12 Best PCP Air Rifle [2021] – Let’s settle this now

Nowadays, you will find a tremendous collection of air rifles in the market and there are huge variations. Among all those rifles, the PCP air rifle is quite successful in all fields of shooting, including hunting, shooting tournament, pest control, etc.

If you already don’t know what the PCP air rifle means, let me tell you. The term PCP stands for pre-charged pneumatic. When you look into a PCP rifle, you will see a cylinder inside it that works to launch the pellet.

Normally, this air force makes the pellet super fast and let the air rifle shoot with high velocity. That’s the reason why PCP rifles are known as super-fast and powerful shooting capacities.

Now, you won’t find a single PCP rifle in the market. There are lots of models you will find easily. But this is not easy to get the best one. On that note, we are providing the following guidelines to help you to choose the best PCP air rifle and also, you will get some models that we like due to their qualities.

Best PCP Air Rifle 2021 – Detailed Reviews!

Check out the following models to know how a good pick should be. You can freely consider these rifles before making your mind.

#1 – Beeman QB Chief PCP Air Rifle (Cheapest)

best budget pcp air rifle

Beeman already has a reputation in the gun market for quality stuff and Beeman QB Chief is the most demandable best PCP air rifle we got. Actually, you will get this model more popular among the players who are regular in shooting competitions.

This rifle is considered the most accurate PCP air rifle and it had to be. A shooting player needs accuracy most than any other features in a rifle and this particular model is successful in meeting that demand.

It also has a 2-stage trigger with great adjustability and this is quite tough to get this feature in an entry-level best PCP air rifle model. It also has fiber optic sights to see your targets accurately.

This single-shot model has manual safety opportunities that reduce the chances of facing awkward situations and also make your experience safer. You will get a maximum velocity of 1000 fps.

This is extremely good for hitting your target in a very short time. The loudness is of 4-Medium-High. So it won’t annoy you much.


  • Easily customizable
  • Adjustable 2-stage trigger
  • Reliable manual safety
  • Effective loudness


  • Quite expensive
  • No presence of shroud


#2 – Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle

best price pcp air rifle

If you want to get a rifle that offers qualities like an expensive one without spending much money, Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle is the one you are searching for.

This rifle is available with several amazing features that a high-quality, expensive rifle offers. First, you will be attracted by its amazing look for the first time. Besides, its durability is definitely more pleasant than many other models.

This rifle has an impressive velocity level of 1000 fps. This is enough for having a successful hunting experience. The reason behind its high velocity is its tank size.

It can contain more CO2 in its 13 cubic inches regulated air tank and helps to create more pressure in the cylinder.

Another amazing thing about this best PCP air rifle is its shooting times in a single fill. You can shoot around 70 times from one fill and this is enough for not letting your target prey away from your sight.

This high-capacity and consistent rifle is not only good for hunting but also good in field target competition, and plinking, etc. The noise level is very reliable for hunting as it offers quiet shooting.


  • Easily adjustable comb height
  • Highly durable and reliable performance
  • Ideal for hunting
  • Reasonable price tag


  • It is difficult to handle the large cover
  • Quite heavy


#3 – Benjamin Marauder BP2264S (The KING)

Benjamin Marauder BP2264S Reviews

Our next favourite PCP air rifle is the Benjamin Marauder BP2264S Air Rifle. This is a quite budget-friendly model that offers several life-saving features only for $453.94.

This is literally the best PCP air rifle for the money. The plastic construction of this air rifle is super-strong and durable as well. You won’t even need to buy a second one in your lifetime.

This rifle has all-weather synthetic stock that makes it versatile for adventures in any weather condition. This is one of the lightest versions of PCP air rifles. So, you can carry it very easily.

Besides, the balancing capacity is impressive and you will love it as you won’t need to face many difficulties to balance it. Along with the built-in pressure gauge and two-adjustable trigger, this rifle ensures accurate aiming and safe shooting.

