10 Best Hidden Gun Safes [2021] – Detailed Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are thinking of having a gun or already have a gun, the thing you should be concerned about most is the security of the gun. People normally keep guns for security purposes. But if you keep it in your cupboard or on your table, this gun will become the reason for danger. So don’t be late in getting the best hidden gun safe.

A gun safe should be good for keeping your firearms properly concealed and a hidden gun safe is the best option for getting the proper result. Now there are hundreds of models of hidden gun safes from different renowned and non-renowned brands available in the shop.

Which one should you pick? Well, you can decide for yourself which one is good only if you have proper knowledge about best hidden gun safes. Do research properly to know everything about gun safe.

To help people like you, we did detailed research and wrote a complete review of top rated best hidden gun safes. You will get a helpful guideline in this article that will help a lot to get the best option. So, check out the article carefully.

Best Hidden Gun Safes – Detailed Reviews!

If you are looking for a proper concealed solution for your gun, check out the following:

1. Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Gun Safe – Premium Pick

underbed best hidden gun safes reviews

Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Gun Safe is the first hidden gun safe in our editor’s list. Keeping it in a safe under your bed is undoubtedly safe for your stuff. For that purpose, this particular model is extremely suitable.

Well, DV652 Gun Safe is actually an under bed rifle safe. This gun safe has a decent size as people won’t notice it under your bed very easily. The 14 Gauge Steel housing construction makes this gun safe extremely reliable and also ensures that this is going to be with you for years.

Now, let’s know how secure this gun safe is. Well, this high-security gun safe has an ESL5 electronic locking keypad that you can open with a four-digit passcode. This safe has a five-point slide locking bar that makes this safe impossible to unlock without the right code.

As you will keep this safe under your bed, you may feel that you will face problems pressing the keypad in the dark. But relax, it has a backlight for use in the dark so that you can get access fast. So this is not only providing secure storage but the fast access to your weapons.

This gun safe is easy enough to mount. You can do it yourself if you read the manual carefully. You will get all the mounting hardware with the safe.


  • Five Point Slide Locking Bar.
  • Foam-padded tray.
  • Extremely reliable and sturdy construction.
  • Affordable price range.


  • It has no backup keys.
  • Batteries are not included.


2. V-Line Hide Away Keyless Security Safe

best hidden gun safes for home

V-Line Hide Away Security Safe is another well-rated gun safe for handguns and pistols. This highly secure gun safe has become a huge craze in recent times as it ensures that your gun will be protected no matter what happens.

You may not like how it looks. But its Metallic-Fiber finish makes this safe tremendously strong and suitable for a long journey. It has a Genuine KABA Simplex Lock that is quite secure with the push-button and knob combination and also good at providing easy access.

This gun safe has a front opening security case that is basically the reason why you will get the gun out from the case. This safe has internal anti-pry brackets. This is very much crucial for a gun safe to be protected. In that case, you will be fully satisfied with this model’s performance.

The additional strength and security it provides make this model a bit different from the rest of the security safes. We suggest using this case for keeping other personal stuff. It has a good textured powder-coated finish that is suitable for the safe and caring storage of anything. It has no warranty promises, which is a major drawback to us.


  • Long-lasting and continuous performance.
  • Suitable interior finishing.
  • Completely protected against any attack.
  • Easy accessibility.


  • Unattractive gun safe to look at.
  • No warranty offer is available.


3. Casual Home Lincoln Nightstand – Best Nightstand Hidden Safe

Review of best hidden gun safes in furniture

Casual Home Lincoln Nightstand Hidden Safe is a well-built gun safe that is perfect for complete concealment. This is a bit different from the rest of the safes. This looks like a nightstand and people can’t even imagine you can hide your gun here.

This wood finish gun safe is highly durable. As its material is wood, you don’t need to worry at all regarding its longevity. This model has a huge space of 2 drawers and a large open shelf. You can keep different precious documents and cash in the drawers.

The top compartment is actually a space where you will keep your gun. This has a magnetic locking system that is completely invisible. So if anyone wants to steal your gun, he won’t even touch your gun safe area.

