who prioritize the looks of the vest more than anything else. So, try to get a vest that is not bulky and wired to look at.

There are lots of options for good-looking vests in the market. Go and get one that makes you look good, even if it costs a few dollars more.

Pockets and Pouches

This is very much essential to care for the number of pockets and pouches in a tactical vest. Lots of pouches are needed for storing lots of small stuff. So you should get that vest that has multiple pouches and pockets so that you can keep magazines, ammo, car keys, electronic devices, etc.

There is another thing that you should care about. You should check whether the pouches are secure to keep stuff or not.

Brand Value

Brand value is a great thing that plays a crucial role in determining the quality of a tactical vest. If you don’t know much about tactical vests and are a bit confused about which one you should take, you can choose a well-known brand.

Brand means a lot as well-known brands serve good quality products. So you can find a brand that is pretty popular and pick a vest of that brand.

What Can Tactical Vests Be Used For?

Nowadays, a tactical vest is compulsory for the hunter and also rescuers. But we notice that there is a great craze of tactical vests to the airsoft and paintball enthusiasts. For security forces, military and professionals, wearing a vest is a must.

In all these cases, people need to carry lots of stuff with them such as paintball mags, water bottles, your cell phone, power bars, magazines, a stun gun, knives, etc. In a very simple way, anyone can wear a tactical vest if he needs to carry lots of handy stuff. In fact, a traveller can also wear a vest to keep his wallet, mobile, earphones, keys, etc.

How To Properly Wear A Tactical Vest?

We always say that a tactical vest should be comfortable to wear and also should be easy to take off and on. But do you know how a vest should be worn? Let us clear. Almost every vest model needs to be put on like a shirt as you always wear.

When you place the vest in the right place, adjust the shoulder straps as they are adjustable so that anyone can wear them. You don’t need to keep the vest too tight or too loose. Just keep it in the way you are comfortable.

If you need to hang holsters, put them on and keep your guns as well to adjust the holster in the right way. Once you are okay with the fitting, lock this fitting, pulling the side straps. But don’t make it too tight. It will become uncomfortable soon.

Things You May Want To Carry In Your Tactical Vest

The main reason for wearing a tactical vest is to carry lots of things. It actually depends on your purpose what you should carry in your tactical vest. We are suggesting some stuff that almost every person should carry in their vest. Let’s see in below:

Tactical Flashlight. Tactical Flashlight is probably the most useful item in any case. If you are a hunter, you know better than us how useful it is to have. In fact, police, SWAT team members and rescuers also need flashlights to do their job at night time. In fact, a civilian may also need a flashlight for self-defence. So, you can keep the Flashlight in your vest.

Firestarter: Firestarter is another important thing that you should keep in your vest. If you go on a hunting trip for more than one day, you need to make cam and fire also. A firestarter is extremely crucial in this case.

First aid kit: While hunting, you may get injured. There won’t be anyone to help there except you. So, don’t forget to keep a first aid kit in your tactical vest.

Navigation Device: In the jungle, there is a high possibility that you will lose your way. A GPS device or a phone can help you to get in the right direction. So, try to keep a GPS device so that you can figure out the directions correctly.

Emergency Foods: Well, food doesn’t mean beef chops or chow mein. You should take some emergency foods like power bars, some military rations, fresh water, dried noodles, hard candy, etc. It will help you to get some nutrition in an emergency situation.


A tactical vest is undoubtedly stuff that is needed for security and also keeping other essential gears with you in an organized way. So, a tactical vest is equally important, just like a rifle is for shooting adventures. If you are a regular shooter, you have no other option except to find a tactical vest that can make your investment fruitful and help you in all the areas like the best performing tactical vest. With the proper and latest information from this article, hopefully, you will be able to choose the best tactical vests.

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