Best Ways To Store Your Firearms At Home [Secure & Clean]

Gun storage in a single area isn’t practical anymore. Decentralized gun storage makes it considerably more difficult for gun thieves and more strategically effective to safeguard your family.

When it comes to weapons in the house, they are diametrically opposed forces.

First and Foremost, Assess Your Situation

You should first assess your situation before thinking about the ways to store your firearms at home. The ways you employ to safeguard your firearms will be influenced by the situation.

If you have children or guests who bring youngsters into your house, you must secure your weapons to prevent kids from gaining access to them. Your storage options will be limited as a result, but proper gun ownership involves secure storage.

The layout of your home is another factor to consider. Because of the amount of time you spend there, some regions may be preferable places to keep a gun. Due to a lack of room or accessibility, some locations may be bad choices. Where you can keep a gun has a big impact on how you keep it.

Firearms: Staging vs. Storage

Staging refers to the process of pre-positioning guns for use in home defence. A ready-to-use firearm is one that has been staged. They’re meant to be used in an emergency, like a fire extinguisher.

Some individuals differentiate between storage and staging of the guns.

They properly point out that while storing a non-staged firearm, it should be emptied and kept in a safe place, such as a gun safe.

I’ll use the phrases storing and staging interchangeably in this piece. A staged gun, in my opinion, is a subset of stored firearms, just as non-staged guns that are unloaded and kept in a safe are a subset of stored guns.

Methods of Storing Guns

You may arrange your home defence storage strategy after assessing your demands and situations. While there are many variants, storage is divided into three main categories: exposed, concealed, and lockboxes.

Let’s have a look at each of them now. Storage That is on Display

When you store a gun in plain sight for easy access, this is known as exposed storage. This may include resting a rifle on your nightstand before bed or leaving 1911 on top of your desk. Exposed storage provides no security and may provide the quickest access.

Exposed storage is only safe if you trust everyone who could have easy access to the handgun. If you had little children or worked in a public workplace, you would not want to utilise it. When left unattended, it should also be secured.

Concealment serves as a measure of security when it comes to concealing a pistol.

Decentralizing your handgun storage makes it more tactically effective to safeguard your family while also making it more difficult for gun thieves to acquire access to your collection. In fact, when it comes to gaining a tactical edge, some of your home’s most secure spots are also the ideal places to keep guns.

Both objectives are fairly achievable. In reality, when it comes to self-defence and gaining a tactical edge, some of the most secure spots in your home are also the ideal places to keep weapons. “Secure places” is a misnomer because concealing is preferable to protecting. The only safe that can’t be broken into is one that can’t be located.

While some techniques of secret gun storage provide some level of access restriction, many do not. So, if you have children or other persons who might handle a handgun irresponsibly, be cautious while choosing the correct covert storage site.

Hidden storage may be as easy as storing a weapon in a desk drawer. There are, however, more complicated techniques of concealing a pistol while keeping it near at reach for home defence purposes.

When it comes to creating home décor with defensive usefulness, Tactical Walls is one of the leading firms. The firm provides a variety of furniture and built-ins that are specifically designed to store firearms.  Many of these covert weapons storage options are attractive and will blend in nicely with well-designed homes.

The Top Locking Shelf is one of the company’s best-selling items. It’s a fully working shelf with a drop-down storage compartment that can hold a carbine, a handgun, and even spare ammo. Other interesting covert gun storage options may be found on the company’s website.

There are a variety of alternative hidden gun storage options to explore. For example, you might hollow out a huge book to conceal a weapon within. The book would seem to be any other reading material if it were sitting on a kitchen counter or a desktop. It would, however, provide quick access to a defensive weapon.

I’m sure you can come up with a slew of inventive gun storage solutions with a little thought.

Lock Boxes For Safe Gun Storage

While a full-fledged safe will provide the best security against theft, fire, and other losses, there is another choice for those who need quick access to a secure home defence weapon.

A lockbox is a type of storage device that aims to strike a compromise between theft prevention and quick access for authorised users. Many of these safes employ a metal box large enough to hold a pistol and equipped with a keypad or fingerprint scanner. They’re usually fastened to a huge piece of furniture or wall studs.

To aid prevent theft, certain devices are linked by a steel cable.

Rifles and shotguns have their own versions of the emergency access box. Some of these gadgets are meant to be hidden beneath your bed, while others are wall-mounted.

Last Thoughts

You are the sole owner of your domain. As a result, you’re in the ideal position to figure out how to effectively keep a pistol to defend your house. For you, hiding a handgun behind a specialised mirror at the front entrance would be a nice idea, but it’s not for me.

As with everything, I recommend giving it some thought and striking a balance between home protection and preventing unwanted access to your guns.

When individuals are unaware of your weapons storage, it is only effective. A lockable gun storage ideas provides greater security at a higher expense and with delayed access.

Find the right balance for you when it comes to gun storage. Then practise gaining access to them using training weapons or unloaded firearms. You don’t want to be fumbling with a lock or a secret access latch in the event of an emergency.

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