This gun safe is very much responsive in providing access. You just need to place the magnet in front of the lock. The door will be unlocked automatically and this happens in less than a minute.

This gun safe has a felt-lined interior that keeps the stuff scratch-free. So, your gun will be completely protected in this safe. This good-looking and fruitful best hidden gun safe charges a very affordable price.


  • Most popular concealment piece.
  • A perfect blend of beauty and longevity.
  • Felt-lined interior for scratch-free storage.
  • Affordable price range.


  • It requires some assembly.
  • No warranty is offered.


4. Rocket Offroad RO-JP-LK1 – Best Vehicle Hidden Safe

best hidden gun safes for sale

The next member in our editor’s list is the Rocket Offroad RO-JP-LK1 Gun Safe. This is highly secure and useful stuff for the people who want to carry guns in their car. Well, this is actually a compact and portable quality gun safe that you can keep both in your house and your car.

This gun safe will fit under the driver seat. So you can get the gun whenever you want. This safe is manufactured by carbon steel materials that make this extremely durable and sturdy in nature. So, you need not buy another gun safe next year.

You might think that installing this gun safe is a complex procedure. That’s not true at all. This model has an easy installation system that makes this easily available to the users. The interior of this hidden gun safe is well-built. It has a powder-coated finish that makes it very suitable for keeping your gun away from scratches.

This gun safe has a pick-resistant along with two keys. You should keep one with you and the other in a safe place so that you can get access even if you lose a key. We found a drawback of this stuff. It doesn’t have any handles to pull out. You have to do it with the keys and it might damage the key. 


  • Easy installation process.
  • Black powder coated and pick resistant structure.
  • Backup keys are available.
  • Compact and portable quality gun safe.


  • No handle to pull.
  • It doesn’t offer a warranty.


5. GunVault Speedvault SVB500 Biometric Safe – Best Value

Reviews of best hidden gun safes for the home

GunVault Speedvault SVB500 Biometric Safe is a gun safe with the most secure biometric system. Well, this GunVault gun safe will be a bit expensive compared to the previous models as it will provide the extreme level security that a biometric gun safe does.

This gun safe is also very durable stuff with the 18 gauge steel construction. So breaking this safe is not that easy at all. It has a highly responsive biometric fingerprint scanner & activation button. You just need to touch the sensor and push the button. The gun safe will open instantly because of multiple life-saving qualities that make this different from the regular gun safe.

This gun safe allows the user to set up around 20 individual fingerprints. So you can share the access with your other family members or trustable people. If you feel any problem in using a particular finger to access, you can also change your finger repeatedly.

Let’s talk about its interior. The interior is good enough for taking care of your gun. Its protective foam li keep the gun free from any kind of harm. By any chance, if anything unexpected happens, Don’t worry at all.

This gun safe is available with a 17-year limited repair or replacement warranty. So, you can get the stuff fixed without spending a single penny. This gun safe also has two backup keys. So if you get your finger cut and can’t open the safe, you can use the keys to open the safe.


  • Two backup keys are available.
  • Sturdy and strong construction.
  • Responsive biometric fingerprint scanner.
  • 20 individual fingerprints.


  • It sounds loud while opening.
  • A bit expensive gun safe.


6. PS Concealment Clock – Best Compact Hidden Safe

Check out the best hidden gun safes in watch

PS Concealment Clock is a completely concealed option for keeping your gun secure from unauthorized access. This looks exactly like a clock. If you don’t tell anybody that it is a gun safe, they won’t even imagine that this can be a gun safe.

Well, this gun safe is a battery-operated safe that looks very beautiful. The mahogany finish of this gun safe makes it amazing to look at. As it is made of wood, this gun safe will last for a long time and you can keep other essential stuff comfortably in any places in your room in the proper concealed way.

This is actually a good place for keeping your handgun, some cash, a wallet, etc. You can place this fully functional and decorative rectangular clock on the table of the living room and use it as a regular clock as well.

This gun safe can contain multiple guns as it has a large secret stash compartment that you can use for hiding small valuables like keys, cash, jewellery, credit cards, etc. There are many gun safes that are not suitable for cash and jewellery due to the poor interior design.

