12 Best Nightstand Gun Safes Reviews [2022] – Complete Guide

If you already know about gun safe, you may know that there are different gun safes in the market. These vary based on the size, shapes, brands, qualities, etc. But, there are some gun safes that are available for some particular purposes. Nightstand gun safe is one of them.

Nightstand gun safes are those gun safe that is specially made for providing you with quick access in the night time if you need your gun for any purpose. For facing the robber or burglar in your house, you have no other choice except the best nightstand gun safes.

There are several brands that manufacture gun safes for night time use. You may easily get confused about which one you should get.

In this situation, you should find a proper helping hand that will provide all the information about best nightstand gun safes so that you can pick the best one.

Well, the following article is one of them. You can freely read it through and use the experience and knowledge in buying the best nightstand gun safes. Hopefully, you will get your ones.

12 Best Nightstand Gun Safes –  Detailed Reviews!

Check out the following reviews to know about the best nightstand gun safes in detail:

1. VAULTEK VTi Biometric Handgun Safe


This full-size Bluetooth handgun safe is truly an amazing piece with appreciable features. When it’s about a nightstand gun safe, I always prefer something compact and easily operative and I found this VAULTEK gun safe with those qualities, actually.

VTi biometric safe is pretty competitive to get access very easily in the dark area. This heavy-duty gun safe is capable of performing for years without making trouble for you and the reason is its robustness in physical structure.

The construction is crafted with 14-gauge carbon steel that is quite satisfying. This makes the safe even stronger and able to perform for years.

Along with the structure, the finishing of this model is satisfying enough. The powder coating protects your gun from corrosion and the in-built light allows the user to see inside well even at night.

I am also impressed by the way it keeps the gun protected. First, the biometric locking system that lets the safe open in a second using the thumbprint.

The process gets even better due to the automatic door that opens without making noise. So, the people lying beside you won’t even hear that you’re getting out your gun.

Besides the thumbprinting way, you can also use the passcode to enter if you face difficulties with your scanner. There is an auto-illuminating 8-digit keypad. So, pressing them at night will be very easy.

Long-lasting battery life, Bluetooth app, advanced anti-theft protection, etc. are also some remarkable features of this gun safe.


  • 14-gauge carbon steel construction
  • Fast-accessible biometric lock
  • Auto-illuminating responsible interior light
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Knight spring system in the door


  • Programming the biometric system may take some time


2. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

If you’re looking for a safe for fast access, SentrySafe QAP1BE can be the one you exactly want. It’s quite popular with gun users recently and it has genuine reasons for that.

The model QAP1BE is a biometric nightstand safe with quick responding technology. The advanced technology of biometric scanning is capable of verifying the user within a couple of seconds. So, getting the gun out in emergencies at nighttime is easier with this safe.

This safe is capable of giving a tough fightback except for the hydraulic pressure and its solid 12-gauge steel is the reason behind that.

Besides, the door is set with an extremely secure way to make the safe even more pry-resistant.

Such a sturdy safe comes with a very useful interior. The inside is well-organized with foam lining. It ensures that your gun will be scratches free, no matter what happens. But you won’t get any interior light with this one that is a downside for the user.

If you face a problem with the scanning system, you can enter the passcode and enter it into the safe. In any case, if the batteries don’t go with you, you have the override keys to open. So, you’ll always have an option to get into the safe.

Along with all these good features, this safe comes with the capacity of only one gun. So, you should keep it in mind while buying it.


  • Soft interior foam lining
  • Override key and secondary electronic lock
  • Pry-resistant lid
  • Fast-accessing security system
  • Strong and solid exterior


  • No interior led lighting
  • One-gun nightstand safe


3. V-Line 2597-S Security Box

Buy Nightstand Gun safes

Presenting one of the best keyless security boxes in the market now with a bunch of remarkable features. V-Line 2597-S desk is a strong and effective version of a mechanical locking box that you can use on your nightstand freely.

The physical strength is very satisfying for this model. The metallic fiber and steel structure make the safe even more robust than any common security box.

It doesn’t even require batteries. So, it won’t create problems in any situation.

Now, let’s see how responsive the safe is in an emergency. Well, I love any top-opening gun safe with a quick-release system and this is one of them.

The lid is super effective when it’s about to get the gun after putting the code. But, as it’s a mechanical safe, you might take some time to put the code and open the safe manually.

You have to deal with 5 buttons among the 1081 combinations that might take some time. This is the only major drawback I found in this security box.

The interior is quite satisfying to me. It has a padded interior to make sure that your gun will be scratch-free. Besides the black powder coating in the safe is also the hero in keeping the stuff completely flawless.

Another good thing about this safe is the removable compartment inside it that you might find very useful.

