How to Hide a Gun Safe in Your Home

Keeping guns and or any other precious thing can’t be the right decision and people who own guns know this fact very well. People are also aware of the safety issues regarding guns and probably this is the reason why they are buying gun safe more in recent times than before.

Finally, your firearms are safe in a gun case in your living room and you have no worry at all. Wait! What about your gun safe? Is the gun safe completely secure itself? We don’t think so. No matter how strong and robust-quality gun safe you have, an intruder can break into it if he has the effective tools and enough time. So, keeping your gun safe is not the only thing you should do to keep the gun secure. You should take care of the gun safe as well.

The best way is to keep the gun safe in a concealed way so that an outsider can’t see it easily. If they can’t find the gun safe, your guns will be extremely secure in those gun safes. So, you should know how you can hide a gun safe in your house along with purchasing a quality safe.

Let’s know how you can get your gun safely concealed properly in your home.

1. Under the Staircase

You should always hide a gun safe in a place where common people can’t even imagine searching. One of the most wired but effective places for hiding your gun safe is under the staircase. You can spend some money to make the staircase as this is considered a highly secure and reliable place for keeping your gun safe.

As the intruder comes to the upstairs using the stairs, you can easily stop them as you have guns on the stairs and you can get it very fast whenever you need. So, setting the gun safe up the stairs is definitely a good idea.

2. Behind a Bookshelf

When it’s about concealing your gun safe, a bookshelf is one of the most reliable options that we suggest. A bookshelf is a place where people keep only books. People don’t even think that a gun safe can be kept on a bookshelf. You should take this advantage.

You can hide a gun safe in a bookshelf behind the books. This is a good idea, especially when you will go out for vacation and don’t need quick access at all.

3. Inside an Extra Refrigerator

If you own a large size gun safe and you have serious security issues, you have to spend some more money to keep the gun secure. The best way to keep your large gun safe concealed is to bring a refrigerator to your house. Wired, right? You won’t believe how effective this idea is.

People won’t open your refrigerator searching for your guns and that’s why you should keep your guns in the refrigerator. You can keep the whole gun safe inside of a refrigerator and keep this locked. There is nothing better than this to keep your gun safe secure.

4. Closets

You also can keep your gun safe in your closet. Normally the closet is for keeping your clothes and other valuable things sometimes. If you have a compact size gun safe, you can freely get it into your closet and leave it in the house. Y

ou can make the gun safe inside your closet according to your needs. The best places for a closet gun safe are behind the doors, beside the shelving unit.  This kind of gun safe is best for pistols and handguns.

5. Fit the safe to the wall

Another popular and effective investment in a gun safe is to get a wall gun safe for ensuring the security of your guns. A wall safe is a bit different from the regular one. This is set up in the wall in such a way that an outsider couldn’t even realize that there is a gun safe.

You can use a beautiful wall mate on the gun safe’s door so that people think this is nothing but a decorative piece in your house. This makes the gun safe more secure.

6. Use a Table

If you have a reading room in your house and you spend lots of time in that room, you can get a gun safe at the table where you sit most of the time. You can attach any compact size gun safe to your table for single gun use so that you can get the gun at your hand in a very short time.

If you need to hide the guns and don’t need fast access, you can customize your table and make the gun safe inside the table. In this way, your guns will be protected from theft or intruders.

7. Using a Cabinet

If you are a professional shooter and have lots of long rifles and other firearm accessories in your house. You can set up the cabinet gun safe to keep all the things in a place orderly. A big size cabinet is enough for holding your firearms and your other precious things. But we suggest getting a cabinet that is not unnecessarily big.

Big stuff is easily noticeable and we don’t want it to happen in the case of the gun safe. So, it’s better to get a cabinet that is fair enough for fitting all your weapons.

8. Mirror Safe

As we always suggest choosing gun safe in a tricky way, you can have a mirror gun safe. A mirror gun safe is a type that is a mirror having a sliding door and a gun safe behind the mirror.

People will see this as a mirror that you have for decorating your house and also for looking at yourself. But this is actually full of powerful guns that you will use for self-defence and also for hunting. But we always suggest getting a strong and sturdy lock in this gun safe because you should not be compromised with the security system.

9. Under Bed Safe

The best way of getting access to your gun even at night time is setting up an under bed gun safe in your bedroom. Suppose you are sleeping at night and an intruder enters your room to attack you. If you have the gun beside you, you can instantly take it and shoot it to self-defence.

This is the reason why you should keep a gun safe under the bed. We always suggest getting an under bed gun safe. If you have multiple guns, make sure that you keep at least one gun in the under bed gun safe.

10. Nightstand Safe

This is another fruitful investment for getting maximum security of your guns and also for getting access quickly. There are very few houses where you won’t find a nightstand beside the bed.

You can convert the nightstand into a gun safe in a customized way while manufacturing. In fact, you will get different kinds of ready nightstand gun safe in the gun shop. You can pick one if you find a suitable one.

Bottom Line

To ensure the ultimate security of your gun safe, this is the best option to set up the gun safe in a secret room. But using a room only for keeping guns safe is not possible for people who have only a couple of rooms for living.

They can follow the ways we suggested above to keep the gun safe concealed and protected from outsiders. Hopefully, it will help you a lot with the supreme security that you desire to have, even when you are leaving the gun safe at home.


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