This is the best PCP air rifle model for small game hunting, target shooting, plinking, spinners and pest control. We won’t recommend this for serious hunting purposes. But, you can get the best result for any other purpose as we mentioned above.


  • Low noise performance
  • High accuracy level
  • All-weather synthetic stock
  • Budget price PCP model


  • Its stock is not good for every shooter
  • Its bolt is huge


#4 – Crosman Challenger PCP Air Rifle

best value pcp air rifle

The next rifle on our list of best PCP air rifle is Crosman Challenger. This is genuinely a versatile rifle. You can use this PCP in any position in the competition you want.

This is perfect for shooting competition as it provides ultimate flexibility while shooting. Maybe this is the reason why younger people prefer this rifle most. People who are learning shooting should take this ideal one.

Its velocity is not that high like many other models. But this 530.00 ft/sec is enough for its purpose. The caliber type you can use with this rifle is 0.177.

This PCP rifle is considered one of the most accurate rifles. This one is extremely good in a 10-meter target shooting competition. Nowadays, this competition is quite popular and finding a good rifle for it is quite tough.

Crosman Challenger PCP Rifle is all you want for your 10-meter shooting competition. It will allow you to pay around 70 shots without any further refilling. After that, you will need a refill.


  • Versatile PCP rifle
  • Best for 10-meter shooting competition
  • High accuracy and consistency
  • Best for beginners


  • It is not very adjustable
  • It requires target sights to buy


#5 – Walther Rotek Air Rifle

the best pcp air rifle

We found this PCP rifle with a bit exceptional building mechanism than the rest models. Well, Walther Rotek is an air rifle that is built with a German engineering mechanism.

This is very reliable and trustable as far as we experienced. This is not only good in performance. You will find it very impressive also to look at.

This is the perfect combination of performance and beauty. You can use the .22 caliber and the .177 caliber pellet in this rifle. It also has a two-stage adjustable trigger and bolts action firing mode.

This model is a bit expensive compared to others. You have to spend around $650. But, genuinely, this is the best PCP air rifle under $1000.

It will offer a warranty of one year, as well. Another crucial thing that we like most is the 200cc integrated tank. It contains lots of air and is responsible for extreme pressure.


  • Great accuracy and precision
  • Ergonomic stock
  • Good-looking PCP rifle
  • One year limited warranty


  • A bit noisy
  • One of the expensive rifles


#6 – Gamo Coyote Whisper

Gamo Coyote Whisper

Gamo Coyote Whisper is the quietest PCP air rifle to us till now. This is a gun that is so great that we don’t think that anyone would be disappointed with its performance.

This is a very powerful, accurate and one of the best PCP air rifle that is good enough for any kind of shooting purposes. As it has 1200 FPS, you won’t need much time to hit your target.

This model is available for use with the .177, .22, and .25 versions of calibers. This one is definitely the best budget PCP air rifle. It is available for under $500.

Its physics is very robust in nature and will perform for a long time unconditionally. It is compact and lightweight so that the shooter feels good and less affording while carrying it.

This model is not only good in performance but also really good to look at. You will find it eye-catching for sure.

Unlike many PCP rifles, you will get the opportunity to adjust the pressure level in this rifle and also the shots per fill. If you fix the air pressure at 3365 PSI, you will get 30 shots per fill. If you make the air pressure 2900 PSI, you will get 20 shots with high deviation.


  • Best budget PCP air rifle
  • Adjustable pressure level
  • Eye-catching looks
  • A quietest PCP air rifle


  • Smaller magazine
  • Plastic-made trigger


#7 – BSA 1108 Scorpion

BSA 1108 Scorpion Reviews

PCP air rifle that is not very modern in physic but qualitiful, indeed. We are talking about the BSA 1108 Scorpion PCP Air Rifle.

Well, this rifle is a traditional quality rifle that is famous for its straightforward performance. In fact, this is one of the oldest models in England. This is super-easy to use, unlike anything you do.

