How to Use a Tactical Flashlight – Important Tactics and Techniques

A flashlight is definitely household stuff that almost every person has at home. But maybe you don’t know that flashlights have some different uses as tactical stuff. Surprisingly, a flashlight isn’t only light anymore.

It is an amazing personal protective equipment that can help tremendously to get the situation under control. Imagine, you just returned from a vacation and notice something awkward in your garage. It could be an intruder who might enter with evil intentions and is waiting for you to attack.

What should you do in such a situation? Do you need a weapon to deal with him? Of Course not. A good tactical flashlight can be a lifesaver for you. How? Today, we will know how to use a tactical flashlight in a tactical situation.

What Is a Tactical Flashlight?

Before that, let’s know what a tactical flashlight actually is. With the LED technology development, tactical flashlights are tremendously popular in recent times.

The tactical flashlight uses powerful illumination to emit intense light in dimly lit environments. It’s often used by police or militaries. But, nowadays it’s getting popular with common people as well. It’s popular due to its quick and accurate targeting capacity.

As it’s legal in most of the countries of the world, people buy this flashlight for self-defense as well.

Why Every Man Should Carry a Flashlight?

You better ask why a man shouldn’t carry a flashlight. Whether in tactical purposes or self-defense, flashlights always play an enormous role.

In fact, it’s one of the most important and everyday carry kits that you might need anytime and anywhere. Keeping a tactical flashlight next to your pocket knife makes your journey safe and versatile.

It’s extremely handy and easy to use as a weapon. You can use it to see in the dark clearly, to fix wires at nighttime, to hit someone to save yourself, to make the attacker blind, etc.

Along with all other benefits, a tactical flashlight is something that can save your time and money and sometimes your life as well.

How To Use a Tactical Flashlight For Self-Defense?

How To Use a Tactical Flashlight in tactical situation

You can use a tactical flashlight in many ways. Here we are enlisting 8 essential uses of flashlight that you may use in your everyday life. Let’s see what they are.

Can Be Used For Illumination

A flashlight is a great stuff for making the dark area lightened in a second. Maybe an intruder is keeping eyes on your movement.

If you feel something fishy or anyone’s presence around, you can use the flashlight to remove the dark and also scare the attacker. It’ll help you to identify and track the attacker’s movement and doings.

When you’re getting back home from work on foot, the streetlight may not work sometimes. In such a situation, a tactical flashlight can be a lifesaver as it’ll give the illumination to remove the darkness and get back home safely.

Can Blind an Attacker

You may experience blindness in front of a car headlight or any other light on the road. Isn’t the light too bright to keep your eyes open? Then imagine, how powerful will a tactical flashlight of 200-lumen be?

The light beam can directly hit the attackers eyes and cause instant blindness. So, attackers won’t be able to attack you instantly.

The flashlight you get should have at least 140 lumens to make the attacker blind. All you need to do is just point the light to the face of the intruder and he’ll be down himself, for sure.

Use As a Weapon

A tactical flashlight is a great thing to use as a weapon when you don’t have any weapon. These kinds of flashlights are made with military-grade aluminium that is very protective.

You can easily strike the opponent using any part of the light. There are some special flashlights with bezels. Bezels are the round-shaped area in the forward portion of the flashlight that helps to hit the attacker with great damage. If you get a flashlight with such bezels, you will get a weapon, not only light.

You Can Signal For Help

If you love to go on trekking or hiking, a tactical flashlight is definitely a useful thing for you. You can give the signals for seeking help if anything unpleasant happens there.

Tactical flashlights have the in-built SOS technology that allows changing the mode in 4 to 5 types. You can change the mode depending on your needs.

If you get sick in a forest or mountain and need help, you can enhance the power of the light. It’ll definitely catch the people’s attention.

Can Zoom Onto a Target

Tactical flashlights allow you to adjust the focus on the beam. Whether it’s the attacker or any other object, you can enhance the visualization just by zooming it inside.

It’ll help you to see things from distant places. In such a way, you can get to know earlier if anyone follows you. So, you can reduce the focus to get a narrower beam that can reach far away than a wider beam.

Can Be Used To Break Through Glass Windows

This one is very useful when you find yourself locked in a room or a car. As we said before, tactical flashlights are extremely robust and you can use them to strike against anything. So, breaking glasses with the light is a very easy thing.

You can use the bezels area to hit the glass and the glass will be easily broken. YOu can also follow this way if you feel any intruder is in your home and you need to enter through the window to catch him.

Can Be Clipped Onto Your Belt

With extremely robustness and strength, flashlights are unbelievably lightweight. You can carry it very easily even in your belts clipping it.

There are lots of benefits of this actually. But the most crucial one is availability. When you are keeping a flashlight in your belt, you can get it within a second in any kind of situation.

So, getting fast access to your self-defending stuff, the tactical flashlight will be the best option, so far.

The Bucha Effect

we already said that flashlights are capable of making instant blindness. That’s true. But, what I forget to say about is the Bucha effect. This is also called Flicker vertigo or instant imbalance in brain cells.

With the powerful lumens, tactical flashlights can disturb the brain cells activity for a few minutes. So, if you need time to pull on yourself for defending the opponent, a flashlight will definitely give you that time by causing the Bucha Effect for some time.

How To Hold a Flashlight With Handgun?

As a tactical flashlight is one kind of weapon, you might need to use it along with a gun or when you aren’t armed. So, we will see in both cases how you should hold the flashlight. Let’s see how things go on!

When you are unarmed

Facing the attacker without any weapon is the most unfortunate thing that can happen to you unless you have a flashlight.

In such a situation, you should be calm as much as possible and consider the flashlight as the weapon. Try to focus on the attacker’s eyes. It’ll cause instant blindness and you’ll get some time for further steps.

When you have a gun

Dealing with the attackers is comparatively easy when you have both guns and a flashlight. But you have to know the proper way and techniques of using both of them together. Well, we found four techniques that might be helpful to use both things together.

The FBI technique

The FBI technique is the most popular and commonly used in recent times. It’s very straightforward. You should be very calm while following this technique.

Hold the tactical flashlight away from your body as much as possible so that the attacker makes a mistake to identify your exact position. You’ll get some time with that and try to make the aim as accurate as possible.

Eye Index Technique

This is considered the most reliable technique. In the eye index technique, you have to hold the flashlight in a parallel position with your eyes. It’ll help you to follow the light beams accurately from a distance. Besides, you’ll be able to trace the attacker quickly.

Harries Technique

If you’re good at one-hand shooting, you can follow this technique. You have to hold the flashlight with the nondominated hand tightly and keep the armed hand on the other hand. You can apply a bit of pressure to make the grip strong. But, too much pressure can ruin your aim. So, be careful about that.

Rogers/Surefire Hold

It’s the most difficult technique so far. In this technique, you have to hold the flashlight in a cigar holding position keeping the tail on your palm area. You will need a flashlight that has an on/off switch in the tail area. Then hold both the gun and light together with a strong grip and switch on the light using your palm whenever you need.


Now, you know all about a tactical flashlight and its uses. We hope it’ll be safer for you to go outside at night time alone, like never. Just make sure that the flashlight has power enough to work in dark and also with a reliable structure that might help you even more. So, that’s all about the tactical use of flashlights. Big thanks to all of you for getting to the end.

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