8 Best Mesa Gun Safes [2021] – Features & Other Information

Mesa is a renowned gun safe manufacturing brand that is quite famous for crafting quality gun safes. From the long-range gun safe to a compact size gun safe, Mesa produces every type of gun safe and with better quality. With maximum security, it will take care of your weapons and other valuable stuff.

So, having one of the best Mesa gun safes is really good for the security of your stuff. Now, it’s a matter of thought about which one you should choose.

Mesa already produced a number of best gun safes and they are adding more day by day. These are of different types, shapes and designs. So, it is very confusing to choose one from the huge collections.

To get the most effective one, you should know everything regarding this brand and its members. It is really hard to find detailed information about Mesa on one platform and this is why we are here.

You will get all those things here that you really need to consider and know before judging a gun safe from Mesa. So, make a tour in the following article to know about Mesa.

 Best Mesa Gun Safes 2021-  Detailed reviews!

Check out the following gun safes that are top-rated from Mesa:

#1 – MBF5922E Gun Safe

top rated mesa gunsafes reviews

MBF5922E Gun Safe is one of our most recommended Mesa gun safes in recent times. This gun safe is for you if you don’t have a plan to enhance your rifle collection right now. Because this safe allows up to 20 rifles to store.

So, what does this safe make so attractive? There are a few reasons, actually. First, the interior of this safe will impress any regular gun safe user who has a good sense of safe. The fully upholstered safe with an all-steel structure is about the safest place for your weapons.

The most impressive thing about its interior is its auto humidity adjusting capacity. Your rifle’s safety depends a lot on the humidity level of safe and this particular model is doing a great deal with that.

Apart from this, the fire rating is pretty good so far. It can withstand at 1750 degrees Fahrenheit up to one hour, which makes this safe a step ahead.

Another fun fact of this safe is its self-controlling interior light. You can conveniently use the safe even when the light in your room is switched off.

Anyways, the construction quality is not so far behind. Its 1 ½ inch thick all-body still housing is too good to resist any kind of attack, whether it is a drill or hammer attack.

Last but not least, the security of this gun safe. It has a very reliable digital electronic locking system that ensures that your weapons or valuables remain the same in the way that they always should be.


  • Strong manufacturing materials
  • Digital locking mechanism
  • Amazing fire-resistant capacity
  • Enough interior space
  • Available plugs and USB ports inside


  • Battery installation is quite messy
  • A bit confusing anchor kit instructions

#2 – MBF6032E Mesa Safe

buy best mesa gunsafes

MBF6032E Mesa Safe is a heavy, solid and roomy safe that is more popular with gun collectors and also hunters. This safe has a huge interior with 30 rifles capacity and this single safe is enough for holding your whole rifle collection.

With the strong still-made body and amazing build quality, this safe is good at ensuring secure storage of rifles. Its 1 ½ inches thick wall is all about its strength and robustness.

You will be glad to know that its interior is fully upholstered. So your rifles won’t get scratches no matter how long you keep the rifles inside.

It comes with an impressive digital locking mechanism that allows the user to open the safe conveniently. The most exciting thing to me is its backup keys that make sure that you won’t be locked out ever. These spare keys are like a life-saver when sometimes you forget the code.

I just loved the removable shelves it has inside. You can remove or add them whenever you want to get your required storage. This safe is specially built with four 1-inch diameters solid steel live locking bolts. This makes the safe even more secure against burglary and also drill attacks.

Well, let’s see how fire-resistant it is. This gun safe has a good reputation as fire-resistant. It protects the storage from 1750 degrees temperature up to an hour, unlike many Mesa gun safes.


  • Robust quality construction
  • High-quality locking system
  • Effective interior with enough space
  • Impressive fire rating
  • Backup keys


  • Interior carpet glueing is poor
  • A highly expensive gun safe

#3 – MBF3820E Mesa Safe

Mesa gun safes reviews & buying guide

MBF3820E Mesa Safe is a renowned model of Mesa Safe Company with significant features that shows the company’s attention to quality. From its building mechanism to outstanding protection, this safe actually has some mentionable qualities.

When it’s about the physical appearance, it is pretty cool to see and so is the strength. Its body is made of steel that focuses on high security and long-term performance. Along with this, the heavy-duty hinges and tough steel deadbolts work to make this safe even more secure for protecting your valuable possessions.

MBF3820E safe has an electronic locking system that is controlled by a digital keypad. This 9V Battery keypad has an automatic lockout penalty in case of multiple wrong attempts. It comes with an override key to open the safe if the batteries die.

Well, this particular Mesa model has a good reputation as a firefighter. It sounds funny. But actually, it protects your belongings inside for two hours against a high temperature and that is huge! Mesa has done a fantastic job with this safe with amazing interior facilities.

The storage space and shelving units are too good to organize your stuff in the right manner. The best part to me is its customizable two shelves that you can use accordingly.