This rifle is quite expensive. You have to spend probably $1000 on it. This may be costly. But people who don’t have money issues and also want a traditional rifle can freely take this model. It has a fully adjustable 2-stage trigger to make your operation more easy and effective at the same time.

Now, let’s talk about the physical strength of this rifle. This is one of those rifles that already proved themselves as the most sturdy in nature. We can assure you that you don’t need to buy a second one because it is built to last a lifetime.

So, spending money on it is worth enough. It has a quick-fit charging system, as well. You can use this rifle with both the .177 caliber and .22 caliber. So, hunting and shooting tournaments both are possible with this rifle.


  • Quick-fit charging PCP model
  • High accuracy level
  • Traditional quality rifle
  • Mesmerizing physical strength


  • Expensive model
  • No warranty is offered


#8 – Air Arms S200 FT Air Rifle

Top rated pcp air rifle

Air Arms S200 FT Air Rifle is not a high-quality rifle with so many qualities. But you will get some features that are very crucial to perform in a hunting ground and this is the reason shooters like this PCP model. This is one of the best PCP air rifle for hunting, shooting competitions, pest control, etc.

This rifle is enriched with great precision while firing. It is capable of offering multiple shots in a single fill. You will be able to shoot at least 50/60 times.

This is really a good thing when you don’t want to lose your target prey. Besides, it has several versions according to its power, energy and operating systems. You can choose one that seems more suitable to you.

This rifle is not a very budget-friendly one. You have to spend around $800. This model is good with the .22 calibre while performing but you can also use the .177 calibre.

It has a 19-inch hammer-forged barrel and, surprisingly, an air reservoir. These help to create more air pressure towards the air cylinder the output is amazing.


  • Very accurate and precise
  • Several versions are available
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Effective air reservoir


  • It is difficult to determine the real pressure
  • Over-penetration


#9 – Benjamin Bulldog PCP Hunting Rifle

Best PCP Hunting Air Rifle

Are you looking for a PCP rifle, especially for hunting? You don’t need to roam anymore. Benjamin Bulldog PCP Hunting Rifle is the thing you need. In fact, this is the best PCP air rifle for hunting.

It is quite successful and versatile in doing its job if the shooter is good enough to operate the rifle. It is super-strong and sturdy and maybe this is the reason why you don’t need to buy another rifle very soon.

This rifle is flexible for both left or right-handed shooters. It also has lever safety. So, there is little possibility of meeting accidents while firing. This rifle can be used with both .177 and .22 calibre.

This rifle is quite less noisy. It has a sound suppression system that plays a role to control the sound. It also has a 5-shot magazine. So, you don’t need to get the calibers again and again.

The only drawback we noticed is the trigger construction. The trigger is made of plastic. Otherwise, this model is amazingly good in performing in an extremely economical way. One more thing. You will get a cleaning kit with it for free.


  • Easy operating system
  • Sound suppression system
  • Available cleaning kit
  • Best for small hunting games


  • Plastic-made trigger
  • It is not for shooting competitions


#10 – Diana Stormrider PCP Air Rifle

PCP air rifle reviews

Diana is a well-known brand of air rifle and Diana Stormrider is one of their best PCP air rifle creations. This PCP rifle is our favourite because it offers lots of amazing features and is also in a very reasonable price range.

In fact, you won’t be wrong if you say it’s the best PCP air rifle under $300. You will get this one for only under $200. Though this is a lower-priced rifle, it never compromises its performance. It has a velocity of 1050.00 ft/sec. You will get to reach your target in a very short time.

You will be able to use several calibers in this rifle. But, shooting capacity varies with the caliber type. If you use the .22 caliber, you will get seven shots magazine. If you use the .177 caliber, it will be nine shots in that case. But its magazine is quite smaller than other members.

This PCP rifle has a two-year limited warranty that you won’t get with every member of PCP. It is very good to look at as well. Its amazing wooden appearance can easily attract people.