Well, installing the safe effortlessly is another crucial point and this V-Line model also has passed in that case. Its easy mounting system will make it as easy as possible for you.


  • Reliable construction
  • A budget-friendly gun safe
  • Enough interior space
  • Long-term performance
  • Easy installation system


  • It may create sound while pressing the buttons.
  • Lack of advanced security.


4. Awesafe Gun Safe

If you are waiting for a heavy-duty performer, Awesafe biometric gun safe is going to surprise you. This gun safe is one of the most suitable best nightstand gun safes I found in the collection.

What are the specialities in this safe? Let’s figure it out.

The security system of this safe will make you satisfied no matter what the situation is. You can get access in three ways- finger scanning, password and override keys. So, you have access at any time and in any situation.

The thumbprint system allows around 30 fingerprints. So, you can share the access with trustable ones.

While talking about its strength, I must say that this is one of the most sturdy safes I have ever used. Yes, it is. What made it so strong is its steel construction and awesome technical mechanism. The walls are very robust to resist the pry-attack and also to keep it protected against a person with bad intentions.

Besides, the interior is pretty good for secure storage inside. The inside is lined with a pad. So, your gun will be scratch-free and the finishing will be perfect as always.

The most interesting thing is that you’re getting light inside the safe to see thoroughly at nighttime. Isn’t it amazing?

I also like the silent opening of this safe. When you put the password or touch the scanner, the door will open without making noise due to the gas strut.

This facility makes this safe super-effective to be installed in your nightstand because it won’t let anyone know that you’re getting out your gun.


  • Advanced thumbprinting technology
  • Useful interior LED light
  • Secure Enough and robust
  • Compact and portable
  • Reasonably priced gun safe


  • Weak biometric reader


5. VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Safe

Having a VAULTEK VT20i in your nightstand always makes you happy doing its best job. Like an ideal nightstand gun safe, this model is the perfect one with perfect size and security.

You may have lots of queries regarding its security, structure, etc. Let’s get all of those here. The feature that attracts me most to this gun safe is its security system.

I’m always a big fan of the biometric system and this gun safe has a super-sensitive and high-resolution fingerprinting capacity that ensures security impressively.

It’s very easy to install the system. You’ll get all the instructions in the manual book. It allows around 20 IDs for the device.

The exterior is out of imagination. Its substantial structure makes it capable of fighting against any odd situation.

I found the batteries very durable. You don’t need to be worried about the longevity of the battery life. It’s undoubtedly going to give long service.

The most surprising thing about this safe is here. Well, you can control the gun safe using your phone. Isn’t it awesome? Yes, you can pair your phone through the VAULTEK app in both the Android platform and the IOS platform. So, no matter where you are, you can deal with the gun safe in a smart way.

There are only a few models in the market available with such a helpful feature and VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Safe is one of them.


  • A high-quality gun safe
  • Advanced biometric gun safe
  • Strong construction
  • Very easy and convenient to carry
  • Enough space for other stuff


  • The lid may take some time to open


6. Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

If your main priority is getting a stronger and robust gun safe, Fort Knox PB1 can be the best suggestion for you.

Though you won’t get any biometric scanning facilities here, the structure ensures the safety of your gun by no means.

This is one of the most reliable security boxes in recent times with the 10-gauge solid steel construction. With such a thick structure, the safe is capable of fighting against pry attacks and also the drill attack.

Some people may have doubts regarding the accessibility of this safe. But, honestly, I never feel that the mechanical lock performs less than any other fast accessing technology.

The push-button lock is secured with the passcode. You have to put 5 digits to open the safe and you have around 1081 combination options to choose one. That’s huge.

I found this safe very smooth and flawless while operating. Especially, opening and closing the door was super easy. Thanks to the gas strut feature to make the door easy to run.

You’ll also love the interior of this model. It has a thick foam pad inside just to make sure that the gun keeps secure and free from corrosion. Besides, It also has pre-drilled holes that make the installation process in the nightstand very comfortable.

The best thing to me is that you can keep two guns inside this safe. You can even keep some ammo along with a single gun. It’s completely up to you.

Last but not the least, you will enjoy a lifetime warranty with this product.


  • Reliable and simple mechanical locking system
  • Quick opening door with Gas-strut system
  • Pre-drilled anchor holes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy access to handguns
  • Durable steel construction


  • It’s quite heavy


7. Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe

Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe is a very compact and easy to fit a gun safe in any drawer or nightstand. Having a bulky size safe inside a nightstand creates issues with the space. This model is doing a great job in that sense.

Anyway, this is an automated gun safe with strong building quality. The construction is of heavy-duty and durable steel that makes the safe even better in fighting than any usual safe. It is pry-resistant as well.

The security system is either an electronic lock, keys or a combination of both. If you want fast access to your gun, you can use only the combination.

