10 Best In Wall Gun Safes 2021 – Detailed Reviews!

Among all kinds of gun safes, a wall gun safe is probably the most reliable one for getting the concealed storage of your guns and other valuables. You might see the wall gun safes in movies where the hero is keeping his stuff in a wall gun safe. Wall gun safe is extremely effective not only in movie scenes but also in real life.

This is definitely the best alternative to depositing money in a bank. So, you can freely get a best in wall gun safe for ensuring the security of your stuff. But, you will find at least a hundred different brands of wall safe and it is highly difficult to pick one good safe among them. This will be possible only when you have great knowledge about gun safe, especially wall gun safe.

This article is for people like you who are searching for a reliable source full of helpful information regarding in wall gun safes and also a proper guideline that will allow you to pick the possible best option. Here we have put together honest reviews of 10 Best In Wall Gun Safes and also a proper guideline.

Hopefully, you will find everything here that you want to know about wall gun safe.

10 Best In Wall Gun Safes 2021 – Detailed Reviews!

These are the in-depth reviews of 10 Best In-Wall Gun Safes:

1. V-Line Quick Vault Wall Safe

best in wall gun safes reviews and buying guide

V-Line is a renowned brand located in California that has been selling safety products since the mid-’90s. This particular brand is popular due to the safes and cabinets it provides. V-Line Quick Vault Wall Safe is one of those safes that are top-rated from this brand.

This metallic-fibre gun safe is extremely reliable and strong for a long journey of years. The sturdy design of this gun safe makes it extremely fire-resistant and also heat insulated. So, heat can’t travel inside very fast and your stuff will be safe in anyways.

The interior of this safe is very much helpful for the safe storage of your guns inside. It has one adjustable shelf that you can adjust according to your needs. Installing a gun safe is always a matter of concern. But, V-line Quick Vault is tremendously comfortable to install in between the wall studs and mounts flush. There are already pre-punched holes for mounting the gun safe.

The crucial thing about a gun safe is its security system and we are pretty confident about the protection this model offers. It has a steel lock that covers guides and adds resistance. This is one of the best options for your gun’s security without compromising quick and easy access, even keeping your room well-decorated. 


  • ‎1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Five-button mechanical lock
  • Easy to hide inside the wall
  • Different sizes are available


  • It requires maintenance
  • It is not advanced like an electronic safe


2. First Alert 1037290 Digital Access Wall Safe

best in wall gun safe for long guns

First Alert is a renowned brand of security items in Illinois that is serving almost every state of the country with its high-quality and advanced security products. First Alert 1037290 Digital Access Wall Safe is considered one of the most famous products from First Alert. If you want to place your guns in a wall gun cabinet with proper security, you should get this model.

The security system is truly praiseworthy and reliable enough to leave your guns and other precious things in this safe at your home. This security device is enriched with an electronic lock that ensures that people who don’t have access can’t get into the gun safe.

Now, what will you do if you don’t remember the combination? No worries. You have two emergency override keys and you can open the device at any time using the keys.

The structure of the gun safe is very strong and capable of serving for the long term. The reason behind this sturdiness is its heavy-duty welded steel construction. The interior is suitable for secure storage as it has an interior light and also two removable shelves. So, watching inside at night time is not a problem now and also arranging your belongings as per your will.


  • Easily mountable to the wall, shelf or floor
  • Decent size for personal use
  • Easy Concealment
  • Durable housing materials


  • You should be careful of fire and water
  • The price could be a bit high


3. Stack-On IWC-22 Medium in Wall Cabinet

best in wall gun safes buying guide

Stack-On is another well-rated brand having 40 years of experience in dealing with security products. This gun safe is highly popular with the people who want proper concealment along with fast access to their gun.

There are lots of effective features in this safe that makes the operation very much easy. Well, the first thing that impressed us is its lightweight. This wall safe is only 0.01 pounds heavy and installing the setup is super comfortable even you can do it yourself. You can convert the gun safe into shelves so that you can keep other small accessories in different compartments. Storing Ammo, Pistols, or other items is very much reliable in this gun safe now.

