Best 9mm Pistols For the Money [2021] – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The 9mm pistol is the staple handgun cartridge in the world. It is famous for different reasons. The accuracy this one provides is at the optimum level and just beyond expectation. So, if you are finding the best self-protection or practicing gun, one of the best 9mm pistols is the best solution for you. This is a kind of weapon that ensures the ultimate result within the minimum time. So, you can get one without any hesitation.

Now, if you search for the best 9mm pistols on different renowned online shops like guns.com or any other physical shop near you, you will find different varieties of 9mm pistols. These are of different types and different qualities. You will find so many criteria in those pistols that will allow you to pick the most suitable one for you. You will get the opportunity to get your preferable one.

But this is a very big problem to find the best one. You won’t be able to choose the right one unless you know about it very well. You can get all the information from this article. This will help you a lot to find a good one. So, make sure you read throughout this article.

8 Best 9mm Pistols 2021 -Detailed Reviews!

If you are searching for a best 9mm pistols, you should check the following pistols.

#1. Glock 19 19X Pistol

top rated best 9mm pistols

Weight: 18.3 ounces

Capacity: 17 ROUNDS

Barrel Length: 4 BARREL

$GLOCK 19 19X NIGHT SIGHTS NS FDE is the first 9mm pistol that we pick. This is from the renowned Glock that is quite famous for its quality pistols. This gun is very effective in its purpose. This is very trustable and field-tested.

This model is in the expensive group. But, the quality is much higher than the price. You have to spend around $925.99 to get this one. This pistol is going to rock in all conditions and all situations. This coyote color is very good-looking and attractive.

The improved nPVD slide coating in this pistol makes this one very durable and long-lasting. It helps to prevent corrosion that is really amazing. This pistol has an ambidextrous slide stop lever that is very effective and makes this pistol more versatile.

There is another additional feature that is not common to all. It has a lanyard loop as well. This pistol is quite lightweight. Its weight is almost 18.3 ounces. So, you can easily use it. Moreover, this pistol has dual magazines that are very effective.


  • It has enough capacity.
  • The double magazine is available.
  • Coyote-coloured pistol case.
  • Corrosion-resistant pistol.


  • One of the expensive pistols.
  • Small magazine releases.

#2. CZ 75 B Omega Urban Pistol

Reviews of best 9mm pistols

Weight: 2.2 LBS.

Capacity: 18 ROUNDS

Barrel Length: 5.2 BARREL

This 9mm pistol is very reliable as this is very famous to users due to its easy accessibility. This pistol is super-cool to look at. The grey appearance can easily attract people. This pistol is quite lightweight as well. Its weight is almost 2.2 LBS.

This pistol is a bit cheaper than the previous one. This pistol will cost around $789.99. The barrel length of this pistol is 5.2 BARREL. It has enough capacity for ammunition. It can contain 161 ammo in the magazine. This pistol has a single magazine. This model is very strong. This is very durable and robust in quality.

So, it won’t get damaged very fast. The frame of this pistol is made with steel where the grip is made of plastic. The plastic part is quite responsible why this pistol is lightweight. This pistol has Safety Swappable Ambi Safety. Moreover, quality is super effective. This is the reason why it is vastly used in military and police forces.


  • One of the high capacity 9mm pistols.
  • Quite lightweight and easy-to-use.
  • Good finish on crucial portions.
  • Comparatively reasonable pistol.


  • The grip is not very comfortable.
  • Single magazine.

#3. Beretta 92 FS Brigadier Pistol

best 9mm pistols for the money

Weight: 28 oz

Capacity: 10+1 ROUNDS

Barrel Length: 4.9 BARREL

BERETTA 92 FS BRIGADIER PISTOL is one of the most expensive pistols in the market you will get available. This pistol will cost around $1,400.99, which is a huge amount indeed. This 9mm pistol is made with stainless steel that causes no corrosion or pitting. It enhances the pistol’s lifetime.

This pistol is a professional kind of pistol. Besides, people who are professional shooters give great importance to this pistol. This pistol includes an original box and papers that are very crucial for getting legal permission.

There are different states that allow people to use guns without legal paper. But, in this pistol, you have to go through the legal procedures. You can use a holster to keep this pistol. In this way, you can get access to your gun very easily. You will get an original magazine with the pistol that is really good.

This 9mm pistol is very easy to carry as it is not much heavy. This is the reason this pistol is this popular with regular users. Besides, its accuracy is beyond expectations. If you can aim accurately, this pistol won’t make you disheartened.