Well, this model of the gun safe is perfectly good for keeping such sensitive stuff as it has a felt line that protects your belongings from damage. Well, the locking system of this gun safe could be better. It has only the magnetic lock that is not satisfactory enough to us. But if you consider the price tag, this is definitely a good pick.


  • Stylish and fully functional design.
  • Decent storage area.
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • Felt-lined interior.


  • The locking system could be better.
  • Very lightweight.


7. Disguised Diversion Safe – Best Keypad Hidden Safe

best hidden gun safes reviews and buying guide

This is very much alarming when you are leaving your gun safe in a usual place of your house. No matter how strong the gun safe, it can be broken if you give enough time to the intruder. Keeping this in mind, this particular model is made so that your gun safe remains secure even when you are leaving it in your house openly.

This is genuinely a disguised safe that looks like a box of books. If you don’t tell anyone, people won’t get to know that this is a gun safe. So, if you leave it in your house accidentally, people won’t even touch it thinking it is a gun safe.

It is extra protection that this gun safe provides along with the locking system and also the quality construction. Well, this gun safe is quite bulky in size. Nobody can carry it alone as it has a heavy alloy steel construction. At the same time, it becomes protected against any threats due to such strong and reliable mechanisms.

It has an electronic locking system that requires a passcode to unlock the device. By any chance, if you get locked out due to empty batteries, you can open the safe with the two bypass keys that you will get with the safe.


  • Tough and strong gun safe.
  • Pry-resistant steel door.
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • Disguised book safe.


  • The security system could be better.
  • Difficult to move if you need to.


8. SP Gun Concealment Mantle Clock

The best hidden gun safes bying guide

This is very good to see when you will choose a gun safe that is not gun safe, actually. This is something else to use but you will get complete security with such a thing. Well, we are talking about the SP Gun Concealment Mantle Clock.

This is truly a clock that will give you the right time and also keep your gun. This is one of the best options for proper concealment and security. Leaving the gun safe in the living is very tough until you get this gun safe.

Well, this gun safe is made of Mahogany wood that is highly durable and long-lasting. So you can use this clock for many years. Well, the locking system of this gun safe is not highly secure. This only has a magnetically latched lock system that is a bit backdated considering the recent technologies.

This gun safe is portable and compact in size and you can place it anywhere in your house. This is also considered one of the most affordable options. This gun safe can hold a full-size handgun. You can keep a Glock 17 or 4-inch barreled revolver in this gun safe comfortably.

If you want to buy it for some other purpose, you are welcome because it has a protective interior to keep stuff secure and sound.


  • Concealment and convenient storage.
  • One of the affordable options.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting.


  • The locking system is not satisfying.


9. Covert Cabinets HG-21 Hidden Gun safe

best hidden gun safes for office

Covert Cabinets HG-21 Hidden Gun safe is one of the best hidden gun safes options for concealed storage of your gun. This is basically a wall shelf that is used for keeping different stuff like flower vases, pots, etc. This genuinely looks like nothing but a shelf.

This is a wall shelf with drop-down hidden storage where you can hide your guns, accessories and other crucial documents that you want to keep concealed from people. You can keep one or two handguns in this gun safe. This gun safe is truly amazing to look at as it has a black finish.

This gun safe is not only good to look at but also effective in providing security to your staff. Well, it has one magnetic key and one magnetic lock that is highly trustable if you don’t allow anyone to get your key. The door opens automatically as it has a damper gas spring that provides a controlled opening. So you should not worry about the chances of getting scratched off your wall.

This gun safe can be used in both home or office as a decorative item and also keeping guns. This security safe is also available at a very affordable price.


  • Complete concealment and secure storage.
  • Durable and sturdy materials.
  • Good looking gun safe.
  • Reasonable price range.


  • It requires maintenance.
  • Spring can be damaged anytime.


10. Willa-Hide Hidden Gun Shelf – Best Wooden Hidden Safe

best hidden gun safes of wooden

Willa-Hide Hidden Gun Shelf is the last one on our list of best hidden gun safes. This gun safe is the right one for people who want complete concealment along with fast access. Among all the hidden gun safes, this particular model is a very reliable option as its discreet design makes it versatile enough to protect your guns.

