6 Best Big Bore Air Rifles [2021] – Reviewed & Revealed

When it’s about air rifles, big bore air rifles are one of the most effective and best-performing rifles. This air rifle is good enough for using different fields. This is suitable for use in the hunting and the shooting yard for practicing, as well. You also can use it for pest controlling in your garden. This is a multi-purpose rifle and is capable of performing equally well in every field. So, if you are looking for an air rifle that is charming and exciting to use, you should take a big bore air rifle. But, like other air rifles, big bore air rifles are not from only one brand. You will get so many models in the shop and they are from different brands.

So, this must be confusing to choose one rifle from the huge numbers. You can’t do it if you have no knowledge regarding this rifle and its features. There are thousands of people who are like you and they need help to get a proper and effective big bore air rifle within a suitable budget. So, we decide to do proper research and make a proper guideline with some reviews of the top rifles in the market. If you are facing a problem to choose one, you can check our writing below.

Best Big Bore Air Rifles 2021 – Detailed Reviews!

Some big bore air rifles with their crucial features are as follows:

#1 – Hatsan Hercules Air Rifle



Hatsan Hercules Air Rifle reviews



Hatsan Hercules Air Rifle is the first big bore air rifle on our list. This air rifle is extremely powerful and capable of acting with great versatility. This air rifle is constructed with high-quality metal that makes it extremely robust in nature and one of the most reliable rifles. If you want the big bore air rifles for all purposes, you can choose this one freely. The maximum velocity of this rifle is 930 FPS and the maximum energy is 156 ft. This air rifle has a repeater with a 9-shot rotary magazine that is highly effective for the continuous performance of the air rifle. It also has dual 500cc air tanks.

The size of this rifle is suitable for comfort. Its dimension is around 51 x 11 x 5 inches. The weight of this rifle is almost 13 pounds. This rifle is suitable enough for long time uses. It also offers more than a few shots at a time. You will get the opportunity to fire multiple times at a single time. It will allow you to fire 15 powerful shots in .45 caliber. This PCP rifle is available in 6 different calibers. You can choose one considering your requirements. But, it won’t offer any warranty at all.


  • Extremely powerful rifle
  • Long-Lasting and robust quality
  • Multiple shots with great power
  • Price is reasonable


  • It is a heavy air rifle
  • No warranty will be offered

Our Verdict:

Hatsan Hercules Air Rifle is one of the best big bore air rifles that is extremely suitable for any kind of adventure. This rifle is reliable for shooting competition and even for hunting. Its impressive velocity ensures an accurate shoot within a minimum time. Comparing the features, we wouldn’t be surprised if this one would be expensive. But, surprisingly, this is quite reasonable. But, you have to use a sling for it as it is quite heavy.


#2 – Seneca Big Bore 44 909 Air Rifle


big bore air rifle for sale



Seneca is a well-known brand of air rifles and Big Bore 44 909 is a good one with amazing qualities. This air rifle is quite impressive due to its looking. This bolt-action rifle ensures accuracy and enhances the chances of being successful. It can shoot .45 caliber up to 730 FPS that is very good compared to other rifles. It has dual air chambers, as well. This big bore air rifle is quite lightweight. Its weight is around 4.76 Pounds that is quite suitable for easy carrying. The total air capacity is 500cc. Moreover, the maximum fill pressure is 3,000 psi.

This big bore air rifle has two power levels. Among these, the first bolt stop is low powered and the second one is highly powered. This is a single-shot rifle that is a drawback, we think. With the adjustable and removable rear sight, you can get the visual presentation of the target area very easily. Besides, it has an 11mm scope rail. This rifle is quite louder while firing. This rifle is one of the most highly-budget big-bore rifles on our list.


  • Effective dual air chambers
  • Amazing air capacity for maximum pressure
  • Quite suitable for easy carrying
  • Adjustable and removable rear sight


  • One of the most expensive rifles
  • Single shot rifle

Our Verdict:

Seneca Big Bore 44 909 Air Rifle is for those people who want big bore air rifles with high quality for serious hunting adventures and shooting competition and even with a high price tag. This one is very reliable for long-term uses as it is suitable enough to carry due to its lightweight. Moreover, the maximum velocity is very impressive and makes the rifle capable of hitting the target with great accuracy. So, if you have enough amount, you can definitely get this one.


