How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe: 10 Steps (With Pictures)

A gun safe is definitely for the safety of your guns or any other valuable stuff. So, it’s crucial to keep the gun safe in a secure place where intruders can’t go and see your safe.

To ensure security at the apex level, you can keep the safe mounted on any wooden furniture or even on the floor. Is it difficult to hear? It’s not actually. Mounting a safe on the floor is a very easy-to-do process.

In fact, you can do it yourself if you have some essential tools and the know-how. In this article, I tried to make the gun safe mounting process as easy as possible and in an effective way.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to do the mounting job on your own after reading this writing.

So, let’s see how to bolt down a gun safe.

Step 1: Pick a secure and accessible spot for your safe.

How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe

Now is the moment to choose a safe location. The location should be easily accessible. When choosing a place, make sure it’s somewhere the thief won’t notice. Keep in mind that most burglars snoop through a home’s bedrooms. Keeping this in mind, your bedroom isn’t the best place to hide your gun safe.

Furthermore, you might not wish to keep yourself secure in a confined crawlspace. The most essential thing is to keep your safe concealed from view while yet allowing you to use it when you need it.

When deciding on the ideal location for your gun safe, keep the weather in mind.

If you reside in an area that is prone to flooding on a regular basis, it is a good idea to avoid attaching the safe to the basement floor. If you live in a tornado-prone location, on the other hand, bolt down gun safe is a great idea.

Step 2: Determine if your chosen location is sturdy and large enough for your safe.

How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe in home

Don’t forget to measure your space to see whether it’s big enough for your safe. This is the ideal moment to take measurements for your safe. This will assist you in determining the amount of space required to install your gun safe.

What if you have a safe that can hold a lot of weight? In that instance, the weight of your floor should be taken into account. The safe’s weight should be supported by the floor. Don’t forget to think about how you’ll get your safe into place.

For example, you should not lock your safe in a wood-framed upstairs. This sort of floor will not be able to support as much weight as a ground or basement level. This is something you should never forget simply because it is significant.

Step 3: Locate a suitable location with concrete flooring, if possible.

How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe: 10 Steps

When bolting down your safe, one of the most critical items to consider is the kind of flooring. Concrete flooring is preferable. Drilling your gun safe into the concrete floor will make it more secure. If you have to choose between two areas, however, you should choose to floor made of concrete.

Step 4: Transport the safe to its final destination.

How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe in home: 10 Steps

If the gun safe is light enough, you can lift it to its final position.

You must modify the position till you are satisfied with the appearance and location. Even though your safe is hefty and you don’t want to move it around many times, take your time positioning it appropriately. Ascertain that your safe performs flawlessly in that situation.

Step 5: Draw a line on the floor where the hole will be located.

How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe in home safely: 10 Steps

After you’ve drilled the holes in the floor, you can easily move the gun safe out of the way and drill the designated holes.

Circumscribe the entire hole with a pencil. All you need to do is double-check that the mark is on the floor. Make precise and accurate markings to ensure that all of the holes you drill are in the appropriate locations.

Step 6: Get rid of any flooring pieces that are obstructing your progress.

Have you previously laid carpet on the floor where your safe will be placed? Consider cutting a circle out of the carpet with a knife. The circle needs to be big enough to fit the bolt and the mounting hole. Cutting away all of the carpets beneath the safe will make it difficult to bolt the safe.

Step 7: Drill a few holes

How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe

It’s important to remember to get bolts with the same diameter. Which bolts are the finest for securing the safe? To connect the safe to the wood floor, toggle bolts are the finest option. To get the toggles through the flooring, you’ll need a drill with a larger diameter than the bolt’s diameter.

Step 8: Place the safe on top of the mounting holes you’ve drilled.

How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe in office

The safe’s holes should be positioned exactly over the floor’s holes. When doing this, you should take your time. It’ll be a simple task.

To put your gun safe in a secure location, rapidly and securely assemble your bolts. Those on the floor should be used to line the hole. The most important aspect of this is to verify that there are no undo bolts.

Step 9: Pass the bolts through the safe’s base.

How to Bolt Down a Gun Safe safely

Each bolt should be slid one at a time. You’ll also have to hammer it two or three times once you’ve inserted the bolt into the hole. This assures that it will fit exactly in the hole all the way through.

The nut should be tightened after that. You may also use a washer. You should tighten the nut until you can’t spin it any farther.

Step 10: Try to move the safe to make sure it’s securely fastened.

Now is the time to put the safe to the test by pressing it in various directions.

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