The security system is also satisfying. It has a 3-point security system with a key coded cylinder lock. You can be relieved that no one can open the safe without letting you know. In fact, there are very few gun safes that are pry-resistant like this model.

This wall safe is quite well-rated in terms of heat resistance. It’s true that it’s not completely fireproof. But it can keep your stuff secure inside the safe for a long time.


  • Proper concealment with fast access
  • Super easy to install
  • Highly secure gun safe
  • Pry resistant Structure


  • Durability is not satisfying
  • It is not completely fire-resistant


4. Digital Wall Safe For Home or Business

best in wall gun safes - secure safe

Paragon is another manufacturing brand of security stuff that is already famous in the market due to its quality products and Digital Wall Safe is not any different. This highly durable gun safe is manufactured with the best quality steel that is pretty reliable for years of use. So, you can use it days after days.

The main purpose of buying this gun safe is getting security and this model is good enough in providing ultimate security. It has an electronic locking system that allows the user to choose a passcode among huge combination options. So, opening the gun safe without proper code is impossible. It also has backup keys in case you forgot the combination and got locked out.

This gun safe is extremely fire-resistant and water-proof as well. Heat can’t get through the reliable and strong steel wall of the gun safe. So, you will have a huge time to get your stuff from the gun safe safely. This small wall gun safe is very reasonable to buy. You will get this only at $82.09.

Though this is compact in size, it is quite heavy due to the heavy steel housing. This safe won’t offer any warranty and we found it okay as there is very little chance of getting the safe damaged.


  • Long-lasting performance
  • Secure storage with fast access
  • Very reasonable to buy
  • Incredible fire-resistant capacity


  • No warranty is promised
  • Quite a heavy structure


5. Protex PWS-1814E Wall Safe

best in wall gun safes buying guide

Protex is another leading security device manufacturing company in the United States. This brand is well-known due to the quality they serve through their security staff. This gun safe is made of long-lasting and strong quality steel that is promised to serve the best security against pry attack.

This model is reliable for its thick wall as well. The wall of this safe is extra-thick to make it pry-resistant and this makes the safe quite heavy. Its weight is around 28 Pounds. You may feel quite complex installing the safe. But, it makes the safe Burglary resistant.

The security system of this gun safe is also very reliable. This model has a versatile biometric security system. You can open the safe with your biometric authentication and no one can do this at any cost. This in wall gun safe biometric allows the door to open automatically and so do the removable shelves that you can customize while organizing the safe.

The fire-resistant capacity of this stuff is very satisfying. It can protect your stuff up to 1,200 degrees that is incredible and people love to get this safe in their home and office for these obvious reasons. 


  • Smart locking and unlocking features
  • Secure and advanced locking system
  • Satisfying fire-resistant quality
  • Extra-thick pry-resistant structure


  • One of the expensive models
  • Storage capacity is not so high


6. Hollon HS-360D Home Safe

best in wall gun safes for small gun reviews

Hollon is another famous manufacturer of security stuff in the USA and serves around all the 50 states of the country. All the products from Hollon are popular due to their quality and so the HS-360D Home Safe is. This gun safe has enough internal space for keeping your handgun and also cash, passports, crucial paper documents and jewellery, as well.

It is highly secure for keeping your stuff protected against any kind of threats. It has a dial lock along with an override key. You can open the safe using the combination and also the keys in emergencies. The fireproof rating of this home safe is quite satisfying.

It can protect the interior up to 1,850 degrees Fahrenheit for around two hours. So your stuff won’t be damaged at all. It’s always good to invest in fruitful stuff and HS-360D Home Safe is just like one. This is highly durable and can perform for years with perfect accuracy.

This gun safe is made of 100% steel and this material intensifies the longevity of the safe more than any other regular gun safe. All the hardware you need to bolt the safe is included with the package. You don’t need to buy these additionally.


  • 90 Days Parts and Labor warranty
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Great customer service
  • Easy installation


  • Quite a heavy wall safe
  • The code can’t be changed


7. Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX 

best in wall gun safes biometric

Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX  is one of the most successful Hidden in wall gun safes in recent times. This particular model has almost all the features that you may desire to have. This is very much durable due to the construction material it has. This has a strong steel construction that ensures that the intruder can’t break the safe at any cost.