This safe has an electrical socket and 2 USB Ports inside in case of a technical malfunction with the power supply. Overall, this safe is best-budget and full of good things that people dreamt of having.


  • Strong and reliable steel construction
  • 1-year parts and labour warranty
  • Enough interior space
  • Reliable security system


  • Tough to install due to heavyweight

#4 – MAWS2113E Mesa Safe

Mesa Electronic wall safe

Looking for a Mesa wall safe? You just got the perfect one. MAWS2113E safe has a good reputation on the market as secure and hassle-free stuff.

This safe is designed especially keeping the first-time users in mind who might face difficulty running a safe full of ambiguity. Yet, this is a pro-quality Mesa safe and its quality just proves that.

Let’s take a glance at its physical appearance.

MAWS2113E Mesa Safe is a compact design and heavyweight stuff. It is truly strong and robust due to its all-steel structure. It comes with two adjustable shelves inside and you can adjust the space. You can install the safe very comfortably as it comes with pre-drilled holes that help tremendously in mounting the safe.

This battery-operated Mesa Safe allows you to organize your valuables in a fine way. Now, how secure is this safe? Definitely, it is the safest place for stashing your stuff.

It has an electronic keypad to unlock the safe and also an override key for the emergency entrance. It also has the lockout mode that keeps the burglary locked out after entering the wrong passcode a few times.

Apart from this, we are quite satisfied with its fire-resistant capability. The only disappointing thing about this safe is that it is not 100% waterproof. But you will manage to do your job as it will be mounted on the wall. Besides, it will allow you to use it in darkness as it has interior lights. 


  • Advanced electronic locking system
  • Durable 18-gauge steel construction
  • Easy and hassle-free installation
  • Conveniently arranged shelves


  • No warranty is offered
  • Poor waterproofness

#5 – Mesa MBF7236e Gun Safe

top rated mesa electronic gun safe

If you are looking for a Mesa safe for your huge collection of rifles, more than 30, we would like to suggest this MBF7236e Gun Safe.

This 22.9 cubic foot gun safe is huge and sturdy enough to make sure that your valuables are secure, no matter what. Its digital locking mechanism and robust construction are doing a promising job to keep your belongings secure than ever.

Like all other Mesa gun safes, this particular model also has override keys. If you forget the code or can’t open the safe due to dead batteries, you don’t need to worry for a second. Just use the key in and you are in.

Let’s see how the interior is! Well, the whole interior has amazing removable shelves and you can accommodate rifles as you want. It has three compartments inside. So, arranging your cash, jewellery box, papers, ammos, etc., is easy and simple now.

The interior is fully carpeted and also has a USB port inside. You can plug in a dehumidifier inside if necessary. It has a satisfying fire rating of 1 hour at a temperature of 1760 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides, it can resist water to protect the belongings. So, you don’t need to worry thinking about your rifle’s safety. This safe will get its job done.

The only drawback we found of this safe is its heaviness. Being heavy is a good feature for a safe. But this extremely heavyweight safe might create problems while mounting. Apart from this, this Mesa safe is full of good luck for the hardcore gun collectors.


  • Maximum protection of the stuff
  • Impressive fire protection
  • A limited lifetime warranty
  • Enough interior space
  • Available drawback keys


  • Quite heavy
  • Installation can be problematic due to heaviness

#6 – MBF3820E Mesa Safe

best electronic lock mesa gun safe

Next on our top list is the MBF3820E Mesa Safe that is undoubtedly a strong unit of security right now. With mesmerizing features and qualities, this safe is packed with all the good things that can result in the best. So, what makes this safe so special?

Well, first, this quality-constructed safe is made of high-end thick steel that is genuinely the hardest thing you may ever get to your gun safe.

This is durable, reliable, drill-resistant, pry-resistant, and secure against anything you would think about. Additionally, it has electronic locking, deadbolts and hinges that make this thing more secure than ever.

However, it has a fabulous capability to fight against fire. It can fight for up to 2 hours in high heat and this could be the highest fire-resistant capacity in the market right now.

This trendy safe is also well-known for its ruggedness and plenty of space inside for storing your weapons and other valuables.

You will surely be happy to know how effective this safe is when it’s about customizing the interior according to your preferences. You can arrange the shelves considering the size of the weapons and other stuff. I

t also has three electrical sockets, 2 USB ports and also a power source cord which is undoubtedly a plus point for this one. Customers are happy with its competitive price along with the one-year limited warranty.


  • Satisfying fire rating
  • Enough space for weapons and additional gears
  • Amazing electronic locking system
  • Strong gun safe housing
  • Customizable safe


  • Batteries require an extra amount

#7 – Mesa MFL3020EE Gun Safe

Reviews of best mesa gun safes

MFL3020EE from the Mesa series is another spectacular and productive gun safe. Don’t be a fool by its size. This might be a small and compact size gun safe. But its performance is mesmerizing, unlike many well-known brands.