But if your main priority is making the gun extremely secure there, you can use the combination of electronic lock and keys. But that will take more time to open the safe.

With the concealed hinges and locking bolts, this particular nightstand safe is almost impossible to break. This in-built security system always makes the safe secure in any situation.

Another amazing thing about this Stack-On gun safe is the error and shut method. The safe door will be closed after putting three consecutive wrong passcodes. So, if anyone tries to do it with evil intentions just by guessing the code, he won’t be able to open the safe by any means.

Besides, a 3-year guarantee acts as a safeguard for this safe that adds extra value all the time. In terms of price, I found it affordable as well when other quality safes are charging a lot nowadays.


  • Heavy-duty and durable steel construction
  • Completely pry-proof
  • Effectively concealed locking bolts
  • 3- year limited warranty
  • Quite compact in size


  • The lock keypad is not illuminated


8. Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe

Sometimes, there is very little place in the nightstand for mounting a safe and you have nothing to do except getting a very compact size safe. You can hide the gun safe in a small place.

Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe is exactly the safe with a small structure that people use a lot nowadays. You can deceive the outsiders with this tiny storage unit as it looks like a small bedside clock.

It has a super-effective and easily controllable RFID access mechanism. You can get access to your gun instantly due to this technology that is far better than the biometric system to me.

Well, the safe can be opened in three ways- RFID technology, keypad and the backup entry. You can use the keypad if needed. But most people prefer the RFID system to get access as soon as possible.

If the battery is dead, you just insert the backup keys and you’re on.

The interior of this compact gun safe is much more spacious. This is a one-gun safe and crafted for personal use. But, I loved the way this safe protects the gun from scratched and it happens due to the padded interior.

You can set it on your nightstand. But if you want to carry it in your bag or car, I can assure you that the gun will be completely protected.

This safe is battery-operated stuff that requires an AA battery and you have to buy it additionally. But if you use AC mode, you don’t need to spend that money.

If you are having the safe in your car and find the batteries dead, you can use the USB port to recharge the battery. So, you can even do that using your cell phone. 


  • Easily controllable RFID access mechanism
  • Super-quick access
  • Easy to install and carry
  • Convenient keypad entry
  • USB charging ports and mountable hardware


  • It’s not very spacious.


9. GunVault Minivault Digital Pistol Safe

If you need instant access to your gun, I always suggest the front drop-down opening safe. GunVault Minivault Digital Pistol Safe is exactly the same one here.

Well, while searching for best nightstand gun safes models, I found this one with some impressive features that are easily affordable by anyone.

The best thing is the way you can set it up on any flat surface. Not only the nightstand but any areas like the desk, tabletop, or shelf, etc. are suitable for getting your minivault installed. This happens due to the top mount plate that comes with the safe.

It comes with a high-performing fingerprint scanning system and you’ll get that on the top of the safe. It allows around 20 fingerprints and allows slight changes on your fingerprint that may occur due to a finger cut or age.

The complete mechanism is run by the 9V battery that you’ll get with the safe. Unfortunately, if the battery dies, you have the override keys as backup options to open the safe.

GunVault has a great name in the industry for making strong gun safes and this GunVault gun safe is one of the lists.

The exterior is made of solid 16-gauge steel that makes it super-strong and unbreakable. This shell makes praying almost impossible and the storage secure.

Just like the top mount plate, you’ll get all the mounting hardware with this safe in the package. The door is super-effective in opening due to the spring-loaded hinged security.


  • Tamper-proof and pry-resistant
  • Foam-lined interior
  • Front drop-down opening
  • Override backup key
  • Easy to install at anywhere


  • No pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Battery life isn’t satisfying


10. GunVault Speedvault SVB500 Biometric Pistol Safe

Speedvault SVB500 is another amazing storage unit from GunVault. This is a super-compact safe with a one-gun storage capacity.

There are so many people who find this perfectly designed for use on the nightstand. It is also a down drop safe with easy accessibility. This makes it easy for the user to open the safe and pull out the gun even in the dark.

Let’s see how strong this safe is. Well, the solid 18-gauge steel construction of this safe is working amazing when it’s about performing for a long run.

It is pry-protected and sometimes can resist drilling as well. So, you have no chance to underestimate this due to its size. It has enough strength to fight back strongly. If you are concerned about the security system, let me tell you that this is equally capable of securing your gun.

It has a biometric locking system to protect the gun from unauthorized access. It allows 20 individual fingerprints at different times. If you use all of them, you can erase the memory and start a new one. Simple!

The mechanism is battery-operated. So, you may find the safe off sometimes. Nothing to worry about. You have the backup override keys to open the safe. So, you won’t be locked outside of the safe. 