  • Strong construction with durability.
  • Excellent accuracy in the shooting ground.
  • Highly featured and easy to operate.
  • Quite a lightweight pistol.


  • Only minor surface dents or scratches.
  • On the side of the most expensive pistols.

#4. Dan Wesson Guardian Pistol

best 9mm pistols buying guide


Weight: 1.8 LBS

Capacity: 8 ROUNDS

Barrel Length: 4.25″ BARREL

DAN is one of the most renowned gun manufacturing companies in the world. This is very popular for making expensive and luxurious quality pistols. So, you have to spend a lot of money to get one from this brand. We choose this pistol based on its quality and its price comparing the other members of this brand.

In that sense, this pistol is an affordable entry. It will cost around $1,349.99. This pistol is made with a forged aluminum frame with a stainless slide. This combination is high-quality stuff that is responsible for making this pistol life-long durable.

The physical appearance of this pistol is very attractive. The grip of this pistol is just very easy to hold and comfortable to carry. This grip safety is very effective to make a perfect shoot. This pistol provides manual thumb safety, as well. This pistol is very reliable for nighttime use.

This pistol has a laser light that allows you to see at night time. But, this pistol has a single magazine. We expected a double magazine with such a quality pistol.


  • Quality outputs due to the robust housing.
  • Manual thumb safety and grip safety.
  • Perfect for nighttime shooting.
  • Easy to hold and comfortable to carry.


  • It has a single magazine.
  • Comparatively limited rounds.

#5. Colt Defender Pistol

best value 9mm pistol

Weight: 1.6 LBS

Capacity: 8+1 ROUNDS

Barrel Length: 3 BARREL

If you are searching for a handgun that is highly suitable for full concealment, this pistol is the one that will fit you most. This pistol is very compact in size and you can hide it in your holsters or in your back. But, don’t underestimate its size.

This model is very strong and able to hit with impressive power. The accuracy level is also mesmerizing. This semi-automatic handgun can be carried very easily. Its manual safety is very reliable and allows you to operate it with super-effectiveness. This pistol is quite lightweight. The reason behind this is its light housing materials.

This handgun is made with a lightweight aluminum frame and forged steel. So, you can carry it very easily and keeping it always with you is not a matter of concern at all. This handgun is of black color. This is actually the matte black finish that helps in true concealment.

The grip security of this gun is very impressive. You can comfortably hold it and pull the trigger. This gun has two magazines that are really good and helps to concentrate on the target for comparatively more time.


  • Two Magazines Cable Lock.
  • Lightweight aluminium and forged steel construction.
  • Easy to carry and operate.
  • Semi-automatic handgun.


  • Issues with inserting the magazine.
  • Limited capacity.

#6. FN 509 Compact Tactical Pistol

best 9mm pistols reviews


Capacity: 24 ROUNDS

Barrel Length: 4.3 BARREL

This Pistol is one of the most compact and smallest handguns you will ever find with great power. If you want something small but strong, you should go for this handgun. This handgun is comparatively reasonable to buy. It requires almost $1,199.99 for one pistol.

This tactical handgun is very suitable if you want the proper concealment. Due to its compact size, it can be hidden very easily. This is actually the most concealable best 9mm pistols. You won’t find a better one for your everyday carry. This model is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum. So, this pistol is undoubtedly going to perform in the long run.

This pistol is very suitable for using different kinds of accessories. There are so many latest accessories that can enhance the accuracy level without much effort. You can use compensators or suppressors and the FN Low-Profile Optics-Mounting system with this pistol.

So, shooting will be a matter of fun for you. Moreover, it is available to accept more than ten miniature red dots that are rare to find in handguns.


  • Very compact and small but strong.
  • Great accuracy level.
  • A reasonably priced pistol.
  • Suitable to use different accessories.


  • Receiver Finish is not much good.
  • Slide material could be a bit better.

#7. Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced Handgun

Best 9mm pistols pros and cons

Weight: 40 oz

Capacity: 9 ROUNDS

Barrel Length: 5 BARREL

This is another handgun that is versatile and one of the best 9mm pistols. This is a high-quality production by Remington. This handgun is highly structured for getting safety at the optimum level. This is a single-action semi-automatic handgun that is extremely powerful. This aggressively modeled handgun is a perfect one if you want to make your position in any competition.

This model is very reliable and long-lasting. The reason behind it is its sturdy physical structure. The steel frame used to make this gun is robust in nature. Moreover, the barrel is made with match-grade stainless steel that is very good actually.