The security feature of this gun safe is highly praiseworthy. It has a biometric facility to lock the safe and also the pin code in case of emergencies. This safe has memory retaining power. So, if the batteries go out, they will retain all the memory. You don’t need to set up everything new. The door is audible and it will let you know if you left the door unlocked in a hurry. So, if anyone opens the safe stealing your keys, you can get to know them immediately.

This gun safe is very easy to set up and requires minimum maintenance. Moreover, you will get all the mounting stuff with the package. So, no need to spend more money on it to buy those things. This safe will allow you to set up around 32 fingerprints. So, you can share the access with your family members and also trustable office colleagues.


  • Scan & Save up to 32 Fingerprints
  • Carpeted interior and LED light
  • Reliable and robust housing construction
  • One year of the limited lifetime warranty


  • The expensive wall gun safe
  • Limited internal space


8. Protex FW-1814Z Fingerprint Wall Safe

fingerprint best in wall gun safes reviews

Protex FW-1814Z Fingerprint Wall Safe is the next one on the wall rifle safe list. This model is pretty good at doing its responsibility. Protex always has good reviews for providing quality security stuff and this one is an extension of their product list.

Well, this gun safe is highly reliable for keeping the stuff inside is free from any kind of threats. Most of the time, we notice that you have to compromise with the beautiful look of the safe due to the security. But this model is doing something else.

This is a very attractive look with a grey finish. This is actually a perfect blend of beauty and quality. There are very few gun safes that are this much Burglary resistant. This is very good for keeping your asset safe.

The security system is nothing but biometric locking and you know better what it means. No one will get into your safe unless the intruder has enough time and also sufficient tools. However, it has two removable shelves. You can use them if you need multiple compartments. So organizing different small stuff is easier now.


  • Secure and easy operation
  • Motorized locking bolt system
  • Easy to hide and install
  • Fingerprint locking system


  • Limited internal stuff
  • No warranty is offered


9. Paragon 7725 Superior Wall Safe

best in wall gun safes for pistols

Paragon 7725 Superior Wall Safe is another crucial member of the editor’s list. We found this best in wall gun safe very much suitable for storing any kind of handguns and other precious stuff. The physical structure of this gun safe is highly reliable and perfect for long-term use. Due to the strong and sturdy construction materials, this gun safe is always an attractive piece to the customers.

This is actually a gun safe that you can freely use in your house for personal need. Its super-secure electronic locking system makes the stuff extremely versatile against any kind of threats. You can choose the passcode from a huge combination of options. So, guessing the code randomly is not possible at all.

This is basically a gun safe that is made for jewellery storage. Its internal condition is richer than any other regular gun safe that keeps the jewellery scratch-free. The fire-resistant capacity is also very satisfying. You will get your stuff safe even after a fire of 1,300 degrees.

So, feel free to leave your stuff at home. The internal shelves are also customizable that you can arrange as per your requirements.


  • Compact and Portable design
  • Special gun safe for jewellery storage
  • Customizable shelves
  • Heat-resistant and also watertight


  • The access panel is of plastic material
  • Installing accessories are not included in the package


10. Mesa Safe All Steel Adjustable Wall Safe

best in wall gun safes for the money

Mesa is a well-rated security product selling company renowned around the world. This brand has been serving since 1981 and Mesa Safe All Steel Adjustable Wall Safe is one of the best creations of this brand. You will get this model around all the 50 states of the country.

This is undoubtedly a heavy-duty gun safe that is highly durable and perfect for versatile use. If you need a gun safe only for keeping the valuable stuff in your house and office, including crucial paper documents and also jewellery, you can take this one freely. Its internal condition is very much suitable for keeping paper stuff.

People normally get afraid of keeping paper stuff in the gun safe due to fear of fire. But you don’t need to worry about it. This gun safe is highly fire-resistant and can protect your stuff from high heat. The security system is quite reliable as it will allow you to open the safe in a very short time.

Due to the sturdy constructions, this gun safe is quite heavy. This is partially good as heavy stuff is always durable than a light one. Its weight is 40 pounds.