In fact, this is the perfect office safe and for personal uses in your house. Having this safe in your house is nothing less than getting a super-secure space for keeping your weapon and other valuables.

This particular model from Mesa has something amazing with the combination of its lock. This safe allows you to set five combinations so that you can share the access with the person to whom you believe the most.

It can be your spouse or any other family members who might need to use the safe. Its impressive housing structure and robustness make it secure against any kind of burglars or criminals.

Now, let’s see how its interior looks. Well, we admit that you won’t get lots of space inside. But you can comfortably keep one to two handguns along with some ammo and other stuff.

Besides, the entire interior is carpeted just to make sure that your weapons will always be scratch-free. But there will be no light inside that might be a major problem at night time.

As we already said, this Mesa safe has a trustable electronic digital locking system that is operated by a battery. So, you don’t need to take stress even if the electricity is off for days.


  • Very secure against fire
  • Separate effective locking system
  • A well-organized gun safe
  • Up to five user codes
  • Ideal for personal use


  • No interior light
  • Limited space and small size

#8 – Mbf1512c Mesa Safe

mesa gun safes reviews

Here is the last but not the least- Mbf1512c Mesa Safe. This particular safe is one of the best mid-security safes you may ever find under $500.

With its high strength and quality, Mesa is always proud of this model. It has a strong and heavy structure of long-lasting steel materials. It makes the safe solid and roomy, like most of the Mesa safe.

Moreover, its 139-pounds weight requires more than one person to carry. So, the intruder won’t be able to steal it easily. From the casual gun collector to the hunter, this one is a favourite to all due to its exciting features.

Its security system is pretty impressive. It has a secure mechanical locking system to ensure proper security. But what impressed me more is its fire-resisting ability.

It has upholstered shelves, walls, and doors that are suitable for working against fire. The fire rating is 2 hours at 1830-degrees Fahrenheit.

This model has a very impressive ability to control the humidity. We all know that the safe should have an accurate humidity level for keeping the weapons in good condition and you will get the same thing with this model. So, there is no risk of getting the weapons damaged.

Let’s see how its interior is! Fortunately, there is light inside the safe so that you can look inside clearly even at night time. Besides, you will get customizable shelves inside. You can remove the shelf whenever you want to make space in the way you want.


  • A well-developed gun safe
  • High-quality mechanical padlocks
  • Drill resistant hard exterior
  • Customizable interior
  • Auto humidity-adjusting capacity



Buyer’s Guide

You already know the characteristics of some top gun safes from Mesa. But how can you select one for yourself? It must be difficult to select until you find us.

You will get some factors below that we have added to help you to judge which one is good for you. You should consider before making your decision.

#The following things you should not ignore while choosing the best Mesa gun safe:

  • Materials

Materials of the Mesa gun safe is very crucial. The quality of the gun safe actually depends on materials quality. So, you have no alternatives to getting a gun safe that is constructed with top-quality materials.

If you need suggestions, we can tell you to take a gun safe that is built with gauge steel and sturdy aluminium. These construction materials truly make the gun safe, robust and stronger. So, try to get such a gun safe.

  • Security

You should take a gun safe that is extremely secure to keep your stuff safe. Security is the major purpose of why you are spending money to get a gun safe.

Always try to get a gun safe that has high-quality protection. You may choose one with a biometric scanning system or an electronic locking mechanism.

These are our priorities. But, if you want one with a cheap budget and security is not a big issue for you, you can take one with the key locking system.

  • Fire Protection

It’s very important to keep your things safe from fire and your gun safe should have the capacity of saving stuff from fire. Don’t forget to judge the fire rating of the gun safe that you want to buy.

If you get the fire rating satisfying, you can definitely go for it. If not, you should look forward to something else. This is not a wise decision to compromise with the fire rating.

So, take one that is highly capable of providing a safeguard against fire.

  • Size

Size also matters in the case of selecting gun safes. Mesa produces different gun safes of different sizes. You should take care of that. Always try to get the gun safe that is available with high storage space.

It is not wise to get a gun safe that won’t allow you to keep more stuff along with the weapons. Find the one that is eligible for keeping more valuable items like passports, expensive ornaments, cash, etc.

  • Versatility

This is also a crucial factor while selecting the best Mesa gun safes. You should purchase a gun safe that is suitable in different ways. This is especially for compact size gun safes.

The gun safe should be compact and portable enough so that you can carry it in any place. It should be accessible so that you can get the response as soon as possible in any emergency condition.

So, you have no alternative to getting a versatile gun safe.


A Mesa gun safe is one of those companies that provides quality gun safes. You just need to find out the one that will suit you the most and there are no alternatives to getting the best Mesa gun safes for that. So, relax to check it out and find out the best possible gun safe with the best quality. Best of luck to you!

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