Barska Gun Safe Reviews [2021] – Top 6 Reviews and Buying Guide!

Compared to the other available brands of gun safes, Barska has an established position in the market. This brand won’t provide many gun safes. But, it provides some quality safes that are going to be very effective and quite unusual in a good way. Most of the safe of this brand are biometrically secure gun safes. So we can easily consider these as the best Barska gun safes. These gun safes are a few in number but have lots of variations based on their qualities and features.

So, you can get your preferable one from this list. But you have to do some study before that. You need to know everything regarding this gun safe. This will help to judge which one is better for you and which is not. You don’t need to roam to get information regarding these gun safes. We collected all the information and provided the following reviews that are honest and help to choose one among all. You can search it out and make your choice wisely. Hopefully, you will get a good one from the list of Barska gun safe reviews.

Best Barska Gun Safe Reviews

Check this list out to get the most effective one:

#1 – BARSKA Biometric Safe


BARSKA Biometric Safe


BARSKA Biometric Safe is the first and basic model of this brand. This gun safe has a great demand in the market due to its features. This gun safe is very compact and portable. The weight of this gun safe makes it very much reliable. Its weight is around 12.7 kilograms. This gun safe is enriched with biometric securities, that is the reason why people like it so much. The most interesting part is you can save almost 120 fingerprints in this safe. This gun safe is made of strong and robust quality steel that makes this gun safe very durable. You can use this for the long run. This black-coloured good looking gun safe is DOJ approved. With secure storage, this one is available with a high price tag. You have to spend around $244.99 to get this one.

This gun safe has a quiet space inside. Its dimension is 16.5 x 14.5 x 7.75 inches. So, keeping a pistol along with some important documents is very easy. This latest technology gun safe is very easy to program. This is very much tamper-resistant and pry-resistant as well. This gun safe has two built-in steel deadbolts that are responsible for making this safe such protective. This gun safe has emergency key access so that you are never locked out. You need to purchase the 4AA battery for yourself. You won’t get it with the safe.


  • Very strong and secure with biometric securities
  • An attractive and good looking gun safe
  • Tempart-resistant
  • Emergency key access is available


  • This gun safe is highly expensive
  • You won’t find the batteries with it

Our Verdict:

If you want a well Barska gun safe, you can believe this one blindly. We didn’t find anything unpleasant in this gun safe that raised questions about the security issues. You must have to spend some money to get this. This will take care of your stuff with the ultimate safety, we guess. We highly recommend this gun safe.


#2 – Barska Quick Access Biometric Safe

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is our next choice in this Barska gun safe reviews series. This is a popular safe when you will judge based on the outlooks. This is very attractive to look at as it is available in different colours. This gun safe is constructed with aluminium. So, this safe is automatically a light one. Its weight is around 0.4 kg. This gun safe is very secure as it has biometric security. The ultimate security level makes this safe, very much famous. This is a DOJ approved gun safe. The quick accessibility in this safe is very reliable, that makes sure that you will get access to your gun within the minimum time.

You can keep your rifles, ammo, handguns and even firearms in this gun safe. The main reason for it is its high-quality biometric scanner that takes only 2.5 seconds to verify the authority. This gun safe has 100% steel walls and a tamper-resistant inner that protects your stuff from being damaged. This gun safe also has three built-in steel bolts. It has an internal removable shelf that is customizable as you want. This gun safe doesn’t have any internal LED light. So, you may face difficulties to see at night-time without any external light.


  • Strong and sturdy aluminium construction
  • Tamper-resistant inner
  • The high-quality biometric scanner
  • Quick accessibility


  • It doesn’t have any internal LED light
  • 4AA batteries need to be purchased separately

Our Verdict:

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is popular with regular customers because of its quick accessibility. This gun safe is secure enough for keeping your stuff safe and well. You will find this gun safe a bit reasonable among all. Compared to its price tag, we must say, this is a good gun safe. You just need to buy the batteries separately. Otherwise, you will love it.