This model is specially designed for right-handed people. But, if you are left-handed, you can manage it after a little practice. 


  • Extremely reasonably priced
  • Satisfying precision level
  • 2-years of limited warranty
  • Attractive physical appearance


  • One-stage trigger
  • The magazine is small


#11 – Benjamin BP9M22GP PCP Air Rifle

best pcp air rifle for the money

To identify the best PCP air rifle, the thing that we notice first is the power a rifle has to do its job and Benjamin BP9M22GP PCP air rifle is good enough with the powerful release.

With a very lightweight structure, this air rifle is super-good in every kind of adventure. You won’t find such an effective piece with 5.39 Pounds weight.

This air rifle allows the shooter to use three different types of calibers. You can use .25, .22 and .177 calibers. But our suggestion is to use the .22 caliber if you have this rifle for hunting. Otherwise, the other calibers are perfect equally.

With an extreme velocity of 900.00 ft/sec, this air rifle is one of the most successful and also demandable items in the market. Though you need not worry much regarding its quality, you will get the safeguard of a one-year limited warranty.

One major drawback we found about this rifle is its housing materials. Normally, most of the PCP rifles are made of metal and we also prefer that construction. But, this one is of hard plastic and we are not 100% satisfied with its durability.

However, this air rifle is not a very cheap PCP air. But, compared to other PCPs, having this model under $400 is not a bad deal.


  • Trouble-free rifle
  • 2000 PSI airpower iteration way
  • Satisfying accuracy and consistency
  • CO2 filled gas cylinder


  • A single-shot rifle
  • Durability is not satisfied


#12 – Hatsan AT44-10 QE

Hatsan AT44-10 QE rifles review

Hatsan AT44-10 QE is the one on our list of best PCP air rifle. This is actually the advanced version of the AT44 model. This one is more developed and qualities than the previous one.

This is specially made for hunting. We won’t recommend using this rifle in shooting competitions and other purposes. The velocity of this rifle is 870 FPS and reaching your target is quicker now.

The most impressive feature about this rifle is its sound suppressing ability. It has a sound moderator that reduces shot noise by up to 50%. This is a great advantage for a hunter as it helps not to alert the animal with a loud noise.

This rifle is also very popular due to its better accuracy. If you are a good shooter, you will hardly miss your target. Its butt is comfortable to hold as it has an adjustable rubber butt.

This air rifle has an anti-knock system. It will help to stop the gas from leaking. So, you will get the air pressure at the maximum level very easily. This rifle offers a warranty of one year as well. So, you don’t need to spend more to get it fixed for the next year.


  • 2-stage adjustable match trigger
  • Highly accurate and precise rifle
  • Perfect for hunting
  • Higher velocity level


  • Expensive PCP model
  • It is not for shooting practice


Buyer’s Guide

How To Choose The Best PCP Air Rifle?

  • Durability

Either you are buying a PCP air rifle for you or for gifting to someone, you should not neglect the durability of the rifle.

PCP rifles are quite expensive. You have to spend a lot of money to get a quality piece. So, it should be strong and sturdy enough for long-term performance.

Now, if you get the worst one that will last for a couple of months, you just wasted your money. So, while buying one, make sure that your chosen one is durable enough and you don’t need to buy another rifle after a few days.

  • Shots In Fill

When you are in a serious shooting mode, finding yourself unable to shoot is the most unfortunate thing. This happens due to the empty magazine. You should choose a PCP air rifle after checking the number of shots it can provide in a single fill.

Normally, it varies from 20 to 50. We always suggest getting the one that allows more shots. If you get one like this, you can get advantages in the shooting ground. So, make sure your PCP can shoot more and more.

  • Air Rifle Caliber

All the PCP air rifles you will find in the gun shop are not available for using all kinds of caliber. But, you may need to use different types of calibers for different purposes.

