Do Fireproof Safes Really Work?

When it’s about keeping your passport, birth certificates, legal documents, cash, etc., secure, you have very few protective options like a fireproof safe.

Along with the security against fire, there are also some jurisdictions that force an individual to get a fireproof safe and store all the essentials. But there are lots of negative reviews throughout the internet because there are lots of brands with poor quality safe.

It is tough to judge which one you should buy. Fortunately, there are lots of honest reviews with recommendations, just like ours. Well, we researched a lot on fireproof safe over a long period and prepared a proper guideline that will help you to get an effective fireproof safe model. 

If you get satisfying answers from those regarding a safe, you can go for it. Let’s see how you can do this.

Are fireproof safes really fully protected against fire?

Well, all fireproof safes are not equally protected against fire. It depends on the fire rating determined by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). There are three categories in this system. 

  • At 1700°F for 1-hour protection.
  • At 1550°F for 30-minute protection.
  • At 1200°F for 20-minute protection.

According to this rating style, you can get to know how protected an individual model is against fire. But, there is no guarantee that the fireproof safe will be 100% fireproof.

This is a very common incident when you will find a fireproof safe melted after a serious fire. A high-quality and highly promised fireproof safe can’t survive in many situations. On the contrary, you may also get a poor-quality safe with a damaged exterior where the interior is perfectly fine.

Actually, there is no fireproof safe that can guard your stuff against serious fire for a long time. But there are lots of models that can survive around 600-900°F in the fire. So, no matter how good our fireproof safe is, you should keep it in a secure place to keep it protected from fire.

Do Fireproof Safes Really Work
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What’s the best lock mechanism for a fireproof safe?

In fireproof safes, three types of locking mechanisms safes are very common. Performances of the safes vary according to these locking mechanisms. Let’s see how effective they are.

Key lock: Key locking is the most ancient way of keeping your stuff secure. There is nothing but a key with a manual locking system. But, this is highly effective if you don’t need access fast. You will definitely get a fireproof safe if you are ready to spend more than $150.

Combination lock: Combination locks require a combination of a few digits that you just need to put. The best thing about a combination lock is that it requires no batteries.

Digital pin padlock: This is the latest and most popular security system where you just need to press the code and the safe will open in a second. It also has a backup key in case the batteries go out and you need to open the safe immediately.

How is the physical strength of fireproof safes?

It depends on the construction quality of the safe. The market is full of thousands of fireproof safe models. If you buy a cheap safe, it won’t provide protection against pry attacks.

Most of the fireproof safe has a very low-quality locking system that can be broken at any time. But if you spend money for your safe, you will definitely get a safe that can fight against a serious pry attack.

There are lots of reviews online where people judge a safe based on the pry-resistant capacity. This clearly shows that firearms can be strong enough to prevent unauthorized access if you get a good one.

Are fireproof safes also waterproof?

As usual, there are some watertight models and also some that are not watertight. This is really a great idea of getting a safe with both fireproof and waterproof capabilities and there are some models with these features as well.

According to the Underwriters Laboratory, safes are rated based on the performances in 24 hours, 72 hours, or 100 hours of waterproof seal. So, it is possible to get a safe that will remain sealed for a long time underwater.

What are the main safe brands to look out for?

Among all the brands out there, we found Sentry Safe, First Alert, Honeywell safe and Liberty Safe most effective. There are lots of safe models that are specially made for fireproof protection.

Where should I keep my fireproof safe?

This is completely our personal opinion. We think the basement of your house is the best place for keeping the fireproof safe secure. But if the safe is fireproof enough, you can mount it at any place. In that case, you just need to select a place that is properly concealed.

What about fireproof bags?

Sorry. Fireproof bags are not fireproof anymore. They can only resist fire and that is only for some certain temperature. When it’s about storing essential documents, you shouldn’t spend on a fireproof bag at all.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of fireproof safe models that are perfect for secure storage. You just have to choose one carefully. You should get the safe that has a UL rating of 1700°F for 1 hour. If you want the safe to prevent pry-attack, you should take one that is strong and robust enough. Hopefully, you will get a fruitful fireproof safe.

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