Where To Hide a Gun In Your Bedroom

Keeping a gun in your house is a very common incident in today’s world. There are lots of security issues that require you to have a gun in your house. But buying a gun is not all you need to do to ensure your security. You have to store it sincerely to keep the gun away from people. Well, keeping a gun in your house, especially in your bedroom, in the right way is very crucial. Suppose you have a gun in your bedroom that you keep on your table and your kids pull the trigger by mistake while playing. You can guess what the consequence will be.

So, you have to follow some rules to make your gun completely secure in your bedroom. The following things you should know when you need to hide a gun in your bedroom.

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Where To Hide a Gun in Your Bedroom

Mounting a gun on the headboard

A headboard gun holster is a reliable way of keeping your gun and other essential documents concealed. A bedside headboard is getting popular recently as it provides easy accessibility. The headboard is tough and reliable enough that keeps your guns secure, unlike many holsters.

Though it is quite bulky and big, we are getting this as a positive side because it makes it a problem to open the headboard open without authorization. This is quite expensive to get a headboard holster. But we think this is a profitable investment that will result in time.

Hide your gun by the side of the bedside table

When you are hiding your gun, you should keep in mind that you have to hide the gun in the way so that you can get it easily if necessary. In that sense, a bedside table is a perfect place to hide your gun. Outsiders and also your kids may not be able to open the bedside table very easily and can’t get your guns.

Besides, you can get the gun out whenever you need it in an emergency, even in the nighttime. So, keeping your guns hidden on a bedside table is definitely a good idea.

You can mount your gun underneath the bedside table

This is something similar to the bedside table. The only difference is that the underneath bedside table is attached to the bed so that the table can’t be moved easily. So, your gun remains concealed in any situation. This storing idea is definitely good for keeping guns safe and  This is a good way of hiding your gun as the table remains close to your hands all the time.

Stealth nightstand

Nowadays, almost every person keeps a nightstand beside the bed to keep precious and all-time necessary items to ensure security and also get access to the stuff very easily. This is one of the simplest ways of keeping your guns secured. If you have a new stealth nightstand, you can get your guns quickly in case of any emergencies.

A nightstand is good not only because of the concealment. This stuff has a highly secure system. So you don’t need to be tensed about the gun’s security. Your bedside nightstand is the perfect and secret gun compartment.

Hide your gun against the inside frame of the bed

Well, if you feel that you need proper and complete concealment of your gun, you have a great option of hiding your gun in the inside frame of the bed. The frame of your bed is a place that you can’t even imagine searching for guns. So if any bad people or robber attack you and search for the gun, they won’t find the gun at all. So, try to make the facilities of keeping the gun inside the bed while making the bed.

Mirror gun safe

Mirror gun safe is quite different from regular gun safes. This is suggested for the people who prefer proper concealment of the gun. This stuff completely looks like a mirror having several compartments inside and also a secure locking system. You can open the safe by unlocking it and pushing the sliding door aside.

Every people has a dressing table and mirror in his/her bedroom. If you convert your mirror and dressing table into a gun safe, you will get the best result so far. This is not a costly way of hiding your gun at all. You just need to spend the money that you normally do to get a new mirror for your room.

Mount the firearm behind the bedside table

Sometimes, it is not good enough to keep the gun on the bedside table. This happens especially for your house members. In this case, you should make the way of keeping the gun behind the bedside table. In this case, your kids won’t be able to find out where you kept the gun. Not only the guns, but you can also keep other documents there securely.

Final thoughts

Keeping your guns in the bedroom is very much crucial. You have the gun definitely for saving your life and also of your family members. So, this is your duty to make sure that your gun doesn’t become a threat to your life. You can keep your guns securely following the instruction that we have suggested above.

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