Biometric Trigger Lock for Pistols Handguns Rifles

If you own a gun, it’s you who are responsible for the gun’s security. When you are using the gun, you have nothing to do except aiming correctly. But when you are not using your gun, you have to ensure that your gun is completely secure and won’t be used in any bad deeds. A gun that you keep without any security can be a great danger if theft or your kids get your gun. To ensure the security of your gun, you have several options to choose from.

Normally people use gun cases, gun safes, gun cabinets, etc., for keeping their guns and accessories secure from theft, your curious kids and also impulsive teenagers. But if you don’t want to spend that much but want maximum security, you have a great option of a trigger lock.

This is nowadays a vastly-used security solution all over the world. So, we thought of reviewing a biometric gun lock today so that you can get a proper conception regarding how a biometric trigger lock is. We have researched and picked the Biometric Trigger Lock for this article. This is a huge craze in the market. So let’s see how this trigger lock actually is.

Biometric Trigger Lock Fingerprint Gun Lock for Pistols Handguns Rifles

Biometric Trigger Lock

Biometric gun Lock is a top-quality trigger lock in recent times. This is a kind of security device that keeps your gun safe in any harsh situations. This model is highly durable and almost impossible to break. Its construction materials are steel and zinc that ensures the longevity of the lock.

This trigger lock is highly secure as it has biometric facilities. You can unlock the trigger in less than o.5 seconds. This device will allow one administrator and ten users. So you can share the lock’s access with your other family members and trustable people.

When you can’t afford a huge amount for a gun safe or a gun case, you can freely take this fingerprint trigger lock. This is a universal biometric trigger lock as you can use this with any kinds of guns like Pistols, Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Submachine guns and BB Guns, etc.

This lock has a rechargeable battery. So you don’t need to buy the battery every time. You just can recharge it and the device is ready to use. But you don’t need to do it frequently. One full-time charging of these batteries will allow you 800 to 1000 lock and unlock actions.

If you are thinking about what you will do if you can’t recharge the battery, no worries at all. You have keys to open the safe. This fingerprint trigger lock is very easy to set up and maintain. But if you feel any error in the lock, you can get it fixed. It has a lifetime warranty that acts as a safeguard.


Why Identilock is the Best Trigger Lock for Your Gun?

Biometric Trigger Lock for gun

  • Unlock your Gun in a very Short Time

Unlocking the trigger lock is very easy and takes only 0.3 seconds. So you will get instant access to your gun in any harsh situation. This is actually the way of getting the security of your gun without compromising with the time.

  • Advanced Fingerprint Technology

This model has advanced quality fingerprint facilities that make the device extremely secure. Among all the security systems, the fingerprint is considered the most secure way of making your gun safe and this particular model has a very responsive and latest fingerprint system that won’t dishearten you at all.

  • 360-Degree Compatibility

This is a common issue that you have to put your finger in a specific direction on the sensor. Otherwise, the device won’t be unlocked. But this model of trigger lock has the advantage of unlocking it from any direction. You will get 360-degree compatibility that will allow you to unlock the device from any position.

  • Long Battery Life and Easy Charging

The battery of this device is very much reliable. You don’t need to recharge frequently. In fact, after charging once, you will be able to lock and unlock it 800-1000 times.

  • Easily add and Remove User Access

As we know, this device will allow the user to set 10 fingerprints. You can easily remove and add the fingerprint if you need to allow anyone else or remove anyone from accessing the device.

Application Place

You can use Biometric Trigger Lock in any kind of firearm to keep the trigger locked. You can use it in Pistols, Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Submachine guns and BB Guns, etc. 

How to Use Fingerprint Trigger Lock?

fingerprint gun lock for your gun

To set up the trigger lock, you will get a charging cable, keys, lock and a manual with the device. First, you can unlock it with any of your fingers. You need to set it up first. First, you have to set the administrator access. For this, put the finger on the panel and press it until the blue light is on. Then press the panel ten times from different directions. If you hear a long beep, you are successful.

Now, it’s time to set up a user’s access. Press the panel until you get red and blue flashing and identify with the administrator’s finger. Now press the panel from different directions ten times using the finger that you want to use for user access. If you hear a long beep, you are successful. If you don’t hear the beep, do everything from the beginning.

Bottom Line

We always encourage all gun owners to take care of the security issues of firearms. Among all the security systems, a biometric trigger lock is a stuff that you can use very easily, carry comfortably and also get the security of your stuff extremely.

Biometric Trigger Lock is such stuff that can solve all the issues regarding your gun’s security. If you want to take a trigger lock, don’t roam anymore. Biometric Trigger Lock is the one you are looking for.

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