This 30 inches long gun safe can hold at least two handguns and also some ammunition. You can use this model for keeping other precious stuff in your house, as well. This model has a locking system that requires a locking pin and magnet to open.

You can leave the key in your drawer and nobody will realize that the wooden stuff is more than it seems to be. So, you can freely keep this in your living room. You can relax about the installation process. Well, you will get all the mounting stuff with the safe and also will get a step-by-step video installation guide on the website.

In fact, you can do this yourself. You can mount it on your wall or use this as a shelf or a nightstand and get quick access to your guns. This gun safe is not much catchy to look at. Its unfinished look is another reason why you can keep them safe without letting people notice it. But it has three colour options and you can choose one as per your preferences.


  • Quick access to the guns.
  • Mounting stuff is available with the safe.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Wall mountable.


  • A bit pricey gun safe.
  • Unattractive to look at.


Buyer’s Guide

You may already know the features and qualities of the best hidden gun safes available in the market. But do you know which features are actually needed? We care for you and that’s why we have decided to add all the crucial things that affect a gun safe’s performance. You have to understand these and choose one that has the perfect qualities for your purpose.

Factors you should think about while picking a hidden gun safe:


The design of the hidden gun safes varies from one to another. There are compact size gun safes for a single revolver, wall gun safe, nightstand gun safe, car gun safe, etc. You should pick a gun safe, considering the design. If you need a gun safe for keeping only a single gun, you can get the one that is compact in size.

If you want multiple guns, ammo and other important documents in the gun safe, you should go for the big one. If you want to use the gun safe as beautiful stuff in your room, choose some tricky gun safes that look like different household stuff like clocks, etc.

Interior Dimensions

Interior dimension is another essential factor that you should check before getting a gun safe. As we said, all people don’t buy a gun safe for keeping a single gun. There are many people who need more space to store other stuff with guns. If you are one of them, get a hidden gun safe that has enough interior space along with a reliable security system. Otherwise, your investment won’t be fruitful at all. So, get one that can contain all your stuff comfortably.

Construction Materials

When you are spending money on a gun safe, you may not want to buy a gun safe soon. So, it should be durable and long-lasting. The durability of the gun safe depends on the construction materials a lot. If the gun safe has good quality materials, it will last longer.

If it doesn’t have good quality housing material, it will be damaged very soon and you have to spend money again for a gun safe. So, consider the housing materials before making a decision.

Type of Lock

Hidden security safe is only for the security of your guns and that’s the reason why the gun safe should have good quality and reliable locking system. You should do a proper query before picking a gun safe. There are different types of locking options, including biometric lock, electronic lock, keys, etc. You should choose one considering the security factor and also the budget because a highly secure gun safe will be a bit expensive.

Quick Access

Keeping your gun is not the only motive for buying a gun safe. The safe should be good enough in providing access to the safe as soon as possible in an emergency situation. If some bad people attack you and you won’t get the gun out from the safe, you can imagine what will happen then. So, the gun safe you will choose should be good enough in providing access fast.

Why you should have a hidden gun safe at your home, vehicle or office?

People have many precious things in their house that they can’t leave in an open place. If you have guns in your house, guns, ammo and other accessories are a few of those things. In fact, your birth certificate, passport, cash, legal papers, etc., are quite sensitive items that you need to keep very carefully.

Jewellery is very costly and small in size. So theft can carry it very easily from your house. To keep all these valuable things safe and secure, you have no other better options except a hidden gun safe. Hidden gun safe is of different shapes and design. You will get hidden safe as a decorative item or shelf or mirror, etc.

So, this is very easy to keep your items safe as people won’t even imagine where you kept the items. You can keep the hidden gun safe in any places nearby you, like house, office, vehicles, etc. It will provide the proper concealment and also make your interior good to see.

This is actually multifunctional stuff that is extremely good in its own job. However, you can also use the hidden gun safe in your car. In fact, there are lots of hidden gun safes that are specially made for use in the car. You can keep your wallet, mobile, charging cables, etc., in the vehicle hidden safe when you are at your work or shopping.

