Top 10 Facts About Biometrics In 2021

For making your access secure in any of your valuable stuff, scientists are working restlessly and already made sure of a different security system. But, their latest and most reliable security system is the biometric identification that already gains the trust of people.

The reason behind it is an advanced quality lock system and recognition and authentication of individuals by physical characteristics. It can identify people very easily and accurately by fingerprint, face identification, iris and retina and gait or voice, etc.

Today we will talk about some facts about the biometric system. So, let’s start without wasting any more time.

1. Biometric Identification Techniques Have a Good Reputation

Biometric authentication systems already have earned a good reputation. This is considered the most secure locking system in the world. People accept it warmly and like this very much.

Almost 74% of people all over the world give positive reviews of this biometric system and this is worth this. People love it because it’s extremely secure access. This system ensures the necessity of your physical appearance to unlock your stuff where there are different time-consuming and insecure ways.

In this way, you won’t need to face hassles due to the combination. You just need to touch it and it opens.

2. The World is Ready

Today’s world is much more advanced and fully prepared to keep pace with fast-changing technology. So, this is obvious that the world is ready to use the biometric authentication system.

According to the analysis, more than 90% of people in the world are ready at this moment to use the biometric system. More than 67% of people are daily using their electronic devices with this biometric system.

They use it frequently to unlock phones and while shopping online. Overall, the world is now much advanced to use the biometric system.

3. The Tech/non-human Aspect of Biometrics is Not a Turn-off

Biometric identification systems are surprisingly good to make sure that there are no people with access to the secured place without authorization.

It ensures that people won’t be able to steal from the secured place. It has the power of identifying theft, criminals and privacy reviews, etc. that is very important in today’s world.

4. Biometric Technology is Already Mainstream

This is not a question of time to the popularity of biometric systems anymore. This is already streaming and that is also with huge support. Almost all the people around you are using different electronic devices, at least a mobile phone.

According to the research, 78% of people are using biometric authentication all over the world. Among these, around 63% of people are using the fingerprint on their devices. Only 22% of people don’t use this system till now and this is not a big number compared to the whole world.

5. Fingerprint Verification Wins a Popularity Contest

We know that there are some ways of unlocking the lock with your physical appearance. A biometric security system allows the user to use fingerprints, iris recognition, face recognition, etc. But, the most used biometric system is unlocking by fingerprints.

The fingerprint is in the first position by the number of people who use it. The next is iris recognition that is also quite popular. Face recognition is getting popular day by day to unlock the biometric lock. But, all of these are very simple and easy to use.

6. Brazil and U.A.E. are the Most Enthusiastic Countries

Biometric system is quite popular nowadays all over the world. But, Among all the countries, Brazil and the USA are the countries that react surprisingly very positively. Brazil is a big place for biometric systems. In Brazil, almost 89% of Brazilians respond positively and use biometric techniques. In fact, the voting system of Brazil is with the biometric system.

So, it is natural that everyone will use this technique. The next strong participant in the USA. People in the US are very much fun-loving and have a great eagerness for technology. This is why 81% of people respond positively to biometric techniques.

7. The French are Still Sensitive About Biometric Identity

French reacts a bit sensitively compared to the other parts of the world. This is right that French people showed a successful approach toward the biometric technique, the average positive response rate is only 61% where the overall rate of the rest world is 74 %. In this sense, the French people are still acting sensitively with this technique, unlike many developed countries.

8. Biometric is Big in Banking

Banking is a big sector where biometric techniques are vastly used. A bank is a place that requires maximum security and you won’t find anything secure than this. So, most people want the security system while opening the bank safe.

Providing the passcode or opening with a key is not wise is not good at all. So, people want the most secure way in the bank that is the biometric technique. Around 82% of people are willing to replace the key combination with the fingerprints.

9. People Want to Keep a Close Eye on Their Biometric

People nowadays have a great interest in biometric and they want to use them frequently. Based on the survey, 42% of people want to enrol their data through banking applications. This data can be also used by 67% of bank employees that is absolutely awesome. There are huge people who want it in their card instead of their cloud. The number of such people is 40% and people who don’t want it are 11%. 

10. Biometric Mobile Wallets are not yet Trending Worldwide

People all over the world are using their mobile wallet. They use their biometric information for mobile transactions. Around 43% of people are using biometric data in mobile transactions. However, compared to the regional divisions, India is leading with 86% where France is at only 11%.

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