#3 – AirForce Texan Big Bore Rifle



big bore air rifle deer hunting



AirForce Texan Big Bore Rifle is a famous name when it’s about the big bore. This is extremely suitable for long-range shooting. So, if you are looking for something for your hunting adventure with a long-term vision, you can definitely buy this one. This rifle is very robust and sturdy in nature. It will last for years freely as it is constructed with high-quality string plastic materials that make it lightweight and easy-to-carry at the same time. Its weight is 4.38 pounds, that is easily carryable.

This rifle is a single-shot rifle. So, you have to be alert if you go hunting with it. It has a barrel with a 2-stage trigger. It also has a trigger-pull automatic grip that is already secured with a textured body. This rifle also has a pressure-relief device that helps to reduce the pressure within a very short time. The maximum fill pressure is 3000 psi. The adjustable power extended optics rail is also very effective while performing in a versatile way. This big bore air rifle is made in the USA. But, it does not include any scope, rings and bipod. So, you have to send it separately.


  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry
  • Adjustable power extended optics rail
  • Effective pressure-relief device
  • Robust and sturdy housing materials


  • No supporting gears are provided with it
  • A single-shot rifle

Our Verdict:

AirForce Texan Rifle is the best big bore air rifles option for long-range shooting. This air rifle is super-durable and promised to serve for a long time. With the ultimate velocity and the effective gas cylinder, this one can make sure the perfect hit to the target and that’s why many professional shooting players prefer this rifle. Its price is not very high. But, you have to spend money on other supporting gears that you won’t get with it. Otherwise, this is a good one, we think.


#4 – Hatsan BT Big Bore Rifle


big bore air rifles reviews


If you want a big bore air rifle for small hunting game, Hatsan BT Big Bore Rifle is the best option. This is good for small game hunting and plinking. This rifle is very much strong and durable. With reliable building materials, this rifle will last for many years, undoubtedly. You can use the 0.357 caliber in this rifle that is not much power to run in a distant place. But, it is strong and tough to make powerful hits to the close target. You will get 12 shots per load. The velocity of this rifle is 730m/s.

This is a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) rifle. The mag capacity is 6. This air rifle is quite heavy and its weight is 9.3o pounds. So, you may feel uncomfortable carrying it without a sling. This is not a single shot rifle. The repeater fire mode of this big-bore is simply amazing. This is available with a one-year warranty. This modern design and bolt-action rifle have a gold plated trigger blade that gives a royal look to the rifle. The price of this big bore is a bit high. Besides, this is not a fully-silent rifle.


  • Good for small game hunting
  • Amazing repeater fire mode
  • A one-year warranty
  • Modern design and bolt-action


  • A heavy and bulky air rifle
  • It is not a fully-silent rifle

Our Verdict:

Hatsan BT Big Bore Rifle is another well-rated and one of the best big bore air rifles with all the qualities that are suitable for the professional shooters for their small outdoor activities. This rifle is enriched with amazing features with a great deal of money. With the warranty, this rifle is secured enough for saving your money. Though it is a bit bulky, you won’t feel bad if you use a sling with it. Otherwise, this is definitely a good one to buy.


#5 – Evanix Sniper X2 Air Rifle


Evanix Sniper X2 Air Rifle reviews



Evanix Sniper X2 Air Rifle is a perfect duo with the .45 caliber. This air rifle is very much strong and long-lasting. It’s quality materials are responsible for this durability. The magazine capacity of this air rifle is 6rds. It has a 480cc composite cylinder that is capable of creating enough pressure that is needed for a powerful shot. This rifle is the perfect blend of beauty, functionality and accuracy. This rifle is manufactured with a PCP power plant that makes it more versatile in nature.

The grip of this best big bore air rifles is very convenient to hold tight because it has a pistol grip texture. So, you can easily hold the rifle. This rifle is quite lightweight. Its weight is 8lbs. So, you can carry it very well. Sometimes, you can use it effectively even without the sling. This rifle is available with some additional stuff including scopes, carrying bags, etc. So, you can save your money by buying this all in one package. It also offers more than a few shots at a time. You will get the opportunity to fire multiple times at a single time.


