Things That You Must Know Before Buying a Safe

Getting the best gun safe is not an easy task at all. It can take time to select a gun safe and then your decision can be wrong as well. Having a gun safe in your house or office is quite natural in the USA and in many states, it’s the rule. So, this is pretty crucial to have a clear concept about the effective and useful way of finding a fruitful gun safe. In that sense, we have spent much time on it and finally found some issues. Some of the things that normal people don’t consider while buying a safe and that’s the reason why people get the wrong one. So, never ignore the following things while getting a gun safe. 

1. Different Size of Safe

Well, size actually matters in the case of the gun safe. Gun safes are found in different sizes and shapes. Each one is designed for specific purposes. So, you must consider its size. If you are not a regular shooter or a hunter and use only a pistol or revolver, you shouldn’t spend huge money on getting a bulky and large gun safe. But, if you are a shooting player and have more than a couple of guns, you have to buy the large one. If you want gun safes for your car, then you have to choose the gun safe size in other ways. We always said that bigger is not better every time. Sometimes the smaller one can give better results.

2. All Gun Safes Are Not Same

Gun safes are not only different for their sizes. There are so many features that vary in different gun safes. Gun safes are different based on their styles, shapes and even construction materials. So, quality also varies. There are several gun safes that are made of strong metal that will support life long. At the same time, you will find some gun safes that are made of hard plastic. These are strong but not reliable like the metal housing. Like these, there are also various things that make huge differences between gun safes. You must have to consider these issues when you go to a shop for getting a gun safe.

3. Security Rating

Security rating has a crucial impact on the performance of the gun safe. The security rating is the data-driven, objective, and dynamic information regarding different levels of security. Normally, different people come to us and ask how secure a gun safe is for them. Well, security rating describes the safety levels at a glance. You should know about it before making a purchase because it will help you to know about different levels of protection. There is also a crucial reason why you should know this. Normally, after getting a gun, you have to issue insurance against it. Now, the security rating plays as a safeguard while determining the insurance amount and premium. The higher the security rating, the better for you. But, you should know that there are some brands that won’t provide the protection as they indicated in the rating list.

4. Uses of Hidden Safe or Wall Safe

Among all kinds of gun safes, people vastly use hidden safe or wall safe. Partially, this is good. But, as we experienced, using a wall safe for hiding high-end stuff is not a good idea at all. Normally a wall safe is good for proper concealment. If you just want to hide your guns from burglars or your children, you can use this safe. But, keeping expensive stuff like ornaments, documents, etc., is not the right decision. This type of gun safe is not properly fire protected as well.

4. Fire Rating

Getting protection against fire is one of the major reasons for buying a safe. So, it’s important to get an impressive fire rating in the gun safes. First, let’s know what fire rating is actually. Well, fire rating is the tolerance level of a gun safe under extreme fire. This rating varies in different models from different brands. But, we suggest getting a gun safe with at least a 1-hour fire rating under 1700 degree Fahrenheit. Proper concealment, water-resistant, etc., are definitely major factors in determining the gun safe’s performance. But, you have no option of neglecting the fire rating of the gun safe.

5. Fire Resistant Safe Is Not Burglary-Protected

In the previous point, we suggest giving emphasis on the fire rating of the gun safe. This is undoubtedly true. But, you should not forget the other issues at all. A gun safe with a high fire rating is not all you need. This may not be the ultimate burglary protected safe. These two factors are totally separate and you have to choose a reliable combination of these two factors. For this, you should find better housing materials that resist fire and also won’t allow anyone to break easily.

6. Minimum Fire Rating to Protect Paper and Money

This is a common question asked by gun safe users what should be the minimum fire rating. Well, if you have a gun safe, you can keep their different stuff. But, the most easily perishable thing is paper. Paper burns at 451 degrees. So, if the fire rating is not enough, at least your paper documents will burn completely. That’s why we suggest getting a gun safe that has a minimum fire rating of one hour and the temperature range should be 1200 to 1700 degree Fahrenheit. This fire rating is enough for protecting your guns and even paper documents, cash, etc., for a long time.

7. Lock Type of Safe

Gun safe is for the security of your guns and the most common and obvious thing that works to make it secure is the locking system. So, it’s your duty to research the gun safe’s lock. There are different types of locks you will get in a gun safe, including the biometric locking system, keypad combination and sometimes the manual locking system. Now, it totally depends on your purpose which locking system you should choose. If you need a gun safe with extreme security, you won’t get a better option than the biometric one. If you have no issue with security, you can get a very reasonable gun safe with a manual locking system. So, think before making the purchase which locking system you want in your gun safe.


A gun safe is not like other furniture in your house that you can get one only getting amazed with its beauty. This is for serious purposes and is quite technical. You should know about it thoroughly so that you can recognize a better one and the above things will help you greatly in this job.

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