5 Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 – Top Rated-Picks

Finding it difficult to get the best PCP air rifle on a handy budget? It is nothing to be surprised about, actually. Among all the air rifle types, deciding on a PCP air rifle has never been easy.

Before asking for the best PCP air rifle under $1000, you should ask yourself why you actually need a rifle.

The quality of the rifle depends on the game you are going to use it in. You may want a PCP air rifle for target shooting or maybe just for pest control. It doesn’t matter what the purpose is, you should get the best one without paying a vast amount of money.

A rifle with the best features, maximum accuracy, quietness and obvious robustness should be your maximum priority.

To make the best deal, you should know about the available models in the market so that you can judge them wisely. Getting information from here and there undoubtedly takes a lot of time. We don’t want you to do that.

We have done in-depth and heavy research to compile five market-winning PCP air rifles with the advantages and disadvantages that they offer. So, let’s dive into the detailed reviews directly.

Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000 – Detailed Reviews!

To get the best PCP air rifle under $1000, the following options are available with impressive qualities. 

#1. Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle

Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1000

Benjamin Marauder is undoubtedly one of the best PCP air rifles under $1000 so far. It is the most updated version that was released with all the features that you won’t find in the Crosman.

Well, its mesmerizing features and genuine positive customer reviews prove that you must have this rifle in your safe. Getting such a productive PCP air rifle under $500 is all you wanted to get.

Let’s see how it performs, actually. Benjamin Marauder is renowned for its dangerous shots and extreme quietness. With the perfect ammo, it can make the bone-crushing shot that’s the thing you need most for successful hunting.

You can use .177, .22 and .25 caliber to this rifle. But .22 is the deadly combination with this rifle, we think. It offers 30-40 shots per fill and you will cost only $12 per mag.

Isn’t it amazing? We are pretty amazed at the accuracy it provides. Its crisp adjustable trigger is the hero in that case. With 1100 FPS velocity, it makes people fail to shoot merely.

This particular model is very user-friendly for its physical structure that you might like most. Its synthetic stock is extremely robust but not too heavy. It won’t cause trouble for the shooter to lift it for a long time. In fact, you can charge it very easily, which gives a good amount of power to shoot every time.

You may need to check the double feeds of the rifle that might cause difficulty to cook sometimes. Otherwise, Benjamin Marauder is the best PCP Air Rifle version in such an attractive price range.


  • The quietest PCP model.
  • Powerful and accurate shots.
  • Budget-friendly rifle with a cheap magazine.
  • Incredible amounts of customization.
  • Extremely strong stock.


  • Double feeds may create problems in cooking.


#2. Benjamin BP9M22GP PCP Air Rifle

Best PCP Air Rifles Under $1000 in 2021

Many new users were expecting a Benjamin model that might be easy to run and surprisingly, here it is. Benjamin BP9M22GP is all about having satisfying features in a single rifle and also without spending much money.

As expected, Benjamin pumped up this rifle with excellent velocity capacity and powerful shooting strength. We were totally surprised when the rifle just performed perfectly in knocking down some larger varmint like raccoons, apart from the squirrels.

With the ability to reach 2000 PSI, you can focus on targets even from a distant place. Normally, it doesn’t happen to a rifle without a scope. But you can slap on the scope here and see the targets from a pretty good distance. So, there is a chance that you won’t miss the target usually.

Now, let’s see how good it is with physical strength and others. Well, this model is genuinely robust in nature and is quite element resistant. Its wooden structure lets the user play with the same rifle for years.

It’s true that it will be a bit heavy due to the wooden body. We just loved the adjustable trigger it has to make the shot easy and comfortable. So, charging the rifle using a pump is easier than ever.

But you may have complained about the pamp you will get with the rifle. Besides, you shouldn’t expect a silent performance with this rifle as it will be a little loud.


  • Accurate shooting capacity.
  • Capable of long-distance shooting.
  • Perfect for varmint control and target shooting.
  • Reasonably priced PCP rifle.
  • User-friendly trigger.


  • A bit louder performance.
  • Pump quality is not satisfying.


#3. Hatsan Bullboss PCP Air Rifle

Hatsan Bullboss - Best PCP Air Rifle under $1000

Hatsan Bullboss is another remarkable PCP air rifle that has a huge craze among rifle-loving people right now.

If you ask for a perfect PCP air rifle for hunting to a professional shooter, he must keep the Bullboss on the list. With so many appreciable features, this model is doing a great job so far.

Well, while talking about its strength, I must talk about the physical structure it has. Its hardwood stock ensures that it won’t be damaged, at least for the next decade. Though the whole thing is a bit heavy, you won’t feel awkward carrying it for long due to the ventilated rubber butt pad.

This PCP air rifle is pretty good at releasing powerful shots. With 357 PSI velocity, this guy is able to make multiple powerful shoots consequently. The caliber choice is completely up to you.

It allows .177, .22 and also .25 caliber. .177 and .22 caliber allows ten consecutive shots, whereas .25 caliber offers nine shots. So, you can choose any caliber that you find cheap.

Well, the most exciting thing about this rifle is the itself-safety feature. It has a trigger guard inside that prevents any kind of unexpected shot. So, we found it pretty safe.

Besides, this model is suitable for quiet hunting as it reduces noise by around 50%. So, you might get a rifle that isn’t too noisy like so many PCP models out there.


