Gun Safe Maintenance & Storage Tips For Long Run

A gun safe is always good stuff to maintain the safety and security of guns and other weapons. It can take care of your things for a long time, sometimes for years. But, do you think you just keep the stuff in the gun safe and your duty is over? If yes, you are totally wrong. A gun safe is a substance itself. So, it won’t do anything to keep your things in a convenient environment. This is just stuff that can allow you to do whatever you want to do for the safety of your guns. Gun safe maintenance is required that makes the safe eligible for providing extreme security. Today we will know about it elaborately in the following part.

#Gun Safe Storage

Make Sure There’s Sufficient Space

After purchasing a gun safe, when you finally set up everything, it’s time to store the guns and other valuable stuff in the gun safe. You have to be very careful at this time. You should not load the gun safe with a huge crowd. Many people make this mistake when they keep guns in the gun safe, especially people who are professional shooting players or a hunter. These guys have so many firearms and handguns and they want to keep all of them in the safe. It is natural that you want to keep everything safe. But, this is not wise to ruin all the stuff due to a few. If you make too much rush in the gun safe, the finishing of guns will be damaged by scratching with each other. So, you should be aware of this to save your gun from this kind of threat.

Don’t Store in High-Moisture Areas

Moisturizer is one of the most threatening things for guns and weapons. This is a problem not only for your guns but also for every metal item in your gun safe. Suppose you keep guns and any other metal stuff in your gun safe in a place where lots of availability of moisture, there is a great possibility of damaging the guns by corrosion. We all know that corrosion happens when the surrounding air contains lots of moisture. So, before installing your gun safe, you should keep in mind the moisture rate that will be convenient for keeping your stuff in good conditions.

Use of Dehumidifier

We said that you should not keep the gun safe in a place where there is a high humidity rate. But, if you already have installed the gun safe in a place where the humidity level is high or if you don’t have any other place to keep them safe, you should keep a kind of dehumidifier in the gun safe. A dehumidifier is an object that is very much effective to sock the water from the air and keep the environment dry. So, if there is any humidity, this is not a big issue at all if you keep a dehumidifier in the gun safe. This will take care of your stuff.

Keep Guns Unloaded

When it’s about taking care of your gun safe, you have to think about everything you do with it. A common but serious mistake that people do nowadays is to keep guns, rifles loaded in the gun safe. This should not be done at all. You should keep the guns and ammo separately every time. If you keep them together, the gun will be damaged by the chemical reaction of gunpowder. Moreover, it will be a great disaster if someone gets access to a loaded gun. So, never do such a thing.

#Gun Safe Maintenance

Clean the Safe Once a Month

When it’s about gun safe maintenance, cleaning is a big issue here. You have no other option of keeping the gun safe clean. You should make a routine for your gun safe cleaning purpose. You can do it according to your choice and preference. But, we suggest doing it after a few days. You can clean the gun safe after a short period of time. We prefer to clean the gun safe minimum once a month. In this way, the gun safe will be free from dust. You may think that dust is not very harmful to the gun safe. It actually has a serious and bad effect on the gun safe. So, you should keep it in mind.

Oil Lock Bolts Once A Year

The most crucial thing about a gun safe is its lock. This is the part that ensures the security of our gun. So, it is very much important to keep the locking system problem-free. To remove the sticking and jamming of the lock, you should take care of it. You have to apply the grease on the front part and bottom of the lock so that everything keeps easy enough to operate and you have to do it at least once a year. This can be a minor thing. But, it results in huge advantages throughout the year.

Have the Lock Serviced Once A Year

A whole year is a long time. Throughout this time, anything can happen to the locking mechanism. Maybe you don’t know. But, it is quite normal if you feel a problem opening the Safe through the locking system. If this problem happens when you need the gun immediately, you will be in great trouble. So, do one thing. Check the locking system by the professional once a year to know if it has any problem or not. Hopefully, you won’t face any difficulties further.

Bottom Line

Gun safe maintaining is definitely a crucial thing to get the ultimate result. People normally know gun safe as the safest place for guns. But, we think this is not only the gun safe. This is a combination of good quality gun safe and proper maintenance of it.


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