#3 – BARSKA AX11620 Biometric Home Safe

Barska Biometric Fingerprint Mini Security Home Safe

BARSKA AX11620 Biometric Home Safe is another well-developed gun safe full of quality features. This gun safe is secure enough to protect your weapons and other stuff. This gun safe is black in colour and quite compact in size. You will get the biometric security system with this safe that makes possible the security at the apex level. At the same time, you will get accessibility within a very short time. So, getting your weapons at your hand instantly is possible now when it is needed. This gun safe is quite heavy but not bulky at all. We liked it because this much weight is preferable to keep it safe from the thieves.

The weight of this safe is almost 5.5 kilograms. You can change your fingerprints if necessary and even can share the accessibility with your other family members as it provides 120 fingerprints options. This gun safe is tamper-resistant and pry-resistant as well. So, you can be relaxed regarding the safety of your stuff. This gun safe ensures proper home security. This gun safe needs 4 AA batteries to run that will be included with the safe. The gun safe is committed to customer satisfaction and their quality reflects in the performance of the safe. You will get free technical support if necessary.


  • Biometric security system
  • Tamper-resistant and pry-resistant
  • Free technical support
  • Available 4 AA batteries with the safe


  • Limited space
  • No internal light to see inside

Our Verdict:

BARSKA AX11620 Biometric Home Safe is quite good for using to keep your single piece weapon or other stuff that needs the ultimate security. This gun safe is quite good for bedside use. This is going to serve you for a long time for sure as the construction materials are good. Moreover, the price is quite reasonable compared to other models. So, you should make a try.


#4 – BARSKA AX11556 Top Opening Drawer Safe

BARSKA AX11556 Top Opening Drawer Safes

BARSKA AX11556 Top Opening Drawer Safe is a bit different from the rest gun safe we discussed till now. This gun safe is perfect for keeping at any lower table or under the bed where you can easily reach at the top of the gun safe. The reason is crystal clear. This gun safe has the door at the top side. The benefit of this gun safe is you can take the pistol very conveniently and without any external source of light, you can see clearly inside. This gun safe is quite expensive and the price tag has a high amount of $259.99 that is a bit problematic.

This gun safe is a bit heavy. Its weight is around 9.53 kilograms. So, you should not worry about being robbed of this safe. This gun safe has biometric securities and you can save almost 120 fingerprints. This is really amazing. This gun safe has a hydraulic-assisted top opening door that ensures you won’t face any problems in opening the door. The durable steel construction makes this gun safe tamper-resistant and unbreakable. This gun safe has 4 AA batteries that are included with the gun safe. You will get a lifetime warranty with this gun safe. But, it is really difficult while bolting down.


  • Hydraulic-assisted top opening door
  • Biometric locking securities
  • Durable steel construction
  • Available lifetime warranty


  • It is a very expensive gun safe
  • It is difficult while bolting down

Our Verdict:

BARSKA AX11556 Top Opening Drawer Safe is very convenient for using in your office if you have any security issues. You can use this gun safe in your car without letting people know about gun safe. This gun safe is very secure and robust in nature that keeps it safe from any kinds of attack. Though the price is quite high, you will definitely feel its highly defined qualities.


#5 – BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe is one of the big gun safes from Barska. Normally you won’t find much big gun safe from this brand. So, if you actually need one big, you can go for it. This is very strong and durable as it is made with high-quality steel. This gun safe is very much reliable as it has the biometric locking system that ensures proper security. But, this biometric lock is childproof. So, you can’t provide access to any child in your house. So, keeping your weapons safe from your child is now very easy and this gun safe makes this possible. You can set a maximum of 120 fingerprints.

This gun safe is the most expensive than any other gun safe in our list from this brand. It will require almost $329.99 to get this gun safe. This gun safe is very good as it takes a few seconds to provide accessibility. The time is around 2-seconds. This gun safe is very convenient to resist the tampering and prying. So, you can freely leave your weapons at home in this safe. This gun safe is quite compact in size. You will get the 4AA battery with this gun safe. In fact, it provides, emergency battery pack for making it easy to use in any emergencies. This gun safe has a hidden keyhole that will provide the backup opportunity. You will get a protective floor mat that will keep it safe from humidity.