Now, if your rifle won’t allow you to use all kinds of caliber, you have to spend money on individual rifles. So, try to get a rifle that allows more than one caliber.

In this way, you can save money buying only one rifle with several calibers.

  • Accessories

Choosing the best PCP air rifle isn’t all unless you get all the necessary things that you need for shooting perfectly. Now, what will happen if your rifle won’t allow you to use such accessories with it?

Well, Before making your mind, you should check that the rifle is available for use with other accessories or not. If yes, you consider the rest of things. If not, you should try something else.

What Is A PCP Air Rifle?

People frequently ask about PCP air rifles. The term PCP is quite unknown to most people. So, this question is literally expected. You will find many definitions and elaborate articles on PCP air rifle. But we have decided to make this concept as easy as possible for you.

PCP stands for Pre-Charged Pneumatics. The name is just the way it works. PCP air rifle is a rifle that conducts its mechanism with the air pressure that creates into the air cylinder. The user can fill the compressor with air by just pulling the piston.

When you pull the trigger, the air will be released with great pressure and hit the pellet through the barrel towards the target. All these proceedings might be complicated for you. But, this is the reason why this rifle is so much powerful and people love this for a long time.

What Is The Advantage of PCP Air Rifles?

  • Uses of Caliber

A PCP air rifle is good enough for shooting with almost all kinds of calibers. You can freely use the .22, .177 calibers frequently. In fact, you can also use .46, .58, or even .72 caliber pellets. Isn’t it impressive?

  • Recoil and Noise

PCP air rifle is very good at creating a few recoils. If you don’t like recoil, you can freely choose a PCP air rifle. Another advantage is the lower noise. PCP rifles don’t create much noise like others. So, you won’t be annoyed much while firing.

  • Accuracy

In case of accuracy, a PCP air rifle is probably the best thing you will find. This rifle ensures the shot with optimum accuracy and this is also in a very short time. So, you can enjoy your hunting trip with a PCP rifle.

  • Shot Capacity

This is a great advantage to get the opportunity to determine the shot capacity and the PCP air rifle provides that opportunity. There are various models of PCP rifles in the gun shop.

All of them have different shot capacity. You will find there within a range of 20 to 50 shots. You can choose a rifle with the shot capacity that you need.

How to Choose The Right Air Source for PCP Air Rifles?

  • Hand Pump

The simplest and easiest way of air sourcing your best PCP air rifle is using a hand pump. A hand pump is the same thing that you normally use for pumping your bicycle.

There is nothing complicated in it. You just need to attach the hand pump with the air reservoir and pump it to fill the tank. You can fill around 3,000 psi air with this pump in a single time.

  • Scuba Tank

Scuba tank is another stuff to pump a PCP air rifle. It can also fill around 3,000 psi every time. This is called a scuba tank as it is almost like the tanks that scuba divers use for keeping oxygen with them.

This tank is made of metal and sometimes aluminium. There is a high possibility of damaging this tank after a few years. That’s why it is required to be checked every five years.

  • Carbon Fiber Tank

The carbon fiber tank is more powerful than the previous two ways. The operation is quite the same as the scuba tank. It also looks like a scuba tank. But, the main difference is that the carbon fiber tank is smaller and lighter than the scuba tank.

Though it is smaller, it has more power to pump the air into the air rifle cylinder. It can fill around 4,500 psi in a single time.

  • Air Gun Compressor

Air gun compressor is the most technical and expensive way of filling the PCP rifle. It can fill 3,000+PSI in a single time. Nowadays, this tool is very popular with people because you can use it for many other purposes along with pumping the rifle.


Among all kinds of air rifles, people find it difficult to choose an effective and best PCP air rifle. There are many reasons behind it. But, the most common and obvious reason is the lack of information about PCP air rifles.

Another reason is to fail in finding the best combination of quality and budget in a rifle. Considering all these things, we thought to provide the best options to you so that you can make a wise choice very easily and obviously successfully. We hope our article will help you a lot.

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