How to Protect Your Firearms During Winter.

If you are a professional firearms user, you might know that your firearm’s performance greatly depends on how you maintain it. No matter which season it is, your firearm requires some minimum maintenance. But the way you should take care of your firearms is different based on the season. You can’t deal with your guns in the summer season in the same way as you did the last winter. Similarly, the winter season requires maintenance in different ways. In fact, the most threatening period for a gun user is the winter season because the environment is just not the way a firearm requires to be in good condition.

So, you should take care of your gun in a special way while it’s cold outside. If you are not confident enough about how to Protect Your Firearms During Winter, follow the tips below.

How Does Winter Affect Your Firearms?

If you have firearms, you should know how difficult it is to maintain or protect your firearms during winter. There are so many issues that will annoy you using your firearms during cold weather. The first thing that happens with your rifle is the malfunction due to condensation. Condensation has a great impact on the hammer and cylinders of firearms. When the environmental temperature drops, the condensation affects your rifle badly. As the temperature around the rifle is low, it starts to accumulate vapor and keep the rifle moisturized. This enhances the chances of occurring accidents as the rifles remain frozen and locked up and may not support you with proper shooting. If you wear glasses and go to a warm area from a cold area, you can see the fog on the glasses. This is the way your rifles fail to perform effectively due to moisture in winter.

Tips on Taking Care of Your Gun During Winters

  • Remove Foam Casings

When you buy a firearm, it has an inner foam lining for protecting the gun from external hits. Most people keep their firearms with the foam lining and this is the worst decision, especially when it is cold outside. Foam normally absorbs water from the environment and causes corrosion that is quite unstoppable. The rusting process happens due to this problem. The best solution is to keep the gun in gun sack holders or storage bags. Gun sack holders are extremely good for fighting against corrosion and are enriched with anti-rusting properties. So, you don’t worry about the moisture rate in the air.

  • Clean the Bore

At least once in a season in the wintertime, you should clean the bore. Sometimes, when we store guns, it is common that there remains solvent in the barrel. This is the main reason why firearms get damaged due to corrosion. The simple and effective precaution of this problem is to use lots of lubricants while storing the firearms. These lubricants really act as an intermediary between the gun’s surface and the environment. So, if there is any liquid, they won’t be able to harm your firearm. There is another basic solution to this problem. You can simply replace the barrel with masking tape. You should mold the barrel with tape to enhance the longevity of the crown.

  • Use Surface Protectant

Before keeping your gun anywhere, you should know about the surface type. If you store your firearms in a gun safe or cupboard, this is quite obvious that you will keep the gun on a metal surface. Metal stuff is definitely a long-lasting performer. But it is not good for a gun until you use surface protectants. A metal surface without protectants is highly threatening for a gun as it causes corrosion. So, you have to use surface protectants on the surface. Before you get into your work, don’t forget to follow the safety precautions. You have to wear latex gloves to keep your hands safe. You need to be careful so that your hands will not touch the floor. Normally the anti-corrosion protectors are highly harmful to the skin. So, be careful about that.

  • Maintain Your Home Temperatures

You may enjoy the winter days, but your firearms won’t at all. In fact, cold environments damage firearms and you may experience serious money loss and failure while shooting. Well, nowadays, it’s quite easy to regulate your room temperature. The basic and tools-free way of keeping your room warm is to seal off all the unnecessary holes in the window and doors. You can also use curtain sheers to keep your room temperature a bit high. Doing all these is definitely an effective but slow process of enhancing room temperature. The quick and latest way of keeping your room warm is using the electric room heater. You can easily navigate this heater. So, you can check the room temperature from your weather update app on the phone and fix the temperature.

  • Remove All Residue

To keep your firearm okay in the winter season, you have another must-to-do thing. You never can leave your gun without cleaning it after use. After every shooting session, you have to disassemble the gun and clean it carefully. You can’t leave any dust on this stuff and that’s why you should clean it regularly. Normally the residue of copper elements don’t get rid of easily and it causes serious rusting of the gun. So, removing those residues is very crucial. You can use any kind of ammonia content-free adhesive to do this job.

  • The Storage Area

Till now, you might already have done everything we suggest. But, choosing a safe place for firearms is very important. Though you already adjusted your room temperature, you should not believe an open place for keeping your guns. You should use a gun safe for keeping the gun. There are so many things that you can’t control properly in the winter season that causes rust in your firearms. The gun safe is completely safe against any kind of threat. So, buy a gun safe to ensure secure storage.

  • Gun Dehumidifier

When you keep your guns in a safe and secure place like your cupboard or gun safe, this is crucial to adjust the humidity level inside the gun safe. Too much humidity inside the gun safe causes rust in the guns. To solve this problem, you bought a gun dehumidifier that helps a lot to control the humid level inside the box where you kept the gun. In the winter season, the guns become almost frozen when you take them out for use. You should wait for it to become normal and a dehumidifier will be the most dependable stuff for this task.

Bottom Line

Firearms will make your life more exciting and full of advantages. But keeping it carelessly can make it nothing but a piece of metal stuff, especially in the winter season. Cold temperature is seriously harmful to guns. So, all the precautions we suggest are better to follow and make wise decisions to keep your guns safe even in winter situations.

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