  • High-quality steel construction
  • Compact in size
  • Available emergency battery pack
  • Protective floor mat for mounting


  • One of the most expensive gun safes
  • No warranty is found

Our Verdict:

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe is good for people who want to keep many things and need a large safe. This gun safe is very reliable and trustworthy due to the secure biometric locking. You will get several additional things with it that will provide the ultimate security of your weapon and other valuable things. So, feel free to spend on it.


#6 – Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall Safe

Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall Safes

Barska Security Wall Safe is an exceptional quality gun safe that needs to be set up in the wall. People love this gun safe because they can use this safe secretly. Strangers won’t notice this safe instantly. This is a medium-ranged gun safe that has a price tag of $215.99. Most people can afford this gun safe. This gun safe is available in different colours, that makes it very attractive. This gun safe is very strong and robust as it has durable aluminium materials. So, this ensures long-term performance. This gun safe is lightweight and its weight is around 0.4 kilograms.

So, you have to set it up on the wall. Otherwise, there is a possibility of getting this safe robbed. The door of this safe is very easy to open and the doors open to the right side. This gun safe has two removable shelves that enable you to customize it as you need. The high standard biometric access service makes this gun very secure. You will also get the backup key to unlocking the system. Moreover, you will get this safe equipped with thick foaming lining that keeps your stuff safe inside the safe.


  • Durable aluminium constructions
  • Convenient removable shelves
  • Standard biometric access service
  • Attractive and good looking


  • Very lightweight
  • Limited space for keeping more guns

Our Verdict:

Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall Safe is the last safe we choose from Barska for several life-saving qualities. This gun safe will allow you to hide your weapons so that outsiders can’t get to know about it at all. Moreover, this gun safe is suitable for customizing to keep your weapons and other stuff. For many things like these, it will charge an affordable price. So, you can definitely get this gun safe.


Buyer’s Guide

A gun safe is very technical stuff that you can’t choose without proper knowledge about it. You should check out some things before making your decision. These will help you to judge all the safes from Barska and pick one that suits you more. So, go to the shop with proper knowledge.

#Followings are the things that you can’t ignore while buying a gun safe from Barska:

  • Size

A gun safe is for storing your gun safe. Normally, the Barska brand makes compact size guns safe. So, you have to check very carefully that the safe you are going to get is large or small. Always try to take a gun safe that has the capacity of holding more weapons. Never choose one with limited space as it won’ allow you to keep adding stuff.

  • Materials

Materials are a very crucial thing that determines the quality of the gun safe. This gun safe is very much dependable on the quality of the materials. So, choose one considering the quality of the materials. You should always try to choose one that has still construction. This kind of gun safe is very robust and long-lasting that every person may want.

  • Security

Security is a crucial factor when it’s about gun safe. Without proper security, you can’t keep your weapons safe. So, getting a high-quality security system is very important. YOu should get a gun safe that has a biometric security system and make sure that your stuff is safe. You also should find out if the gun safe has additional manual keys or not. Such type of gun safe ensures that you will get accessibility no matter what.

  • Warranty

Always try to get a warranty with the gun safe as it safeguards the gun safe. So, try to get a warranty for one to two years. We are saying it confidently because the company providing the warranty has the confidence that the safe is going to run for a long time. So, try to get such a warranty with other features.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility of the gun safe actually matters to measure the performances. You should find out which gun safe is more effective in providing accessibility while facing danger. A good gun safe that takes more time to open is not a good one at all. So, try to get one that provides the access instantly.


To keep your weapons and other documents safe, the toughest decision is to get the best Barska gun safe. To get the best output, you have to work hard to gather information so that you can search out the real one. You can get help from the above article of Barska gun safe reviews that is full of all the necessary information. Hopefully, you will pick something effective.

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