  • Amazing fire-resistant capability
  • Easily customizable to your preference
  • Quick accessibility
  • Great customer service


  • Difficult to install
  • The locking system could be a bit better


Buyer’s Guide

There will be very few homes where you won’t find a safe for securing the precious stuff they have. But incidents of robbery are also very common nowadays. People are buying safes but can’t ensure security only because the safes are not of good quality. Picking the best in wall gun safe is not that much easy and that’s why you should follow a proper guideline. 

The following guideline will help you the most to get the best gun wall safe:

Types of locks

You are buying a wall safe, definitely forgetting the ultimate protection against any kind of threats and a wall safe without the best quality locking system is not a good piece. Before choosing a best in wall gun safe, check out the locking systems.

Wall gun safes are available with electronic lock, biometric lock, etc. You have to pick one as per your requirements. If you need fast access to the safe and also need the apex-level security, you should choose the gun safe with a biometric locking safe.

If you need a wall safe just for storing jewellery and important documents, you can take one with an electronic locking system.


A wall gun safe should be highly element-resistant as there will be lots of crucial things in it and these can be damaged by heat or water. The safe needs to be fire-resistant so that it can protect your stuff if you leave those in the safe helplessly while firing.

So, check out the fire-proofness of the gun safe before buying. It also needs to be water-proof so that your jewellery, papers, etc., won’t get damaged by the humidity in the wall and also water from any external source.


Size matters a lot as you are buying a safe for storing lots of things. So you should definitely consider the size of the wall safe. If you need the wall safe only for keeping a handgun or some ammunition, you can choose a compact and small size gun safe.

But if you need a wall safe for keeping all the essential documents and jewellery of your house, you should go for the bigger one. Otherwise, you won’t be able to store everything in a single gun safe.


The durability of a wall gun safe is very crucial and how durable your wall gun safe greatly depends on the quality of the materials. So you should check the material quality very well. We always suggest taking a gun safe that is made of steel. This is true that a steel-made gun safe is quite heavy. But it enhances the durability and doesn’t allow outsiders to carry the gun safe easily.


Price is a great factor that determines the gun safe’s performance a lot. We mean good products cost more and you should make your budget considering this fact.

Well, if you want good quality, secure and best in wall gun safes, you should make your budget a bit high. It will give you a safe that will last for a long time. It may make you feel tough for now. But you will get the result in the long run.

Why should you own a wall-safe?

There are several causes why you should consider buying a gun safe. Some major reasons are as follows:

  • It can be easily concealed and the intruder won’t notice it.
  • It takes little space to set up.
  • It can be used as regular furniture like a mirror.

Why you may not want to own a wall-safe?

  • Poor fire rating.
  • Not highly secure.
  • It requires cutting the wall to set up.
  • Children will find it easily.
  • It doesn’t have great locks.

Advantages of Owning the Best Wall Safe.

Having a gun safe is always a matter of joy as it ensures the safety of the precious things in your house. A wall gun safe is quite good in this case as it can be hidden in any place like behind a hanging art. The main benefits of having a wall safe are as follows:

  • Keeping firearms in a wall safe is permitted in almost all states.
  • It offers quick access and also denies unauthorized access.
  • It offers concealed storage of precious things along with guns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are wall safes impact resistant?

A wall safe is undoubtedly more secure than many gun safe models. This is capable of standing against the force of hitting with a hammer. But if any intruder enters your house with proper instruments to break the gun safe and tries hard and soul, a wall safe won’t stand at all. Genuinely a wall safe is not an extreme secure gun safe. 

Q: What equipment do you need to install a wall safe?

You need a drill, drywall hand saw and a measuring tape to install a wall gun safe.

Q: Are wall safes secure?

Wall safe is quite good in providing security. But this is not extremely versatile. It can’t resist extreme force if a person hits the gun safe with the intention of breaking it. But installing in a secure and hidden place can make it more secure.


A gun safe is a must-have item in your house and a wall gun safe is the most suitable and fruitful way of keeping your assets concealed and protected. So, don’t think of deciding on having a best in wall gun safes. But, you must think about which one you are taking. To help you, we are here with a detailed article that will help you to make a wise decision. Read through the article again, if necessary and search out the best one.

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