  • Solid 18-gauge construction
  • Interior LED light with foam lining
  • Low battery warning signal
  • Easily accessible drop-down drawer
  • Backup override keys


  • Easy to pick by anyone


11 – First Alert Portable Handgun Safe

First Alert Portable Handgun Safe

Here is another amazing nightstand gun safe from First Alert that is trending in the market currently. The portable shape of this safe is just the thing you are searching to install on your nightstand.

Let’s talk about its sturdiness. This safe is manufactured with heavy 18 gauge steel. It makes the storage unit extremely secure to put your gun inside. It fights against pry-attack and also the drill attack.

I’m not saying it’s unbreakable. If the outsider gets enough time and tools, he can break the safe. But you’ll get enough time to take enough action against the thief.

The inside of this safe is also very much conservative for guns. You’ll find there thick foam lining that makes sure of the protection of the gun against scratches.

This safe is secured with the biometric scanning system. The locking mechanism is very responsive to this device. You’ll get the gun in your hand within a couple of seconds of touching the sensor.

Besides, the spring-loaded door is super cool to open and shut automatically. Once you unlock the safe, the door will be opened instantly. Along with the biometric locking, you’ll also be able to use the keypad to open the safe.

If the battery is dead, you have the override key for emergencies. With the pre-drilled mounting holes and mounting plate, this safe is all set to be installed without any hassle.


  • Perfect nightstand safe
  • Useful interior lining
  • Easy to install
  • Strong and long-lasting exterior
  • Automatic spring-loaded door


  • No low-battery signal


12. Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe

Last but not least in this list- the AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe. Spending around $90 for this safe is completely worth the money.

This is one of those programmable safes that you’ll find performing good around you. This is not that compact and small. But this may become a plus-point for you sometimes, especially when the thief won’t be able to carry it easily.

Well, this is not a biometric gun safe. But you can rely on the keypad of this device freely. It acts smoothly even in the 1000 times of your use.

You will get a complete keypad with 10 digits there and choose a strong and unique code. When it’s time to open the safe, you just put down the code and twist the switch. The door will be automatically opened. You also have the backup keys. If you find any malfunctions in the program, you can open the safe using the keys.

This safe comes with two live-door bolts and also pry-resistant concealed hinges that make the safe even stronger.

This model also has an adjustable shelf inside that is a very effective thing for gun lovers. You can keep more than one gun in this safe and also some magazines inside.

Though it is perfect for the nightstand setup, you can get it installed even on the wall and floor. Considering the quality and price of this gun safe, I can confidently suggest this model to any gun lover.


  • Made of tough steel-alloy
  • Enough space for complete storage
  • Protective foam interior lining
  • Tamper resistivity power
  • Pry-resistant concealed hinges


  • No biometric security


Buyer’s Guide

Nightstand gun safes are very technical and unusual. So, it is impossible for a person to get a good one for the first time without proper knowledge. In this case, you should consider some factors that can make your decision wise and right. Some of such factors are mentioned in our guidelines that will help you a lot.

#Follow the following things before purchasing one:

  • Security

Security is the main factor while purchasing any gun safe. Especially when it’s about a best nightstand gun safes, you should be careful more. The nightstand gun safe has to be extremely secure so that nobody can access it without authorization. If robbers and burglars attack your house and they can get access to your gun safe, you know what the consequences will be. So, be careful about it.

  • Quality

Quality is another good thing that is very important to consider while purchasing. You should purchase a gun safe that is very reliable and strong. Such gun safe provides protection against any kind of threat. Now, the strength of the gun safe depends on the quality of the materials. So, try to get a safe that is constructed with good quality materials. Otherwise, it won’t be able to perform for a long time.

  • Fire rating

Fire protection is a very important factor that should be considered while buying the best nightstand gun safes. A nightstand gun safe is normally placed to a nearby place from your bed. If there is any fire in your house, your gun safe will be damaged and so will your guns and other stuff if the gun safe is not protected enough against fire. So, buy one that can provide the ultimate protection against fire.

  • Warranty

Warranty is not a physical benefit of a gun safe. But, it actually adds a lot of value. You will be able to make your gun safe without spending money if you have a warranty with the gun safe. This is one kind of safeguard on your gun safe. So, try to get a safe that is available with the warranty offer. If you don’t get it in your nearest shop, search on different online marketplaces.

  • Size

Size of the gun safe is very important. Most of the bedside and nightstand gun safe is compact and small in size. You should try to get the bigger one among them so that you can put the ammo and magazines in the safe. There are many gun safe that allows you to keep only the gun safe. You should not like this one. Try to get a comparatively bigger one.


A nightstand gun safe is very effective in keeping your house and your family safe at night from any kind of attack. There are many models available. You just need to explore the best nightstand gun safes from the huge varieties. In this case, you can use the above guidelines and honest reviews to get a clear conception about a quality nightstand gun safe.


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