  • Perfect small game shooting or hunting rifle.
  • Reasonably priced rifle.
  • Available spare air cylinder regulators.
  • Perfect shot in long-range shooting.
  • Robust structure.


  • Accuracy may drop after 20 shots.
  • Poor setup with the tripod.


#4. Beeman QB Chief PCP Air Rifle

Beeman QB Chief PCP Air Rifle

Haven’t enough money to get a high-profile PCP air rifle? Relax! You don’t need to spend money when a good-quality PCP rifle is available for only under $200.

Yeah! You heard it right. Beeman QB Chief is surprisingly one of those rifles that come with amazing features but a very cheap price tag.

First, let us clarify that it is a genuine piece for pest control. So, you may not get a good result in hunting with it. Anyway, Beeman QB is pretty good with .177 and .22 calibers to make powerful shots with the pressure of 2,000 PSI.

So, you can call it the cheaper version of Benjamin Discovery. Haha! QB Chief also has the better quality trigger that is kinda serious, like any expensive PCP air rifle. It might have some plastic materials. But we appreciate it because it makes the rifle pretty easy to carry.

If you are not a scope lover, you will be happy to hear that it has an adjustable fiber optic. So, no need to get an extra scope for a better view. You may face some quality control problems with this rifle. But by the time you will get to know how to handle those.


  • Extremely budget-friendly rifle.
  • Reliable and robust construction.
  • Good for pest control.
  • Fiber optic open sights.
  • Perfect PCP production for beginners.


  • Some controlling problems may arise.
  • Not a quiet rifle at all.


#5. Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle

Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle

Umarex Gauntlet left the air gunner stunned when it was first released with all the features that they never expected to have in such an affordable model.

It has almost all the desirable features that a professional shooter wants to have a great day in the game. This rifle is genuinely strong and sturdy. Its synthetic stock is the strength that lets it perform for years.

Well, we always prefer powerful rifles for shooting no matter where you are playing. Umarex USA kept that in mind and crafted this model with such power. With the resulting velocity, this rifle is capable of making 50 consecutive shots after filling the tank once. That is pretty good compared to other expensive models.

The most amazing thing to me about this rifle is that the accuracy doesn’t drop even after 30 or 40 shots. So, you will feel the same comfortability at the last shot that you normally feel in the first few shots.

This model allows .177, .22 and also .25 caliber. So, you will decide which one you will pick. Well, we just loved its trigger. It has been very much user-friendly as it has finger grooves in the trigger. So, pulling the trigger is more comfortable now.

But we must admit that the Umarex Gauntlet is a bit heavy and that could be problematic for some people.


  • Versatile and economical PCP model.
  • USer-friendly trigger.
  • Consecutive multiple shots.
  • Extremely affordable model.
  • Powerful shots.


  • Heavy synthetic stock structure.
  • Forend bottle cover is bigger than enough.


Buyer’s Guide

Having a PCP air rifle at a reasonable price was never easy. It is always a dusking task because there are already hundreds of models in the market. Well, without knowing its major considering features, you won’t be able to pick a good PCP air rifle under $1000.

Features that might help you to know what model is actually you need to choose.

Let’s see how things go.


In the case of any PCP air rifle, there is no alternative to having a powerful rifle. Well, PCP air rifles can be used for different purposes. You may use it for target shooting, pest controlling, hunting, etc.

No matter what your purpose is, the most powerful PCP air rifle should be your priority. Well, the power of a PCP air rifle varies from 300 FP to 800 FPS.

You should try to get a rifle that has the most power to shoot. The more powerful it is, the more fun the shooting will be.

Charging type

As we know, pre-charged pneumatic air rifles need to be charged to shoot. It is really a crucial thing to select a suitable charging system. Taking lots of time while charging might tend to miss your target. So, you have to choose it wisely.

PCP air rifles are available with some common charging ways. You can do it using a hand pump, a crank to charge and sometimes removable compressed air bottles.

So, these are the options. Now you will decide which thing you want. But don’t forget that you can’t take a long time to charge the rifle. So, choose the rifle accordingly.

Caliber types

Your performance depends not only on the rifle but also on the calibers. Well, before picking a PCP air rifle, you should consider the caliber type. The most common types of calibers are .177, .22 and .25.

Now, it depends on your intended purpose what caliber you should take. If you want the rifle only for target shooting and pest controlling, you can go for the .177 caliber. It is pretty affordable as well.

If you want a powerful shoot for hunting, you can use the .22 caliber. .25 caliber is the most powerful caliber that might be used for self-defence.


As we already said, we want to get a PCP air rifle at an affordable price. So, you have to consider the price tag as well, along with all the features out there.

Rifles are available at different prices in different places. If you search online, the price might be pretty similar. They might offer some discounts on different occasions. But if you search for it in a physical store, you might get a discount.

Choose the rifle from any online shops or physical stores with a good deal.


We just love to get stuff with the warranty. When you are buying a rifle, you are not doing it, just keeping it in your safe. You will use it and might face some difficulties with the rifle.

Well, the warranty always acts as a safeguard for the rifle. If your rifle troubles shooting effortlessly, you can get it fixed without a penny if you got the warranty. Is there anything more amazing than this? So, always buy a PCP air rifle with a warranty promise.


All the best PCP air rifle under $1000 are compiled out there and you just need to find the suitable one for you. It depends on your preferences and needs.

We have just found the well-performing PCP models in the market and the rest is up to you. Consider all the qualities that determine the quality of the PCP rifles and choose one that suits you most.

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