This is a full-size pistol, not like other compact pistols. So, getting the full concealment without a holster or concealed carry belt is difficult. This gun is very strong to fight against any kind of corrosion. It has anodized aluminum that makes it corrosion-free and durable. T

his handgun is very easy to use and comfortable to hold as it has a beavertail grip safety. Moreover, this handgun has a fiber-optic on the front side of it.


  • Reliable flush-fit magazine.
  • Strong and sturdy physical structure.
  • Match-grade stainless steel barrel.
  • A set of excellent sights.


  • Single magazine.
  • Difficult to get full concealment.

#8. Smith & Wesson 1911 PC Pro Handgun

best priced 9mm pistols

Weight: 1.63 LBS.

Capacity: 8 ROUNDS

Barrel Length: 3″ BARREL

SMITH & WESSON is already famous for its quality products and this time they surprised us more. This handgun is an awesome creation from this brand that is available with so many effective features that are very crucial to get the ultimate accuracy.

This pistol is made with a forged aluminum frame with a stainless slide. This combination is high-quality stuff that is responsible for making this pistol life-long durable. So, this pistol is undoubtedly going to perform in the long run. It has enough ammunition. It can contain 161 ammo in the magazine.

This pistol has double magazines. It has a lanyard loop as well. This pistol is quite lightweight. Its weight is almost 1.63 LBS. So, you can easily use it. You can use a holster to keep this pistol. In this way, you can get access to your gun very easily.

This model has an ambidextrous slide stop lever that is very effective and makes this pistol more versatile. This handgun requires a price tag of $1,299.99. Moreover, this pistol has dual magazines that are very effective.


  • Reliable forged aluminium construction.
  • Ambidextrous slide stop lever.
  • Effective dual magazines.
  • Easy to carry and use.


  • Limited capacity.
  • Thumb safety is missing.

Buyer’s Guide

Best 9mm pistols are not easy to pick like other air rifles. This is quite tricky to choose the right one. You won’t be able to do it unless you know everything about it. So, we are providing the guideline below that will help you a lot to choose the right one. So check out the following part carefully.

These are the stuff you should consider when choosing the best 9mm pistols.

  • Durability

We always give importance to the durability of anything. When it’s about the 9mm pistol, this is definitely a more serious issue. The 9mm pistol you will choose should be definitely a durable one. You have to spend a large amount to get a 9mm pistol. If you get a pistol that is not long-lasting and get damaged with a minor threat, this is not a good thing at all. So, you should be careful about the materials that are used to build the physics of the pistol and ensure durability.

  • Accuracy

Accuracy is another factor that is a vital one among all the crucial things. The 9mm pistol should be accurate enough. You are purchasing a pistol definitely with the hope of getting the capability of hitting the target with great accuracy. If the accuracy level is not satisfactory enough, you will have to face a very bad condition that is very unfortunate. So, always try to get a 9mm pistol that has super accuracy.

  • Accessibility of Accessories & Parts

A 9mm pistol is a kind of thing that will allow you to use different stuff with it. It can be a silencer, different kinds of calibers, etc. Now, you won’t get this opportunity with all 9mm pistols. There are some pistols that have so many restrictions regarding the accessibility of accessories. You should find out whether the pistol you are going to purchase will allow you to use all kinds of accessories or not. In such a way, you can save your money as well.

  • Manufacturer Reputation

When you are a beginner and have never bought a pistol before, you may not be able to believe in people very easily. Maybe you already research a lot on it or get suggestions from people. These things help a lot. After all these things, if you are still confused about making a decision, you can do one thing. Try to get a 9mm pistol from a renowned brand. We all know a brand has value as the brand builds itself by serving the best service. So, you can choose a pistol from a well-known brand.

  • Price and availability of ammunition

This is very important to consider the price of other stuff that you need to use a 9mm pistol. Among all those things, ammo is the most important thing. This is a thing that you need to use frequently and spend money on it in a great amount. So, you should choose a 9mm pistol that requires ammo of low price. Expensive ammo requires more money that is a problem. So, get a 9mm pistol that won’t charge more money for ammo.


9mm pistols are the versatile stuff you will find for self-defense. But, getting the best output requires the best 9mm pistols. So, you have no other alternatives of getting a 9mm handgun that is capable of providing all the possible facilities. If you can able make a successful choice, you will get the ultimate experience that every shooter desires.

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