  • Texture-grip handle
  • Easy to access and comfortable to use
  • Amazing magazine capacity
  • Affordable price range


  • It has a cockling handle
  • It has no silencer

Our Verdict:

Evanix Sniper X2 Air Rifle is the one that is powerful enough for long-distance shooting. Its integrity and quality performance can satisfy any person. Moreover, this big-bore air rifle is available at a great price with several life-saving qualities. This rifle is not one of the silent rifles. But, every shot of this rifle is strong enough. You can freely buy his rifle.


#6  – Big Bore Gamo TC45 Air Rifle


big bore air rifle hunting


Big Bore Gamo TC45 Air Rifle is the last one on our list with several amazing features. This rifle is good enough for making your day in the hunting ground and even in the shooting ground. This is a single shot rifle for maximum ammo flexibility. This rifle is made with the latest technology and people who want a professional type air rifle can freely buy this one. This rifle is quite durable and with all the reliable materials, this air rifle is capable of providing services for years.

The integrated noise dampening system of this air rifle is quite impressive. It also has an adjustable 2-stage trigger and the tactical rail system that helps a lot while mounting optics. This bolt action big bore air rifle is available with a one year warranty. This rifle is quite lightweight. You can easily carry this rifle and fire comfortably. Its weight is around 8 pounds. This compact size rifle is very easy to carry. It also has an anti-noise technology that is very effective to control the noise.


  • Maximum powerful shoots
  • It has anti-noise technology
  • Compact size rifle
  • Adjustable 2-stage trigger


  • The handle is not coated with rubber
  • An expensive air rifle

Our Verdict:

Big Bore Gamo TC45 Air Rifle is very effective in hitting the target. With several good qualities, this air rifle is one of the best options for professional shooters. This rifle is very convenient while carrying and you won’t feel annoyed by it. Besides, it has noise reduction technology that will help you to shoot without polluting the environment. But, this rifle requires a large amount to buy. Otherwise, this is a good one, indeed.


Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the quality big bore air rifles is quite tricky. You may need proper guidelines to pick one. Without considering the performance-affecting factors, you won’t be able to know elaborately about the big bore. Here a proper and complete guideline is provided full of authentic information. Check it out.

#The things you should never ignore judging while buying the best big bore air rifles:

  • Purpose

The big bore air rifle is available with diverse features. You have to think about your purpose of buying a big bore. A big bore rifle can be used for different purposes. If you want a rifle for multiple uses, you should take one of good quality. Some people want a big bore only for pest control. In that case, you can take a simple type of rifle. If you want to use it in a versatile way, you should go for the best one.

  • Shooting distance

You should also consider the shooting distance while choosing a big bore air rifle. Not all rifles are of the same power. The more powerful the rifle is, the more distant place it will reach. If you want one for a short distance shooting, you can take a less powerful big bore. On the other hand, if you want a rifle for performing in a long-distance shooting range, you have to take powerful rifles, for sure.

  • Caliber

Caliber has a great impact on the performance of the rifles. The type of caliber affects the distance the rifle can cover with a shoot. You will find three types of caliber in the gun shop, including .20, .22, .177 caliber. Among these, the .177 caliber is the most-used and common caliber. It allows the rifle to cover a long distance place as it is light in weight and the physical appearance is also quite good. So, try to get a rifle that will allow you to use the .177 caliber.

  • Supporting accessories

Before buying a big bore, you should check out that the rifle will allow you to use enough accessories or not. There are many rifles that don’t allow the user to use several supporting tools. For these reasons, many people face different problems after purchasing the rifle. You should choose one that will allow you to use any kind of accessories, including scopes.

  • Warranty

Big bore is quite expensive to buy. You have to make your pockets cost while buying the big bore air rifles. So, try not to spend money after purchasing if any error occurs. That’s why you should look forward to a rifle that is available with a warranty. If you are lucky enough, your rifle will run smoothly. If not, you can fix the error without paying a penny if you already have warranty offers. So, try to grad warranty offers.


The above products we mentioned are the market-winning best big bore air rifles that you can freely buy. To choose one from several good rifles, you can follow the guidelines we have added. Hopefully, you will get a better one that will allow you to experience the accurate aim in the shooting ground and even in the hunting ground.

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