The Advantages of Hidden Gun Safes

Hidden gun safes have maximum advantages over any other gun safes. No matter how strong your gun safe is, this can be broken if the robber has the right tool and enough time. So it’s better to keep your gun safe in a concealed way so that it can’t be even noticed. A hidden gun safe is the best for the following reasons.

Discretion Is the Better Part of Valor

Sometimes, discretion is better than brutish. A large size gun safe is not capable of keeping your items secure. The main reason is the failure in providing the proper concealment. As we said before, anyone can break your metal gun safe if they find your safe and have proper tools with enough time.

In this case, a hidden gun safe is far better than others. In fact, in many places, you won’t even be able to use the big gun safe due to the weight restrictions. For those places, a hidden gun safe is the best option to choose.

Easy to Reach to the Intruder

Suppose you are having tea sitting beside the corner table and suddenly an outsider kicks into your house. If the corner is a gun safe, you can get the gun immediately to respond with extreme prejudice. Most of the hidden gun safes are distinguished from regular household items.

So, you can keep it anywhere like the normal stuff you keep in your house and get the gun in your hands within a second. So if you have enough budget, get ready to resist the intruder.

Losing One Isn’t Losing All

Having multiple hidden gun safes in your house always increases the chances of getting the guns in your hands. Suppose you have a hidden gun safe in your living room and you are attacked by the intruder in your bedroom. You can’t get the gun at all.

So, try to get multiple gun safes in different places of the house so that you have maximum chances of getting the gun. Many people think that keeping multiple gun safe increases the chance for the intruder to get the gun. But we think keeping all the firearms in different safes is better than keeping a single gun safe.

Rules to Using Hidden Gun Safes

Shut Up! When you are keeping a hidden gun safe in your house, it should be properly hidden and completely unaware to people. A gun safe in the tea table is definitely cool stuff. So, if you tell your friends about the safe, they will definitely gossip about it and your guns won’t be hidden anymore.

Is it Really Hidden? The gun safe you have should be completely hidden. Suppose you have a gun safe that looks like a clock or a functional nightstand. You think this gun safe is completely hidden in the disguise of household stuff. But if the gun safe is too bulky and awkward compared to a real nightstand or clock, things will be suspicious and you may face complexity for this.

Sterilize It:

Before buying a gun safe, always notice whether the gun has the manufacturer’s logo or not. When you are buying a hidden gun safe with the manufacturer’s logo like Bob’s Concealment Safes, this a direct hint for the intruder that the stuff is not a gun safe at all. So, keep in mind that the gun safe has a logo related to guns or the word ‘tactical’.

Don’t Just Store a Gun:

Keeping a bare gun in the gun safe is not beneficial at all. You should also keep ammunition and magazines in the gun safe. These are the things you need most in emergency situations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How to fight with the excess moisture in my gun safe?

You can keep your gun safe moisture-free in some ways. First, you should place the gun safe carefully. Don’t place the gun safe in the basement because the humidity level is higher in the basement.

There are different kinds of dehumidifiers available. You can use one of them to keep the inside of your gun safe. You should do this if you have a large size gun safe. But if you have a compact and small size gun safe, you should get silica gel as it absorbs the moisturizer. This is very cheap and you can buy a bulk amount of it.

Q: What if I forget the access code?

There are lots of gun safes that have backup keys with them to unlock the safes if you forget the access code. Some models are available with a changing key that allows you to open the safe and also change the passcode. If you forget your access code by any chance, you can change the code using this key. But if you don’t have any of these options, call a locksmith and get your problem fixed.

Q: Which model offers the quickest access?

Among all the best hidden gun safes models, PS Products Ps Concealment Clock is the one that will offer the quickest access. You don’t need to use any keys or access code. You just need to pull the door open if you need the gun. The door will automatically lock due to the magnet. It also has a locking system behind it. If you want extra security, you can use that too.


A hidden gun safe is probably the best option for people who want to keep their precious stuff away from the intruder and their kids. It ensures the safety and safe storage of the gun. You have to select the one that will serve you the best. In that sense, this article will be the most helpful thing you will ever get. So, check out the complete article and apply the knowledge in buying the best hidden gun safe.

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