Gun Storage | How To Hide A Gun In Your Bedroom?

With the increased possibility of break-ins, people at home today feel less safe than they did previously.

As a result, when the need arises, you must be able to reach the pistol at a moment’s notice. Consider a location for keeping the gun that is conveniently accessible from the bed if you want to provide security to your family in an efficient and unobtrusive manner.

What’s the purpose of possessing one if you can’t get to it right away?

Hide A Gun In Your Bedroom

There are two reasons why you should properly conceal the pistol. For one thing, you don’t want it to slip into the hands of intruders.

Second, so that the youngsters in your family do not mistake it for a toy.

Hiding inside the Nightstand

A nightstand is the first place most people think of if they want to hide a gun in your bedroom. Properly concealing the handgun inside the nightstand has several advantages.

The first benefit is that you can reach the handgun from your typical sleeping position because a nightstand is always close to the bed.

Instead of panicking, you may quickly remove the revolver from the nightstand and be on alert if an emergency arises. You may conceal the gun on the nightstand in a variety of methods, the most common of which is to use a magnet.

If there are children in the house, however, a gun placed in a bedside drawer is not a safe place for them to be. Make a fictitious foundation beneath one of the drawers that you can simply raise instead.

You might also put it inside the first drawer of the nightstand, underneath the top of the nightstand.

Secret Nightstand

The majority of folks will have no idea you have a hidden nightstand. It will make it easier for you to get to the pistol fast in an emergency. The locking mechanism of a decent nightstand gun safe will typically assure a smooth and quick opening.

It can also be opened from the top, which makes it a perfect alternative for when you’re lying in bed.

Under the mattress

Using a magnet to conceal a pistol beneath the bed ensures that no one but you will locate it, and your weapon will be totally hidden. You can just roll out of bed and get the gun out in an emergency. Installing the gun mount magnet closer to the side of the bed where you sleep is the best option.

Install it on the bottom edge if possible, and secure the gun’s protruding grip. This enables the user to take up the rifle more quickly and with more ease. Remember that in such situations, every second matters.

Although most people neglect this option, concealing the pistol within or behind the mirror is a novel concept. The majority of folks own a mirror or a dressing table.

It’s not difficult to convert it into a gun safe for a reasonable price. A mirror gun safe is recommended for persons who want to conceal their firearms properly. It may also be used to store many guns at once.

An easy access lock should be the most obvious feature of a mirror gun safe. Furthermore, it goes without saying that it should resemble a standard mirror or dressing table.

Hiding in a picture frame

This is something you’ve probably seen in movies, but it’s actually rather useful. Two wall mounts, two brackets, and a decent-sized picture frame are required.

Install two brackets under the frame and inlay the cabinet-style bracket with a broad drill bit.

Allow the picture to expand upwards by making the entire thing 3/4″ deep. It should be noted that the picture frame should not be too large or too little, as this will draw attention to itself.

It is also critical that the thickness of the frame be as thin as possible so that it does not give the impression that something is concealed behind it.

Hidden gun safe in furniture

Nowadays, a large range of furniture with concealed gun safes is available. This allows you to hide them in plain sight without the guests or criminals noticing.

Furthermore, firearms hidden beneath the coffee table or other furniture allow you to catch the thief off guard. Such coffee tables generally contain a hidden compartment beneath the surface that you may access with a swipe.

However, it is unrealistic to anticipate that you would always have enough time to go to the gun in the bedroom. As a result, there should be a backup plan in place at home, preferably not too far from the bedroom.

The bed’s headboards

For having the ability to wield a rifle, mounting a pistol on the headboard is gaining a lot of appeal these days. It’s a safe and secure place to store a pistol for quick access from the bed.

The most frequent way to keep a gun secure at home is to use a gun safe.  A gun safe has several advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. Children will never be able to access it, which is a huge benefit.

However, no matter how impenetrable the gun’s safe code appears to be at first, some intruder may possibly crack it. If you leave the gun safe out in the open, it may be targeted by burglars.


It’s not uncommon to have firearms hidden in the bedroom. Old approaches, on the other hand, are a surefire way of being used against you.

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